What is the best Salamence moveset in Pokemon GO?

What is the best Salamence moveset in Pokemon GO?

Best Salamence Moveset – Salamence is a powerful Dragon and Flying type Pokemon that can deal much damage in battles. However, what is the best moveset for Salamence in Pokemon GO? In this article, I will explain what the best Salamence moveset can learn, how to choose the best moveset, and the advantages and disadvantages of each best Salamence moveset.

What can best Salamence moveset learn?

Salamence can learn three fast moves and six charge moves in Pokemon GO. The fast moves are Bite, Dragon Tail, and Fire Fang. The charge moves are Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Outrage, Frustration, and Return.

The fast moves have different damage, energy, and duration. The charge moves have different damage, energy, and effects. Some moves also benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), which means they deal 20% more damage if they match the type of the Pokemon.

Here is a table that shows the stats of each move:

Move Type Damage Energy Duration STAB
Bite Dark 6 4 0.5s No
Dragon Tail Dragon 15 9 1.1s Yes
Fire Fang Fire 12 8 0.9s No
Draco Meteor Dragon 150 100 3.6s Yes
Fire Blast Fire 140 100 4.2s No
Hydro Pump Water 130 100 3.3s No
Outrage Dragon 110 50 3.9s Yes
Frustration Normal 10 35 2.1s No
Return Normal 35 40 1.7s No

How to choose the best Salamence moveset?

The best Salamence moveset depends on the purpose of using it. Salamence can be used for different scenarios, such as raids, gym battles, trainer battles, or just for fun. Each scenario has different factors to consider, such as the opponent’s type, the weather, the team composition, and the personal preference.

Based on these criteria, here are some of the best Salamence moveset in Pokemon GO:

Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

This is the best Salamence moveset in terms of raw damage. Dragon Tail is a fast and powerful move that generates much energy. Draco Meteor is a devastating charge move that can one-shot many opponents. Both moves also benefit from the STAB, making them even more effective.

However, this moveset also has some drawbacks. Draco Meteor has a long cooldown and a high energy cost, which means it can be easily interrupted or dodged by the opponent. Draco Meteor also lowers Salamence’s attack by 33.3% after use, which reduces its damage output for the rest of the battle. This moveset also needs better coverage, as it is weak against Steel, Fairy, and other Dragon types.

Dragon Tail and Outrage

This is another best Salamence moveset similar to the previous one, but with some differences. Outrage is a slightly weaker but more efficient charge move than Draco Meteor.

It has a lower energy cost and a shorter cooldown, so it can be used more frequently and reliably. Outrage also does not lower Salamence’s attack, which preserves its damage output for the whole battle.

However, this moveset also shares the same drawbacks as the previous one. Outrage is still vulnerable to interruption and dodging and has poor coverage against Steel, Fairy, and Dragon types. This moveset also requires an Elite Charged TM to obtain, which is a rare and valuable item that can only be used once.

Fire Fang and Fire Blast

This is a different best Salamence moveset that focuses on its Fire type. Fire Fang is a fast and strong fast move that deals good damage and generates decent energy. Fire Blast is a powerful charge move that can damage many Pokemon. Both moves also benefit from the weather boost in sunny conditions, making them even more potent.

However, this moveset also has some disadvantages. Fire Fang and Fire Blast do not benefit from the STAB, which means they deal less damage than the Dragon moves. Fire Blast also has a high energy cost and a long cooldown, which makes it hard to use and easy to avoid. This moveset also has limited coverage, as it is weak against Water, Rock, and Dragon types.


I hope this blog post helped you understand what is the best Salamence moveset in Pokemon GO. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and happy hunting!



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