List of MLB HR Leaders 2023

MLB HR leaders 2023 hitting the most home runs in MLB this year until June 20, 2023, are Shohei Ohtani, Jorge Soler, and Pete Alonso. Aaron Judge has hit 19 home runs so far

For the past thirteen seasons, the player with the most home runs usually comes from the American League (AL). Last year, Aaron Judge, also from the AL, led in home runs.

Aaron Judge, who plays for the Yankees, set a new record by hitting 62 home runs last year. Kyle Schwarber from the Phillies, who leads in the National League (NL) and is second overall, was 16 home runs behind.

A-Rod got the American League Home Run Award five times. He was the best in the league three times. Ryan Howard was also the best twice.

But this year, in 2023, Ohtani from the Angels is leading in the American League. Pete Alonso has hit the most home runs in the NL with 22.

Top 10 MLB HR Leaders 2023

This year, the leaders for hitting home runs in MLB are Shohei Ohtani in the American League and Pete Alonso in the National League.

Alonso is just two home runs behind Ohtani on the overall list. Out of the top ten, five players have hit more than 20 home runs this season.

Here is the list of MLB HR Leaders 2023 and players with the most home runs in MLB during the 2023 season up to June 20, 2023:

Yordan Alvarez

He playing for HOU, has hit 17 home runs this 2023 season. He’s in fourth place in the American League, with Ohtani, Robert Jr, and Judge ahead of him.

Yordan Alvarez, who plays left field for the Astros, has a batting average of .277 until now. He has 55 RBIs and an OPS of .977. In the last seven games, he hit 3 home runs and has a slugging percentage of .652.

Since 2019, he has hit 115 home runs in his MLB career.

Ozzie Albies 

He plays as a 2nd baseman for the Atlanta Braves. He’s in ninth place with 17 home runs, right after Alvarez.

During the 2023 Regular season, he usually hits around .268 and has 53 RBIs. His OPS is .824, and he has hit 17 home runs.

In his most recent 7 games, he hit three home runs in 29 tries and has a slugging rate of .793.

Luis Robert Jr. 

He is doing really well lately. He hit 3 home runs in his last seven games and has a strong .692 slugging rate.

As a center fielder, he has 38 RBIs and an OPS of .855, both of which are among the top 25 in the league.

Throughout his regular season career, he has hit a total of 54 home runs until now. His OPS is .819, and he has had 1128 at-bats.

Max Muncy

He is the one who plays as the Dodgers’ third baseman, is doing great this season. He hit an impressive 18 home runs in the 60 games he played.

He has also managed to get 40 hits,  39 walks, and 45 RBIs, and 5 doubles in 209 times he came up to bat. His OPS, which shows how well he’s doing overall, is .797.

Aaron Judge

He who was the leader with a record number of home runs last year, has faced some small injuries this season.

But, after he came back, he hit 5 home runs in the last seven games. He has an average of .291/.404/.674, which is slightly lower than his usual performance. However, his OPS is 1.078, which is still pretty high and shows he’s hitting powerfully.

He also got 40 RBIs and six doubles in 175 times he came up to bat.

Kyle Schwarber 

He is a Phillies left fielder. He hit 20 home runs this season and has an OPS of .787.

In 2023, he’s averaging around .191 when it comes to hitting. He got 41 RBIs and had 262 times to bat. Even though his batting average is a bit low, he’s still managed to hit a lot of home runs, putting him in fifth place on the leaderboard.

Throughout his career, he’s hit a total of 219 home runs.

Jorge Soler

He is Miami Marlins designated hitter, is doing really well. He hit 21 home runs with a great OPS of .909. His average batting performance this year is about .256.

Out of those 21 home runs, 11 were in his most recent 30 games, and he did that in 107 times he came up to bat. His slugging rate, which shows how strong his hits are, is .617.

Matt Olson

He plays as the first baseman of the Brave, hit six home runs in the last 30 days. He usually hits around .233, and he has 52 RBIs, 12 doubles, 47 walks, and even a triple.

Last season, he managed to score 34 home runs. If he continues to do well, he might beat that number this time.

Pete Alonso

He is the Mets’ star player, is in second place with 22 home runs, right behind Ohtani. At the start of his campaign, he had a slow beginning, hitting only one home run in the first month.

But, he got really good in the next month, hitting nine home runs in April. By the middle of May, he added four more home runs. Lately, in his most recent seven games, he hit only 2 home runs.

Shohei Ohtani

He is from the LAA team, is doing incredibly well. He’s at the very top of the MLB HR Leaders 2023 of the home run as of June 21, hitting 24 home runs so far.

Ohtani is special because he both hits and pitches. He plays as a pitcher for the LAA team and designated hitter in the American League.

Aaron Judge’s Home Runs Leaders 2023

Aaron Judge has hit 19 home runs in 2023. He hit his first one in the opening game against the Giants, right in the first inning.

Aaron, who is the Yankees’ captain and the first one after Derek Jeter, started this season as strong as he ended the last one. He hit six home runs and had an OPS of .978 in the first 18 games.

By the April end, he wasn’t doing as well, partly because of a small injury in his right hip. He had to take ten days off for that. But after coming back, he got back into his good form and has hit 13 more home runs since then.

Aaron Judge’s Home Run Pace in 2023

Aaron Judge’s rate of hitting home runs this year is slower compared to last year. In the previous season, he hit a home run around once every 2.53 games. But in this season, it’s taking him about 3.10 games to hit a home run.

ESPN predicts he might hit 41 home runs this season if he keeps performing as he is now. However, this prediction is based on the idea that he will play 125 games.

Last season, he only missed five regular games, but this year he’s already missed ten days because of a hip injury. So, it’s a bit difficult to know for sure how many games he will end up playing.

Some FAQs

Who is the all-time MLB HR leader 2023? 

Barry Bonds holds the all-time MLB home run record with 762 home runs.

What is the most combined home runs in an MLB game? 

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Philadelphia Phillies set the MLB record with 13 combined home runs in a game on April 24, 2022.



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