Minecraft: How To Get A Blue Axolotl Minecraft

Minecraft: How To Get A Blue Axolotl Minecraft

Blue axolotl minecraftAxolotls are a well-loved, cute Minecraft creature. In Minecraft, axolotls are of different colours: cyan, brown, pink and yellow versions all lurk in the depths.

But there is a fifth type, albeit an extremely rare one: the blue axolotl Minecraft. The fact that you have almost never heard of it makes it all the more mythical. Getting one is easier said than done, but this guide will show you the best way to capture a rare aquatic ally.

The Basics

Naturally, Blue axolotl Minecraft cannot spawn; obtaining them requires breeding. There is a one in 1,200 chance that the baby born of two Axolotls will be blue.

Getting a blue axolotl Minecraft requires much breeding, which is the most basic thing. If you want to raise two Axolotls, two buckets of tropical fish will suffice. When you feed the axolotls, then all you will have left are buckets of water and no fish at all. You might as well catch some more fish immediately.

Acquiring the Axolotls

Raising a bag of Axolots sounds like it would be lovely; in actuality, however, this can become just a bit tiresome and sloppy, so we’ll guide you through everything necessary to keep your project on the right track. The first step is getting them the Axolotls you’re going to be breeding with.

Axolotls only spawn in the water of the jungle caves biome, and the block beneath where they spawn must be clay. This means that they are a little harder to find, but there are plenty of pools in the luxury cave environment. Once you have found the biome you can easily pick up some Axolotls.

How To Find Tropical Fish?

Once you have a few Axolotls, your next destination naturally ought to be the place for tropical fish. You can find this fish in the following biomes below.

  • Mangrove Swamp
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Lukewarm Ocean
  • Lush Caves
  • Warm Ocean

The warm and lukewarm ocean variants are the best places to see tropical fish. Here, the fish have plenty of room to deposit their eggs: The biomes are not too hard to pick out. When exploring by boat or Elytra, you will see this biome from the light-blue colour of the ocean and the coral which spawns.

Breeding Your Axolotls

Now you have fish in hand, it is time to build a pool for your Axolotls. All you need are two-you will soon have more than enough breeding stock to get started. Also, we would suggest breeding Axolotls next to one with tropical fish so as not to have to walk too far when you want to get them.

In all, getting the blue axolotl Minecraft will take you a little while. Make sure you’re willing to breed for a while then.

Creating A Breeding Pool

We advise you to create a breeding pool in order to increase your chances of getting a blue axolotl Minecraft. This is where all your Axolotls will be bred. You will be organized and neat as a result.

The pool can be built in a few different ways. A shallow something with a lot of space is an easy answer, and simple to fill up, or you could just build into it until it is an ocean. Size isn’t a problem, either. Axolotls will come to you if you hold the fish bucket in your hand and they see it.

Alternatively, if you want a more organized solution, separate the Axolotls into pairs in their pools and scoop out babies to move them. This may be a little slower than the first method, but it is tidy, and there’s much less chance of missing the blue axolotl Minecraft.

Water flowing in among Axolotls causes them to be tossed about, so avoid it. It will make things a lot harder than they need to be. Raise the walls up a block above the water to avoid Axolotls escaping-they do not like to hang around on land, but they will pathfinder to other stores of water (such as other pools or the ocean) and get out if you give them that chance.

Getting The Blue Axolotl Minecraft

Sufficient breeding will be rewarded with an ultra-rare blue buddy for yourself. Unfortunately, that’s no easy trick to raise the odds in your favour. You just have to breed Axoltols as quickly and as frequently as possible.

But it’s rewarding to have one in the end. It does not matter how long it takes. The owners of Minecraft consider this to be a prized achievement, and you can take your new friend wherever you go.

Can Blue Axolotls Breed?

By the same token, Blue axolotl Minecraft are just like normal ones and can also be bred.

All Axolotls will have a 99 percent chance of being the same colour as their parent. Therefore, if you cross a blue Axolotl with an ordinary one the chances of getting a blue baby are increased. Two blue Axolotls mean a very good chance at a blue baby.


Does a spawn egg give you blue axolotl Minecraft?

There are a few different ways to attempt getting a blue axolotl Minecraft, but without the use of copying text from this post or using console commands to spawn it again–and indeed there will only be a 1 in 1200 chance that said axolotl is blue. Blue axolotl Minecraft can be bred, found naturally or spawned by using eggs.

But how to breed a blue axolotl Minecraft?

Natural blue ones spawn no longer, so it does not matter which two adult axolotls you get–you’re going to breed both with some tropical fish in a water bucket (they won’t accept just the normal tropical fish item now because they like to eat live fish in real life).

Why can not I invoke a blue axolotl Minecraft?

Like other axolotls, they do not reproduce naturally. Blue axolotl can only be produced through selective breeding of two axolotls. When two axolots are bred together, there is a 1/1200 or 0.083 % chance of spawning blue axolotl. Blue Axolotl is the Rarest! There’s only a 0.083 % chance to get it.

If you cross two blue axolotl Minecraft, what happens?

All Axolotls will have a 99 percent chance of being the same colour as their parent. Right, so if you crossbreed a blue Axolotl and a non-blue one such as me, your chances of getting a blue are greater. If you just happen to have two blue Axolotls, then your chances of getting a blue baby will be very good.


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