How to get coins in Hogwarts legacy [My Best Methods]

How to get coins in Hogwarts legacy [My Best Methods]

Welcome to the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy. If you are like most witches and wizards, you might be looking for ways to fill your vault with Galleons. If you want to know how to get coins in Hogwarts legacy then do not worry at all, I have gathered some of the best methods to help you become the richest spellcaster at Hogwarts. Let us talk about it in detail using simple language:

How to get coins in Hogwarts Legacy?

Here are some simple methods to answer how to get coins in Hogwarts legacy and related concepts:

Farm Some Beasts

One of the most enjoyable ways to earn money is by capturing and selling beasts. The Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade will buy your rescued beasts for a flat rate of 120 Galleons each. It does not matter what type of beast or how hard it was to capture; they pay the same for all. So, collect your wand and start rescuing those magical creatures.

Sell Your Unwanted Gear

As you explore the world, you will collect a lot of gear. Instead of letting it gather dust in your inventory, sell it to any shopkeeper in Hogsmeade. Depending on ow much gear do you have, you can earn from 60 to 200 Galleons per item. Moreover, do not worry about losing a good look; any style you have unlocked and sold will still be available in the Outfit Appearance menu.

Search Encampments

When you are on your adventures, make sure to stop at every encampment you find. After a fun duel and dispatching your enemies, loot the area. You will find chests and containers that, although they might contain small amounts of money, will add up over time, padding your pockets in a good way.

Do not look for Eye Chests

Eye Chests are special chests adorned with a large, strange eyeball. To open these, cast the Disillusionment Charm, sneak up to the chest, and voila. Each chest contains a whopping 500 Galleons. It is like finding a treasure trove.

Looting Common Chests and Sacks

You will come across many chests and sacks throughout Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. They often contain gear or Galleons. At the same time, it is not the quickest way to get rich, every little bit helps, mainly in the early stages of your journey.

Bandit Camps

Scattered across the map are bandit camps. Clearing them out not only provides a good combat challenge but also gives you access to loot, including Galleons. If you are passing by, it is worth taking a detour to raid a camp.

Where can I find Eye Chests and loot chests?

Eye Chests and loot chests in Hogwarts Legacy can be found in various locations throughout the game. Here is a brief guide on where to look for them:

Eye Chests:

Loot Chests (Collection Chests):

  • Hogwarts Castle: Collection Chests contain wand handle cosmetics or conjuration recipes and are located all over the castle.
  • Hogsmeade and the Highlands: These chests are also spread across Hogsmeade and the open world of the Highlands.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to get coins in Hogwarts legacy, we understand that it is all about exploring and taking advantage of the opportunities around you. Whether it is selling gear, looting chests, or capturing beasts, there is a wealth of ways to fill your pockets with Galleons. 


What is a quick way to earn Galleons?

Opening Eye Chests is a fast method. Use the Disillusionment Charm and you can get 500 Galleons per chest.

How to get coins in Hogwarts legacy from beasts?

Getting beasts and sell them at the Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade for 120 Galleons each, regardless of the beast type.

Is there a way to earn money from gear?

Yes, sell your unwanted gear to any shopkeeper. The selling price varies by gear rarity, from 60 to 200 Galleons.

Can I make money by exploring?

Yes, search encampments and bases while on quests or flying around to find loot and chests that can add up over time.



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