How To Use Jetpack Starfield: A Simple Guide

How To Use Jetpack Starfield: A Simple Guide

How To Use Jetpack Starfield – Jetpacks are an important tool in the game “Starfield”. They allow you to fly around and cover ground quickly, making your journey through the game realm easier. This article will help you understand how to use jetpack Starfield” in a simple and easy way.

Getting a Jetpack

In “Starfield”, jetpacks are not readily available. You need to complete a mission to get one. Here is a simplified guide:

  1. Level up to Level 2.
  2.  Use a skill point to unlock “Boost Pack Training” in the Tech tree.
  3.  Progress in the main storyline until you become a member of the Constellation.
  4.  Put on the Constellation Backpack, your first boost pack, found at the Constellation’s Lodge in New Atlantis.

Remember, exploring and looting can sometimes reward you with a boost pack. As you progress, you can enhance your boost pack for more thrust and storage.

How to use jetpack Starfield

Now that you have got the concept of how important this tool is for you and your success, here is how to use it:

  • Equip the jetpack by pressing “Y” on Xbox or “Space Bar” on PC.
  •  Double press the same button to activate the boost pack.
  •  Keep holding the “Jump” button until you reach your target or run out of fuel.

If you cannot use your jetpack after jumping, it is likely you have not unlocked it yet. Here is how to do it:

  • Go back to the main menu and select “Skills”.
  •  Choose “TECH”.
  •  Opt for the “BOOST PACK TRAINING” option.
  •  Level up to “Rank 1” to start using the jetpack.

If you choose the Bounty Hunter or Soldier role when you start the game, you will automatically receive a jetpack.

Starfield Jetpack Ranks

Investing points in the boost pack training skill unlocks its advantages. As you level up, each rank offers unique benefits:

  1. Rank 1: Enables jetpack usage.
  2.  Rank 2: Lowers jetpack fuel consumption.
  3.  Rank 3: Speeds up fuel regeneration time.
  4.  Rank 4: Doubles all previous level bonuses.

These effects are especially noticeable when using the jetpack in areas with low gravity.

What are Starfield Boost Packs

While the Constellation Pack is the first jetpack you can get in the game, there are other types you will encounter as you explore. Here are the four main boost packs:

  1. Basic Boost Pack: Found early in the game, it does not have special features.
  2.  Power Boost Pack: Offers a few strong thrusts.
  3.  Skip-Velocity Boost Pack: It has more thrusts, but they are weaker.
  4.  Balanced Boost Pack: The game’s best jetpack, it combines the strengths of the Power and Skip-Velocity packs.

Being at Level 1 is sufficient for early gameplay. Many players even stick with it for the entire main quest. While perks are nice, they are not crucial. Access to the jetpack and its boosts are the main benefits.

In the game, you will spend a lot of time floating, mainly in low-gravity zones. So, you might not need to level up often as you will not use the boost pack to glide frequently. However, if you fully upgrade the pack, you will get benefits like the ability to fly on certain planets and hover over mountains, obstacles, and foes.


This article on has provided a simple explanation of How to use jetpack starfield. With this knowledge, you can now easily explore the cosmos and make the most of your gameplay experience.

Some Questions

How do I get a jetpack in Starfield?

You can obtain a jetpack by reaching Level 2 in the game, unlocking “Boost Pack Training” in the Tech tree, and advancing through the main story until you join the Constellation.

How do I use a jetpack in Starfield? 

To use a jetpack, press the “Y” on Xbox or the “Space Bar” on PC to equip it. Then, press the same button twice to use the boost pack. Hold the “Jump” button until you reach your desired location or the pack runs out of fuel.

What are the different ranks in Starfield jetpacks? 

There are four ranks in Starfield jetpacks. Each rank provides certain benefits, such as unlocking the ability to use the jetpack, reducing fuel consumption, shortening fuel regeneration time, and multiplying all bonuses from previous levels.



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