Most Valuable Player Seating Options at Dodger Stadium and Beyond

Most Valuable Player Seating Options at Dodger Stadium and Beyond

Dodger Stadium Seating – The Loge section of Dodger Stadium is where the action is. It’s above the field level in Dodger Stadium, where the Los Angeles Dodgers play. The Los Angeles neighbourhood of Elysian Park is home to the ballpark. Opening in 1962, the $23 million ballpark was built in under three years.

After Wrigley Field of the Cubs and Fenway Park of the Red Sox, it is the third-oldest MLB baseball stadium and the largest in seat capacity. With a maximum capacity of 56,000, the Dodgers’ 2009 home opener drew a record crowd of 57,099 to see their team play.

 The Dodgers’ previous Major League Baseball attendance record was 2,755,184, which they smashed this year with 3,875,656 fans. You may know it as Blue Heaven on Earth or a pitcher’s paradise.

First-Base Reserve Team Most Valuable Player

First base reserved seating: The best seats in Dodger Stadium, including those for the MVP, are on the third level of the stadium’s first baseline. Their location is near the bottom of the Reserve Tier. The Dodgers’ Blue Shield Reserve Level is the dodger stadium seating. Value Reserve and Lower Reserve are the two halves of the level.

The level difference from one foul pole to the following means that even seats on the same level offer vastly different perspectives. This highlights the significance of comparing different tickets on sale. Since they are situated lower to the Field, the Lower Reserve seats offer superior viewing to those in the upper sections of the level. Seats in the lower reserve sections are designated with an LR or IR after the section number.

The rows are labelled with a single letter, beginning with A at the bottom and ending with V at the top of the section, which is lower in elevation. All Level A through Level V share a common concourse, so guests must enter the section from the back of Row V.

The stadium is the largest in all of Major League Baseball, with a capacity 56,000.

Seats are labelled according to their row number. VIP seats are located in rows A through H, while MVP seats are in rows J through V. Visitors will have the best views of the action from Sections 1-11, which are located directly behind home plate.

There is less of a crowd in these areas because there is no upper reserve level above them. 

The Reserve Level sections designated as Value Reserves have an R appended to their section numbers. Row AA is the closest to the concourse tunnels, and the rows are labelled with double letters from AA to JJ.

Visitors can find some shade in the upper, more compact section. An overhanging Upper Deck section is directly above the last few rows of the Infield Reserved sections (1 through 11), making them ideal for shade seekers. Depending on demand and matchup, tickets in this section can cost as much as $50. The Dodgers sell tickets on their official website.

Reserve First Baseman of the Year

Single letters designate the Infield Reserve I First Base MVP, from A to V. These are the second-level seats along the first baseline. There is an excellent view of the pitch from the seats in this section because of how close they are to the action. Views of the Field are best from sections C through H.

Covered sections provide shade for patrons sitting in Rows N and higher. There is a section reserved for wheelchairs behind seat row U. To access this section, visitors to the ballpark should head to Row V. Depending on the event and demand, tickets in this section typically cost $80.

MVP of the First Base Infield Reserve

The best seats in the house for the First Base MVP are in the upper level of the Infield Reserve II section. Double-letter rows are used in this location, with AA being the nearest. The infield reserve seats are surprisingly close for a higher tier of dodger stadium seating. The section has unobstructed views of the entire ballpark, even the corners.

The action on the pitch doesn’t necessitate frequent head movements from spectators. Wheelchairs can use the section’s designated dodger stadium seating, some shaded. They offer a better view than the lower section but are further away from the Field. Prices for these seats range from $40 on average, depending on when the game is and how many are available.

First-Base VIP Upper Deck Infield

Los Angeles Dodgers VIP II Infield Top Deck Seats are found on the fifth and highest level of dodger stadium seating. Located at the front of the Deck, these seats offer a better panorama than those in the rear.

Double letters, beginning with AA and ending with JJ, designate the rows. Rows AA are the nearest to the action on the pitch, while Rows JJ are the farthest. Top Deck seats are at the very top of the Upper Deck, while the Reserve Level seats are lower and offer a better view. There is a guard rail with cupholders for the front row.

Depending on the time of the game, the opponent, and ticket availability, these seats in the Top Deck section can cost as much as $20 each. Reserve Level seats are more expensive than those in the upper Deck.

