The 9 Best Duck Pokemon, Ranked

The 9 Best Duck Pokemon, Ranked

Duck pokemonPokemon creators get ideas from lots of things to make Pokemon. They look at nature and animals like ducks for inspiration. Duck Pokemons are most frequently found in the water, from ponds to rivers. They love water and come in a variety of patterns (spotted, striped) and colors, as well as being cute.

Duck Pokemon are no less cute, offering another spin to this familiar creature. Ducklett: Whether they stand by their real-world counterparts (like with Ducklett), combine elements of the design with other inspirations (as Ludicolo does), or provide a different take on ducks altogether (Porygon-Z would be my choice here!), every one of these duck-based Pokemon has a use in battle. You will not won’t be feather-ruffled, for sure.

9. Golduck 

It is an intelligent and tranquil Psychic/Water type. It is strong in both attack and defense as it has a high Special Attack stat. Moves like Hypnosis and Confusion can help Golduck dominate its opponents.

8. Magmar

Magmar is a Fire-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I and known as the Flame Pokemon. Magmar is a bipedal, humanoid Pokemon with an orange body that has black stripes. It has two tiny wings on its back as well, and a long tail with an upward-curving tip. Its hands and feet have three claws each, while it has two pointed teeth in its upper jaw. 

The most notable feature of Magmar is the fire that burns on the tips of its two horns. The opponent is scorched by this Pokemon ’ s fiery punches.

7. Magby

Magby and its evolutionary line have features in common with both amphibians (like salamanders) and birds (ducks). Its bipedal body, beak, and lizard-like tail are all shared traits. Just as real-life ducks prefer a mild climate, Magby loves high temperatures.

Its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Legends: Retorts Arceus: “Magby likes to live in volcanic areas. Pokemon Shield even says that the Pokemon swim happily when they soak themselves in the magma, just like ducks love a good dip.” However, Magby sort of goes overboard-it can take the hottest temperatures. Although Magby does not look as much like a duck as some other duck Pokemon, we can say that it certainly has inherited the characteristics of this cute animal.

6. Ludicolo

With the aid of a Water Stone, Lombre evolves into Ludicolo, which has a duck-like form. Its yellow bill is one of its defining characteristics and one that sets it apart from other Pokemon. However, it still has Lombre’s kappa-like features, like the lily pad on its head.

In keeping with its nickname, the Carefree Pokemon, the simple enjoyed Ludicolo’s appearance. It is usually shown with a big smile on its face, the pineapple-like growth joined to the lily pad on top of its head looking like a sombrero and its body resembling a poncho. It even likes to dance along to music, so if you need a dancing partner some day, Ludicolo is the right Pokemon for you.

5. Ducklett

As its name suggests, the Water Bird Pokemon Ducklett is shaped like an irresistibly cute duckling and has feathers of light blue. However, the colour of its feathers changes to darker blue on the lower body, which resembles an inflatable rubber ring.

Despite the evolution Swanna, designed Ducklett is easy to identify as a duck. For this reason, it may be said to have been inspired by the fairytale The Ugly Duckling; but in no way does it deserve its name. However, Ducklett, despite its round head and webbed feet, is the Pokemon to choose if you love ducks. 

It follows every bit of the animal’s original form while giving it a Pokemon spin. Its name in English and Japanese literally means “small duck”, making it the prototypical duckling Pokemon.

4. Farfetch’d

One of the duck Pokemon introduced in the series was Generation One’s Farfetch’d. As far as looks are concerned, Farfetch’d is most like a brown duck Pokemon. It can rarely be seen without its leek, which it uses as a weapon (various Pokedex entries say).

Farfetch’d even got a Galarian form in Pokemon Shield and Sword, where it can evolve into Sirfetch’d, taking the idea that Farfetch’s leek has been used as a weapon to another extreme.

3. Quaxly

Quaxly is the Water-type entry to the duck Pokemon family, and in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will be able to pick it as your starter. Designwise, Quaxly has Donald Duck’s sailor hat.

Quaxly’s “hat” isn’t a real hat; it’s just a bunch of feathers. If Quaxly’s head gets dirty, the feathers might look messy. On the Pokemon website, it says that Quaxly has gel in its feathers, like real ducks, to keep water and dirt away. Quaxly is designed well, making it a great friend as you explore the Paldea region.

2. Porygon-Z

Porygon-Z, a Normal-type Pokemon, changes into Porygon-Z when Porygon2 holds a Dubious Disc and gets traded. In Pokemon: Legends Arceus, it evolves when exposed to the Dubious Disc. Even though Porygon-Z is a “virtual” Pokemon, it’s not a real living thing. Its blue bill and wing-like limbs might be inspired by ducks.

1. Psyduck

Psyduck, the Generation One Water-type Pokemon, is probably best known because it was one of Misty’s partners in the Pokemon. Psyduck is a Pokemon with a strong character. Its depiction has been coherent throughout the series. However, the Pokemon suffers from incessant headaches. You run into a group of them on the margins of Solaceon Town, suffering these headaches, in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. With Cynthia’s assistance, you can heal their afflictions.

Psychic abilities To explain, according to several Pokedex entries, Psyduck’s headaches become too intense for them to bear. If it could avoid the headaches, that would mean Psyduck could control its power more freely; who knows how great a Pokemon it might otherwise have been.

Some FAQs

A duck: Who is this Pokemon?

Named the duck Pokemon, Psyduck is in a constant daze due to its headache. It typically just stands there blankly, looking around, trying to settle itself down. Anime series The appearances of Psyduck became a joke: Often, Misty would release Psyduck by mistake instead of the Pokemon she wanted to use.

What is the name of the blue duck Pokemon?

Ducklett is a light-blue, ducklinglike Pokemon. It has two feathery tufts on its head that join at the base in a V shape. Its underside is a darker, feathery blue, making it appear to be in mid-moult.

Is Magmar a duck?

A Pokemon with a humanlike crouching stance, Magmar has elements of the duck and the mythical salamander.


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