Nomura Brought Back Roxas And Xion Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Almost did not have Roxas and Xion Kingdom Hearts 3, but Nomura wouldn’t let your kids down. Kingdom Hearts The fate of Roxas and Xion Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of its most tragic parts. Xion Kingdom Hearts 3 broadens the scope of its having to be a “happy ending for Sora”, as Xion is made by combining Roxas with all of the memories of Sora, and they endure suffering throughout Kingdom Hearts. Fortunately, that did turn out to be the case with both looking happy by Axel’s side in Twilight Town at the end of my quest.

That was not always the case, however. During an interview with Famitsu about Kingdom Hearts 4, Nomura discussed Kingdom Hearts 3 ending and how he changed some plot points to satisfy his fans. A fine example of how Nomura has changed something to please the fans is the story for Roxas and Xion Kingdom Heart 3, which admittedly was decided due to demands from fans.

Nomura said, ” With regards to Xion and Roxas reappearing in Kingdom Hearts 3, from the beginning, I was reluctant about them returning. In fact, there was an alternative story route that did not involve their return; only at the very end did I decide on the one with Roxas and Xion Kingdom Heart 3 coming back.

In the same interview, Nomura says that another way he listens to the fan base in deciding certain elements of Kingdom Hearts is much less drastic than this. After receiving this question, he explained that in KH2, a number of players asked to cut the hair of Riku. So I listened and made him get his haircut. 

If you want to know who really cut his hair, it was just the hopes of the players. But that still does not make sense of his random Heartless haircut in Kingdom Hearts 3. We can let that one slide though.

How does Roxas return in Kingdom Hearts 3?

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Roxas does make a return by sending his heart back in time. However, the idea of hearts and their links to one another is an important theme throughout the series as a whole. So Roxas might still have a link to Sora’s heart after returning.

Why does Roxas look like Ventus instead of Sora?

Roxas is the Nobody of Sora, and Namine that of Kairi. Sora having Ventus’ heart inside of him and believing it to have been left behind within Roxas during the time that Sora became Heartless is why Roxas looks like Ventus.


What is Xion’s gender?

Xion Kingdom Heart 3 was designed as an incomplete guise of the main character, who is male. Over the years, however, Xion ended up identifying as female, so please use the she/her pronouns.

Sora is weaker than Roxas, but why?

Roxas, born from Sora’s sacrifice of his own heart to Sora in Kingdom Hearts, is Sora’s Nobody. Just as Vanitas has a bit of Sora and a bit of Ventus in him, Roxas is the same, which is another powerful advantage he can use the Keyblades of both at once.


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