Does Kratos Die & Is There A Secret Scene

Does Kratos Die & Is There A Secret Scene

The Norse saga of God of War Ragnarok ends after a successful reboot in 2018 when Kratos embarked on a more mature emotional journey and left behind the Greek gods. The end, four years in the making, did not disappoint fans by offering them an epic and emotional conclusion. In this article, we discuss does Krats die in Ragnarok and related information. Let’s start:

Kratos’s Fate and Other Characters

The Scandinavian adventure’s ending also raises questions about what happened to Kratos and other favourite characters. Fair warning: spoilers lie ahead in huge quantities. Keep reading if you want a detailed analysis of the pivotal God of War Ragnarok ending, including any hidden or end-credits scenes.

The Prophecy: Does Kratos Die?

At the beginning of the game, a prophecy predicts Kratos’ death when Ragnarok, an apocalypse even gods can not avoid. However, we can confirm that Kratos does not meet his end in God of War: Ragnarok. The game addresses themes of destiny change and overcoming unwanted prophecies what occurs in this situation.

God of War Ragnarok Revealed

In the third act of God of War Ragnarok, Kratos allies with several armies from the Nine Realms to battle Odin’s Asgard. Thor and Kratos stop fighting, a move that seems to contradict the prophecy about Kratos’ death. Odin kills Thor but is killed himself. Atreus captures Odin’s soul in a magical marble, and Sindri, mourning Brok’s death by Odin, smashes it; the end seems to be near for Odin.

Right before Asgard’s destruction, Angrboda saves Kratos, Atreus and most of the other survivors by teleporting them away. Freyr is left behind, apparently killed.

Aftermath and Future Prospects

The game switches to Atreus in Midgard when the main action is over. The game adds a few more shrines, one of which shows Faye, Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother, smashing a shrine in Jotunheim. This scene gives us more insight into Faye’s death and her fight against the giants to give birth to a new life for her family, not subjugated by prophecy.

Atreus wishes to return on the road and visit all realms again to find his brethren. There is an emotional goodbye between father and son, while Atreus leaves without Kratos, which hints at a possible sequel or DLC.

Kratos finds another aspect of the shrine that summarizes his past, detailing how he left the Greek pantheon and found a new life in raising a son in the Norse world.

In the tale, Kratos encounters a shrine that suggests his future will be one in which he is revered by crowds and not feared as a warmonger.

This prediction makes Kratos feel very intensely. It is an emotional scene, given his persistent effort to make peace with his violent past and the question of who he really is.

Odin, the Allfather, never misses a chance to make fun of Kratos and reminds him that nobody worships him. However, the story may be different in the future.

After the uncovering, Kratos continues on his way. With Freya by his side, he can finish any outstanding quests. However, is this really the end?

The secret ending of God of War Ragnarok

God of War (2018) had a hidden ending, so it is reasonable to ask if this was true in God of War Ragnarok. Yes, God of War Ragnarok has a secret ending.

This secret ending can be accessed by returning to Sindri’s House after the final battle. This magical inter-dimensional portal has been Kratos’ home throughout the game. In this case, Lunda will give you ‘A Viking Funeral,’ a side quest.

In order to activate the secret ending, players must visit Svartalfheim and attend Brok’s funeral, completing the quest. After the funeral quest, players receive a final cutscene so that the God of War Ragnarok saga ends.

Some Questions

What is the forecast for Kratos in God of War Ragnarok?

The game suggests a possible future in which Kratos becomes an object of veneration and admiration by the people while he is currently perceived as a bloodthirsty terror.

What does Kratos do after the prophecy of his fate is revealed?

It is surprisingly emotional for Kratos to see this prophecy since he has been trying to find peace with his violent past and determine who he really is throughout the game.

How does Odin describe Kratos in the game?

Odin mocks Kratos, saying that nobody worships him. However, the future may have a different tale to tell.

Is there a secret ending to God of War Ragnarok?

Yes, God of War Ragnarok does have a hidden ending. To open it, players need to go back after the final battle and finish a side quest called ‘A Viking Funeral’.

What triggers the secret ending in God of War Ragnarok?

In order to activate the secret ending, players need to go after Svartalfheim and attend Brok’s funeral, completing this quest. After finishing the funeral quest, players are given a final cutscene.


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