Complete God Of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide

Complete God Of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide

God Of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide – The Lord of Thunder Ragnarok Trophy Guide welcomes you! The 2018 Lord of Games series and this one share many structural similarities. It would be best if you essentially had 100% completion to earn platinum. Apart from Lore and Hidden Treasures, all collectable types are linked to trophies. In total, there are 418 collectables. On your first trip through the tale, you won’t be able to finish most places because you won’t have the necessary abilities. The tale automatically unlocks all the necessary skills for you.

Several collectables don’t appear until the story has been completed. It’s preferable to concentrate on the plot first and then to tidy up. Nothing needs to be missed, and after the story, you can return to any location with collectables. The complete conclusion of the story takes an estimated 20 hrs (on the easiest difficulty). No trophies are based on difficulty level; everything may be completed in the easiest setting. In your story run, there is nothing to be concerned about; really have fun and continue playing as you choose.

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How to collect God of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide?

God of War: Ragnarok’s trophy system is independent of the difficulty setting you select. You may get some Trophies by finishing any of the main tasks. Some Trophies require you to locate Items or eliminate specific Foes.

You can still obtain these Trophies if you choose the “Give Me Stories” setting as long as you follow the instructions. Additionally, you can make several accessibility options in God of War: Ragnarok, such as the mini-boss checkpoints, active. This is helpful for gamers who struggle to survive a mini-boss encounter without dying.

Bronze Trophies

The sequel to God of War, Ragnarok has a collection of sixteen Bronze Trophies.

Beat the bear known as Bjorn in the game Surviving Fimbulwinter in “A Grizzly Encounter” Backyard Brawl: Destroy the Mysterious Valkyrie Vanadis in The Lost Sanctuary. Better Together: Destroy Hrist & Mist just at Spark of the World in the sequel to God of War: Ragnarok’s chapter, The Summoning. Kratos beats Him in their first conflict in Surviving Fimbulwinter, earning the Blood Debt. Comeuppance – This Trophy is obtained after beating Heimdall in Creatures of Prophecy.

How It Began – You can begin using enchantments after you get the Amulet of Yggdrasil. When you put on an enchantment for the first time, you receive the Trophy. Knock off the Rust: Acquired when buying a skill for the first time from the skill tree. Make new friends. Those who successfully finish The Mystery Orb Favor and the Lunda’s Armor set are given this Prize. Leash-Free – Kratos and Atreus battle Garm when they return to Helheim. You receive the Trophy after taking down the Hel-hound.

Complete the Spirits of Rebellion Favor to deliver the Sword of Defiance to Durlin as a Rebel Leader. Throughout the chapter, The Reckoning, defeat Nidhogg to get to the issue’s root. Spit Shine: Upgrade one armour item to earn this Trophy in Gods: Ragnarok. The Cauldron: The chapter of The Lost Sanctuary, “The Lost Sanctuary,” help Angrboda destroy Gryla’s cauldron. The Curator – To earn this Trophy in Gods: Ragnarok, you must amass all 38 Artefacts. Achieve the 9 Realms in Bloom’s favour for The Florist. The Librarian: Complete God of War: Ragnarok’s 14 books.

Silver Trophies

In the game God of War: Ragnarok, there are a total of 15 Silver Trophies available.

Prometheus touches Speki and Savanna on the back when they complete the Animal Instincts Favor in God of War’s Ragnarok. In the game, God of War: Ragnarok, collect all Fourteen artefacts and sword hilts to earn this trophy. Create the Dragons Scaled Armor Set to earn the Trophy for “Dragon Slayer.” finishing the For Vanaheim to favour making the armour set Full Belly – Succeed in gathering every Horn of Blood Mead and Apple of Idunn. Find them in the Nornir Chests dispersed throughout the Nine Realms. Complete Gufa – To earn this trophy, you must finish two Favors. The 2 Hafgufas will be joined once they have finished Secrets of the Sands and Song of the Sands.

Funeral for a Friend: After completing the game’s main storyline, go to the funeral. What’s Happening – For this Trophy, you must gather every Gem of Yggrasils and fix the Yggrasil Amulet. Players receive this Trophy after finishing all of the Dragons and Legendary Hunting trips in the Volcano region of Vanaheim. It Was a Wonderful Day. You must finish Freya’s Lost Peace Favor in Vanaheim to earn this Trophy. You’ll automatically get the Mardoll after unlocking and retrieving it.

Making Amendments – To continue with The Weight of Chains, you must obtain the Watchtower Key if you find yourselves in Svartalfheim. Phalanx – Acquire each of God of War’s five shields: An award for Ragnarok Back to Ratatoskr all the Boars of the Four Seasons, Pure of Hart Return all the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr in their proper place. Spartan Methods – Study every Spartan rage. Complete all of the Tasks in The Colosseum at Muspelheim in Trials by Fire.

Gold Trophies

There are 4 Gold Trophies available in God of War: Ragnarok. Be ready if you want to win the Grave Fool and True Queen Trophies! You must triumph over some of God of War: Ragnarok’s toughest bosses to earn these Trophies:

After eliminating all of the Barbarian Gravestones, you must face one final foe: Ruler Hrolf Ragnarok: To earn this Trophy, you must defeat Odin, the All-Father. God of War: Ready for Commitment: Completely upgrading one armour set, Ragnarok The Real Queen: After finishing the game’s main story, seek out Gna, the Valkyrie Queen. This Gold Prize is awarded to players who defeat her.

How to obtain the Platinum Trophy in God of War: Ragnarok

In the game God of War: Ragnarok, there is just one Platinum Trophy, as was previously mentioned. Collect every trophy on the previous list to get this.

The Wolf and the Bear is the name of the trophy. Once you’ve completed the main story quest, you can almost always put off acquiring some of the Trophies. You can explore each of the remaining Realms during Beyond Ragnarok.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is god of war Ragnarok easy to platinum?

Ans. God of War Ragnarök has 36 trophies, including a Platinum, four Gold, fifteen Silver, and sixteen Bronze. Although obtaining all of the items won’t be simple, it is feasible thanks to a combination of straightforward and more difficult unlocks.

Q2) Will the god of war Ragnarok have a difficult trophy?

Ans. There seem to be 36 trophies to obtain, and the difficulty setting you to choose has no bearing on any of them. With its several difficulty options, Lord of War Ragnarok makes this amazing trip available to everyone.

Q3) What is the hardest trophy to get in the god of war Ragnarok?

Ans. The Real Queen (Ragnarök, the God of War)

This Queens is nothing to laugh at, just like the former Viking Empress in the sequel to God of War: 2018. She’s actually arguably the hardest boss in the entire game.

Q4) Who is the hardest boss in the god of war Ragnarok?

Ans. The most experienced players have problems fighting GNA, considered the hardest boss in God of War Ragnarok. Most players will struggle to defeat GNA, known as the Valkyrie Queen, even with maxed-out stats and equipment.


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