Seats in the Dodger Stadium Baseline Club

The first six rows of Sections 26–43 and the first three rows of Sections 41 and 45 are home to Dodger Stadium. It’s a prime location inside the stadium. This section has some of the stadium’s most comprehensive and plush seats. Baseline Club Lounge guests enjoy special access to the stadium’s finest food, beverages, and amenities.

Some of these offerings are as follows:

Personal assistant

Great seats right by the Field

Service at your seat

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are included at no extra cost.

Activities at no cost to you

Discreet washrooms

The section’s seats are located directly behind home and visiting dugouts, and the riser height between rows is higher, giving fans a better view of the Field. A shelf is built into the seat for stowing snacks, phones, and beverages. Tickets for the Dodgers Baseline Club typically cost $300. These seats are among the priciest in all of Dodger Stadium.

Top-tier Dodger Stadium Seating 

The following is a detailed diagram of Dodger Stadium’s seating configuration, including row and seat numbers. Use this handy dodger stadium seating chart to find the perfect spot in the stands.

You can find some of the best seats in the house right here:

One, the Lexus Dugout Club

DG 1 through DG 15 of Dodger Stadium’s Lexus Dugout are available. Seating is designated by the letters AA through JJ behind the home plate and AA through DD behind the dugouts. These seats are among the most expensive and sought-after in the ballpark. This is where the A-listers hang out when they come to the ballpark, and it’s one of the best places to watch a game.

Some of the conveniences that can be found in this area include: 

Discreet washrooms

Use the club’s plush furnishings, including the dining area, private bars, and high-definition (HD) televisions.

Downloadable, cost-free video games

Unlimited snacks and beverages

Extra legroom and soft, padded seats

Access to the best parking lots in the area

Waiter service at your table

Playing Field

Seating at the Field Level is located in sections BL 1 through BL 45, DG 1 through DG 15, and FD 1 through FD 53. The rows here are labelled with the letters A through X. The BL stands for the Lexus Dugout Club, while the DG denotes the Baseline Club. You can find these seats on the first level, stretching from one foul pole to another.

The section includes the following elements:

Seats that are wide and padded

Quick and simple access to food and bathroom facilities

Unobstructed views

Level 4: Field-level proximity

VIP treatment for those sitting in the club section.

Pavilion Seating

The pavilion, or bleacher, dodger stadium seating is split into two sections, one on each side of the Field. Sections 302, 304, 306, 308, 310, 312, 314, and 316 can be found in the right field pavilion.

Visitors can enjoy free peanuts, nachos, and hot dogs at the right pavilion seats. If you’re going to a baseball game with your friends or family, these are some of the best seats you can get. On the other hand, the left pavilion houses rooms 301, 303, 305, 307, 309, 311, 313, and 315. The prices here are significantly lower than in other sections.

 Generally speaking, the rows in the pavilions are labeled from A to M for the sections closest to the Field and from N to W for the sections further back. The pavilions have the best viewing angles for home runs, but the dodger stadium seating is all stands rather than individual seats.

Sections 301, 303, and 305 are lower in the stadium and closest to the foul pole and home plate. Section 301 is also close to the Dodgers’ bullpen. You get a fantastic look at the action from these vantage points.


What is not allowed in Dodger Stadium?

Large bags, coolers (hard or soft), backpacks, and similar items are not permitted. Diaper bags for both adults and children are among the permitted bags inside the stadium.

Why is Dodger Stadium so unique?

As the third-oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, the Stadium has been around since 1962. Fenway Park in Boston is the oldest, having opened in 1911; Wrigley Field in Chicago is the second oldest, opening in 1914.

Can you bring water into Dodger Stadium?

While tailgating is prohibited at Dodger Stadium, fans are welcome to bring outside food in clear plastic bags no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches. No alcoholic beverages are permitted, but you may bring your water in a sealed plastic bottle.


Seating arrangements at Dodgers Stadium for concerts and other musical events vary slightly from those for baseball games. The graph shifts from show to show. 

The outfield serves as the concert’s stage, and the stands are transformed into floor seating. Each section, from A to Z, was strategically placed to provide the best possible sightlines to the performers on stage.

The remaining sections, Club, Top Deck, Reserve, Loge, and Field, each have seat numbers. These seats cost around $500 and provide a 360-degree view of the performance area. On the other hand, festival events like Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival have the stage placed in the infield, either along the first or third base line or even behind home plate.

 General admission sections (GA, VIP, etc.) are in the field-level dodger stadium seating area. The general admission area is fantastic for fans but only allows for some privacy. The VIP section is a more lively and comfortable environment for guests.


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