Fallout 4 Old Guns – A Step By Step Quest Guide

Fallout 4 Old Guns – A Step By Step Quest Guide

Fallout 4 Old Guns – Let’s discuss the” Fallout 4 Old Guns” quest step by step in easy-to-understand language. Whether you are an old Vault Dweller or a fresh recruit, this article will help you unlock the power of mortar strikes and fortify your settlements.

Completing “Taking Independence”

Before we discuss ” Fallout 4 Old Guns,” you will need to complete the “Taking Independence” quest. This involves seizing control of the Minutemen Castle. Once you have secured four settlements for the Minutemen, ask Preston Garvey. 

He will give you the green light to take over the Castle. Afterwards, give it a few days, and tune in to Radio Freedom, you will receive a message from Ronnie Shaw, kicking off the next chapter.

Meet Ronnie Shaw at the Castle

Head over to the Castle, where you will find Ronnie Shaw, a seasoned Minutemen veteran. She knows something you will want to hear: the Castle’s armoury holds more firepower than a Deathclaw on a caffeine binge. However, there is a catch: you will need to clear a path to the west wall of the Castle to access it.

Clear the Pathway to the Tunnels

The exterior of the western wall is blocked off, so we are going underground. Chat with Ronnie Shaw again, and she will lead you to an alternate entrance a secret tunnel system. In the Workshop menu, clear out the debris in the passageway. Once it is spick and span, Ronnie will guide you through the tunnels like a post-apocalyptic GPS.

Open your Workshop menu and clear out any debris obstructing the passageway. Think of it as a little spring cleaning in the post-apocalyptic tunnels.

Explore the Tunnels

Guess what? The armory’s secrets extend to these dank tunnels. You will find scrap materials, ammunition, and even some Frag Mines lying around. However, hold your Rad-X because you will also encounter a grumpy old sentry bot named Sarge. 

He used to guard the Castle but has been glitchy lately. Sarge might not invite you to tea. Instead, he will try to blast you and Ronnie into the next century. Defeat him, and you are one step closer to unlocking the Castle’s artillery.

Ronnie will be your trusty guide through the dank tunnels with the path cleared. Keep your Pip-Boy easy, and let us unlock the Castle’s hidden arsenal.

Build an Artillery Piece

With the tunnels explored and Sarge dealt with, it is time to get creative. Head back to the Castle’s surface and find a suitable spot. Open your Workshop menu, select Artillery, and build your very own artillery piece. This bad boy will rain down explosive justice on your enemies.

Speak To Ronnie Shaw At The Castle

Make your way to the Castle and seek out Ronnie Shaw. You will find her at the heart of the Castle. Engaging in conversation with her will unveil her status as a seasoned Minutemen veteran. She is aware of the untapped firepower stored within the Castle’s armoury. However, there is a catch: to access this hidden treasure, you will need to clear a passage leading to the Castle’s west wall.

Test the Artillery

Now for the fun part . Assign a Minutemen settler to the artillery piece (they will be your designated bombardier). When danger looms, head to the artillery and use it to signal mortar strikes. Boom . Raiders, Super Mutants, and Deathclaws will not know what hit them.


What is the “fallout 4 old guns” quest?

“fallout 4 old guns” is a Minutemen main quest in Fallout 4. It is all about finding hidden treasures and restoring an old armoury.

How do I start the fallout 4 old guns quest?

After retaking the Castle, wait a few days. Ronnie Shaw, a Minutemen member, will show up and ask for your help.

What is in the Castle armoury?

The armoury contains weapons, ammo, and schematics. Ronnie knows how to access it.

How do I get inside?

Follow Ronnie to a steel door on the west wall. If that is blocked, there is an alternate entrance through a tunnel in the general’s quarters.



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