Completing Bloody Finger Hunter Elden Ring Yura Questline

Completing Bloody Finger Hunter Elden Ring Yura Questline

Elden ring yura questAre you ready to embark on an epic quest with the mysterious samurai, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura? This article will walk you through his questline in the simplest terms, so you can enjoy every step of the adventure.

How to get Yora?

First things first, you need to meet Elden Ring Yura Questline. He is a cool warrior who hunts down bad guys called Bloody Fingers. You can find him chilling near some ruins by the sea or by a cave along a river. Just look for a guy with a big hat and a serious vibe.

Where Is Elden Ring Yura Questline?

After helping Yura at the Academy of Raya Lucaria, his next location in Elden Ring is at the Second Church of Marika in the Altus Plateau. To get there, you typically need to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus, which requires collecting two halves of the Dectus Medallion. 

If you have helped him in Liurnia, you should find him inside the chapel, lying on the floor. Make sure to speak to him there to progress the questline.

Dragon Heart and Dragon Communion

Yura does not like dragons much, and he will tell you to stay away from one. However, hey, we are adventurers, right? So, go ahead and beat that dragon! Once you do, you will get a Dragon Heart. Take it back to Yura, and he will tell you about a special church where you can trade it for cool powers.

Helping Yura

As you wander around, you’ll get attacked by a mean invader. But don’t worry, Yura will jump in to help you out. Make sure he stays safe, though, because if he gets hurt, you would not be able to finish his quest. After you win, chat with Yura again. He has got more to say and will give you hints about what to do next.

Academy Adventures

Next up, you’ll need to sneak into a fancy magic school. To get in, you’ll need a special key that’s guarded by a sleeping dragon. Be sneaky, grab the key, and open the gate to the school.

Inside, Yura will need your help again. This time, you are helping him beat another bad guy. After the fight, talk to Yura on a bridge nearby. He has got a gift for you and some more info about his mission.


Elden Ring Yura Questline is after a really dangerous enemy, and you will eventually have to face them together. It is a tough fight, but with Yura by your side, you can do it. Just make sure to keep talking to him after each step of the quest to keep things moving along.

Some Questions

Who is Bloody Finger, Hunter Yura? 

Yura is a cool samurai guy in Elden Ring who helps you fight bad guys called Bloody Fingers.

Where do I first meet Yura?

You can find him near some ruins by the sea or by a cave along a river. He is the one with the big hat.

What should I do after meeting Yura?

Beat a dragon to get a Dragon Heart, then go back to Yura. He will tell you about a church where you can get cool powers.

Why do I need to keep Yura safe?

If Yura gets hurt and cannot fight, you would not be able to finish his quest and get the rewards.

What is the big fight in Elden Ring Yura Questline?

You and Yura will team up to fight a really dangerous enemy. It is a tough battle, but you can win with Yura’s help.

What do I get for completing Elden Ring Yura Questline?

You will get some neat rewards like special items and maybe even a cool story to tell about your adventure.



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