List Of All Doors Monsters In Roblox

List Of All Doors Monsters In Roblox

Doors Monsters – Developers in the Roblox community and other content producers never seem to run out of ways to improve the game.

The games that are the most well-known at the moment are Doors Monsters, in which numerous monsters attempt to murder you, the player.

It would be best if you played the game to figure out how to play.

However, by providing you with a brief overview of each monster or another company in the Roblox simulation game doors characters, this page hopes to assist you in some little way.

Considering the popularity of The Mimic and Apeirophobia, All Doors entities have been added to the Roblox platform as yet another horror/survival-style game. In this game, players must navigate a haunted hotel by creeping, running, solving puzzles, and—most importantly—avoiding several terrifying monsters to escape eventually.

You’re fortunate if you are brave enough to try this adventure and want to know how to survive all doors entities these monsters. Learn everything there is to understand about such special beings by reading on.

List Of Doors Monsters

In this article, you will be reading about “Doors Characters”.

1. Hide

The opposite of Seek, a monster you will encounter in the game, is Hide.

When you hide for a prolonged period, this monster will emerge. A graphical effect should appear on your screen after a few too many seconds of hiding, at which point you should begin fleeing.

2. Guiding Light

The experience’s narrator and guide is Guiding Light, who directs players around certain areas of the hotel all doors entities by employing illuminating blue particles. Guiding Light will illuminate the next-door character if a player is trapped in a Black Room, or even a standard room, for longer than 20 seconds to preserve them from moving.

Guiding Light will be most noticeable throughout Seek’s running sequence, emphasising the path players must take to survive. If it seems like players are having problems discovering hidden keys, they will also be illuminated.

3. Rush

One of the first—if not the first—all-doors entities that players will come across in The Hotel is Rush. You should hide when Rush spawns since several rooms’ lights will flicker & you’ll be able to hear a distorted roar. Rush can be avoided by slinking under a bed, into a closet or through a vent.

You will be killed instantly if you can’t find a hiding place before Rush comes barreling towards you. You can move forward to the next-door area without worrying about Rush returning once it has passed because every light in every room it through will be damaged.

Rush occasionally makes the lights flash without really spawning. In these circumstances, keep an eye on your back and move on to the next door.

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There is a very slim possibility that Ambush will spawn whenever Rush is scheduled to do so. Like Rush, Ambush will cause the lights to flicker, make distorted noises before it comes, and then race through every neighbouring hallway and room. In contrast to Rush, Ambush can traverse these spaces up to six times.

The greatest way to survive an ambush is to take refuge in a cupboard in case you hear it coming, come out when it starts to go away and keep doing this until it completely vanishes. Exiting and reentering the closet is preferable because staying too long there will cause Hide to spawn.

Keep in mind that Ambush is faster than Rush, so make sure to move quickly through the following procedures!


Like Rush and Ambush do, Halt announces its presence with flickering lights. But unlike these two, Halt doesn’t show up immediately once the lights flicker. Instead, it appears behind the player’s next-numbered door. After opening this door, players will enter a dark hallway, with just Halt’s bright blue eyes providing any illumination.

Run through this passageway until you reach the entrance at the opposite end to get away from Halt. It would help to keep your eyes out for blinking words, particularly Turn Around, as you move down the hallway.

Turn your camera/doors character around and start walking the other way as soon as Turn Around shows on your screen, or start walking backwards. Until you pass the door after the corridor, you must continue this procedure, turning around and moving ahead every time the prompt comes.

60 damage will be dealt to you if Halt interacts with you.


There is a chance you’ll encounter a purple glow as you walk towards the room to room, unlocking Roblox doors monster as quickly as you can; this is Eyes. A 36-eyed creature with 36 eyes will emerge from the purple light shortly, dealing Ten injuries to anyone who glances at it. Simply move away from Eyes’ region while keeping your eyes on the ground, the ceiling, or the walls to survive. In essence, don’t look at it!

7. Screech

Screech is one of the most subdued monsters on this compilation of Roblox doors. It only appears in dimly lit spaces.

Players must use good listening skills to hear Screech as it plans to approach you stealthily. Screech will hurt you and jumpscare you if the player fails to gaze at it immediately or detects it too late.

