Restricted Items and The Citizens Bank Park Bag Policy

Restricted Items and The Citizens Bank Park Bag Policy

Citizens bank park bag policyPhillies strictly prohibit using any baggage, including backpacks, within the stadium. Purses and fanny packs are more significant than 5″ x 7″ are prohibited. The Phillies’ stadium, citizens bank park bag policy, first welcomed fans on April 3, 2004. Citizens Financial Group Stadium was constructed to replace the demolished multi-use Veterans Stadium.

After a gap of twenty-eight years, the Phillies finally won the World Series in Game 5 in 2008, defeating the Bay Rays at this venue. The stadium is the first in Major League Baseball to run on green electricity from renewable sources. This is a movement to promote the use of renewable energy and reduce adverse effects on the planet.

The stadium has tight rules about bags and other things and enforces a severe code of conduct. Everyone entering the stadium is subject to the same rules and regulations. There are limits on what may be brought into the stadium through beverages, snacks, and luggage. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the citizens bank park bag policy. 

Policy on Park Bags at Citizens Bank, 2023

The Phillies’ rigorous bag regulation from the beginning of the season has been relaxed for 2023. The change of heart came after hearing from disappointed fans. Disabled or sick spectators made up a disproportionate share of those who cried foul. The new, severe restriction regarding bags and purses was introduced at the beginning of the season.

Fans were not permitted to carry in any bags more significant than a wallet or totes with more than one section. After hearing from dissatisfied supporters, the team decided to change its mind.

There have been some modifications, but there are still restrictions on the kind of baggage that may be brought on board. Fans can now carry belt bags, drawstring bags, and other similar items inside the stadium. All Major League Baseball stadiums have the same size limit of 16 16 by 8 inches for bags with one compartment.

Since the beginning, nappy and medical bags have been permitted, but only if they fit the size restrictions and are approved by MLB’s security staff. Fans who need medical equipment or who have babies in manufactured diaper bags are permitted in.

The following are examples of citizens bank park bag policy:

Bags: Cooler, Duffel, and Camera

More extensive than a 5×7 inch wallet

Binoculars holder

The citizens bank park bag policy is that any bag more significant than a 5×7 will not be permitted into the stadium. We’ll inspect all bags and handbags at the entrance to ensure they’re appropriate. The fan must leave the item in their car or throw it away if the item is banned. The bag storage locker at the stadium is another alternative. However, there will be a $10 charge for this service.

Are outside food and drink permitted at Citizens Bank Park?

Soft-sided containers containing food are permitted per the citizens bank park bag policy. However, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the stadium. Under stadium regulations, Glass bottles, cans, and other unsealed containers are prohibited. Each fan is allowed in with one factory-sealed, transparent plastic water bottle.

Inside the citizens bank park bag policy, you may bring baby bottles and single-serve soft-sided juice containers. All coolers and thermoses, including hard and soft plastics and Styrofoam, are prohibited. Fans may purchase alcoholic beverages inside the stadium with proper identification. The drink, however, cannot be carried out of the stadium with you.

Fans may bring their food inside the stadium, which is not permitted at other venues. The food must be packed in a soft container to comply with the ballpark’s bag regulations. Security personnel will comprehensively inspect all food products at the entrance. Like the bag policy, any forbidden items must be thrown away, returned to the car, or stored in the locker. A large selection of dishes is available at the ballpark’s many concession stands. You may choose from places like Manco & Manco Pizza, Colbie’s Southern Kissed Chicken, and Chickie & Pete’s Crabfries.

At the ballpark, you may get various hot dogs, cheesesteaks, salads, brownies, cookies, and beverages. Bull’s BBQ, located to the left of the scoreboard, is one of the most well-known stadium concessions. Burnt cheesesteaks, barbecue ribs, sliced smoked turkey sandwiches, pulled pork, and more are just a few of the popular items sold at the concession stand.

Some of the most well-known beverage concessions include the Yard Bar, the Coca-Cola Corner, the Drink Mkt, and the Jim Beam Highball Bar. Juices, beers, wines, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages are available.


Citizens Bank Park Parking

Citizens Bank Park has parking for roughly $25 per day. Parking at the stadium may cost up to $25, depending on where you park. The price of parking for a car that needs more than one space is doubled. Lots M and N are reserved for buses and cost $50 daily.

Parking is less expensive if you leave the stadium’s main parking lot and find a spot elsewhere. It’s a lengthy walk to and from the stadium, however, both before and after the game. The Park has plenty of accessible parking spots. You’ll need a disability parking permit or a placard notice to park in certain sections (K, P, Q, R, S, and V)

Parking at Citizens Bank Park requires using a card or an app on a mobile device rather than cash. Parking at the Phillies’ stadium may be done without using cash. Payment options include Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and debit and credit cards. Remember to bring your mobile parking pass with you to the game. The pass must be loaded and shown to the parking attendant upon request. Ask the attendants for assistance if you need help determining where to park or how the parking restrictions work.


Citizens Bank Park permits tailgating just like any other stadium. There are tailgating lots where fans may gather before or after the game to celebrate. Fans may tailgate in parking lots numbered A through H, M, N, and O. Parking lot tailgating is prohibited west of Darien Street or north of Pattison Avenue. They were tailgating parking lots open five hours before kickoff, while all others open three hours beforehand. Unfortunately, celebrations in the parking lot cannot include alcoholic beverages. Aside from that, you’re free to have fun if you maintain everybody else’s experience.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does citizens bank park bag policy Bank Park not accept cash?

The Phillies’ stadium, indeed, has a cashless payment system. At the stadium, you may use the reverse ATM to load cash onto a debit card.

How many spectators can be accommodated at Citizens Bank Park?

The maximum capacity of Citizens Bank Park is 42,901. At the beginning of the season, the seating capacity was raised by 109.


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