We urge you to avoid loud noises and to remain near lights to combat Screech properly.

8. Seek

The humanoid, one-eyed creature known as Seek appears in rooms 30 – 45 & 80 – 95.

The opposite of Hide, Seek will pursue you while you flee from obstacles thrown in your path. It will occasionally spawn an eye as a warning that it is nearby and will shortly start pursuing you.

9. Timothy

A charming monster named Timothy will appear whenever you open a drawer. Randomly, a spider should appear, and the name is Timothy.

Its only intent is to jump-scare you, although it should also cause 5 minor health points of damage.

Even if you’ve already faced it, this “innocent” creature can respawn in any number of different drawers, but fortunately, Roblox doors monster a likelihood of appearing is only 1 in 200.

Do we suggest? Enjoy the game while imagining Timothy attempting to assist you.

10. Jack

Unlike all the others, Jack was a Roblox doors monster that existed solely to frighten you.

He might materialise at any time. For instance, he has a 1/2000 chance of showing up within an opened door and a 1/20 possibility of doing so inside a closet.

A Jack-filled wardrobe will instantly open, frightening you as you enter. When it’s done, it pushes you aside and shuts the wardrobe.

11. Figure

Only twice in the entire game does the Figure attempt to murder you. You first see it when you unlock the 100th door in the library.

It will try to follow you around while listening to your sounds. Walking slowly to avoid hiding places would be best because the figure in question will continue trying to find them.

When a Figure is approaching while you are hiding, there is a minigame mechanic where you must synchronise heartbeats to avoid being killed by a Figure.

Despite being blind, do not even attempt to tamper with a Figure since coming into contact with one would result in instant death.


Glitch, the final monster on our list, only appears when you are too far behind in the game.

While transporting you back with your pals, it will attack, hurt you, and jump-scare you. The Glitch will randomly damage you between 10 and 40 per cent of your health.

Players who are attacked by Glitch repeatedly can be offered straightforward advice to stick with their pals and keep moving forward.

13.El Goblino

Looking for a peaceful retreat from the commotion of doors opening? El Goblino is just there, so grab up a chair and remain for a while! One of the strangest door characters in the all doors entities of the entire hotel, this affable being is found in the room following the library has closed and can be spoken to upon encounter. It doesn’t only seem innocuous; it actually is; it won’t hurt the gamer or even give them a shock. El Goblino will cease replying and stare at you after a few interactions.

14. Snare

It’s a good thing Snare will only be discovered in The Greenhouse because it’s one of the hotel’s most vexing creatures! The snare will position itself in the grass as you reach The Greenhouse and wait until the ideal time to attack. Stepping into a snare unintentionally will cause you to become immobilised for seconds, rendering you defenceless against the approaching Rush or Ambush and resulting in 10 points of damage. To find Snare in The Greenhouse, you must have a torch or lighter.

15. Shadow

As this demon cannot harm the player but instead seeks to frighten them, Shadow is just a rare version of Jack. There is a very, extremely remote possibility (approximately 1/1,200) that Shadow will appear each time the entrance to the latest space is opened. When it does, it lets out an incredibly loud cry. If you’re fortunate, you could briefly see this thing before it vanishes, although most gamers only ever hear the noise.

16. Wrapping Up

Enjoy the Fun and the Fear!

All of the creatures within the Roblox  Doors Monsters title Doors are finished. Here are some training videos by Power Powered and Electro, two Roblox doors monsters content creators, if you want a more in-depth explanation.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “Doors Monsters”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How many monsters are in Roblox doors?

Ans.  In Roblox Doors, 100 doors are filled with monsters. On your path to 100, Seek and Figure will always appear twice.

Q2) Is there any end to doors Roblox?

Ans. There is a hidden conclusion to the game if you make it to room A-1000 within the Roblox Doors Hotels update, so you can find it if you have steely nerves.

Q3 What is entity 100 called in backrooms?

Ans. Entity 100, also known as [REDACTED], is particularly hazardous. Typically, the entity will be within a “docile” state. Entity 100, also known as [REDACTED], is particularly hazardous. Typically, the entity will be within a “docile” state.

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