Details Of Dragon Type Weakness

Details Of Dragon Type Weakness

DRAGON TYPE WEAKNESSOne of the strongest and most fearsome Pokemon Types to have dominated the franchise is the Dragon Type. This does not imply that Dragon Type Weakness are without flaws. Knowing each Pokemon type’s advantages and disadvantages can help you employ them more effectively in raids and battles.

The Dragon Type Pokemon’s Weakness, Resistances, & Best Counters are the focus of this article. If you’re here to learn more about “DRAGON TYPE WEAKNESS “, continue reading!

Pokemon Dragon Type Weakness

With their outstanding character design and diverse skill set, Dragon Types have gained a special place in the souls of the fans. However, you must also be acutely aware of Dragon Type weakness to take full advantage of their potential. Fear not—we’ll show you the most prevalent Dragon Type Pokemon Weakness in this section.

Ice Type

Compared to Dragon Types, Ice Type attacks have a substantial advantage and can cause double damage. Due to the chilly and cosy environment that Ice Type techniques provide, Dragon Type Pokemon likewise move more slowly. Here are the top 10 Ice Type Pokemon you can use to battle Dragon Types.

Dragon Type

The fact that Dragon Type weaknesses are susceptible to Dragon-Type techniques may come as a little of a surprise. These moves deal twice as much damage to Dragon Types, putting them in a highly vulnerable state. Dragon-type Pokemon battles are frequently quite surprising.

Fairy Type (Pokémon Weakness for Dragons)

Dragon-type Pokemon are also naturally vulnerable to Fairy-type attacks. These attacks readily penetrate the Dragon Type Pokemon defences, dealing double damage.

Pokémon with Dragon Type Resistances

Now that we know its principal vulnerabilities let’s talk about the Dragon Type Pokemon’s resistance. Resistances generally refer to all the Pokemon moves that don’t deal much damage. The Pokemon weakness chart of the Dragon Type can readily resist the set of moves described below.

Type of Fire

Type of Dragon Pokemon have a built-in resistance to Fire Type techniques, so they only deal half the damage they should. Except for Ice, Dragon Types can tolerate elemental-type attacks far better.

Water Type

As mentioned, Water Type Moves are persistent against Elemental Type Pokemon. Yes, Dragon Types are very trustworthy on the battlefield because they can readily survive the Fire & Water Types.

Electric Type

Even the most potent Electric Type attacks cannot defeat Dragon Types. Electric attacks can only provide half of the intended damage against Dragon Type Pokemon because they lack any elemental charges. You can read more about the weaknesses of Pokemon of the Electric type here.

Best Pokémon Counters For Dragon Types

Finally, we’ve narrowed down the Best Counters that are Extremely Powerful Against Dragon Types. You will have a statistical advantage over Dragon Types if you use these Pokemon Types.

Ice Type

The most effective way to combat Dragon Type Pokemon is undoubtedly Ice Type Pokemon. On Dragon Type Pokemon, Ice Type techniques have a 2x damage multiplier, occasionally even more. These assaults hamper the movement of Pokemon of the Dragon Type, and the effectiveness of their attacks is considerably reduced.

Fairy Type

Pokemon of the Fairy kind are excellent Dragon-type defenders. They were mainly included in the competition to counter the potent Dragon-type Pokémon’s double damage.

Dragon Type

Using dragon-type Pokémon in a fight with another dragon Pokémon can be very effective, even though it may appear paradoxical. They can withstand their opponents’ potent Dragon-Type attacks and do twice as much damage.

Steel Type

Dragon-type Pokemon can be successfully repelled by Steel-type Pokemon as well. They may do significant harm via their Steel Type attacks while defending against the potent Dragon-type attacks. Check out our Top 10 Steel-Type Pokemon list to ensure you have the upper hand on any Dragon-Type.

Weaknesses of Fire-Type Pokemon

Since the start of the franchise, Fire Type Pokemon has been unquestionably popular with fans. Pokemon classified as Fire Types belong to the more potent types and are distinguished by their fiery attacks and skill set. However, Fire Types have several restrictions and weaknesses, much like every other Pokemon Type.

The weaknesses, resistances, and best counters for Fire Type Pokemon will all be discussed in this article.

Pokémon with Fire Type Weaknesses

The superior family of Pokemon includes the Fire Types. These powerful creatures are weak to just a handful of Pokemon types. Fire Type Pokemon Weakness must be adequately understood to confront and vanquish them during gameplay effectively.

Ground Type

The moves of the Ground Type are another inherent weakness of a Fiery Fire Type Pokemon. These attacks provide double damage with ease and are incredibly powerful against fire.

Rock Type

Rock Pokemon Typing is yet another mortal Fire Type Pokemon Weakness. The fire types’ defences are easily breached by rock moves, which deal double damage in terms of physical damage yet still deal a lot of physical damage. If you want to discover the Top 10 Rock Pokemon, click here.

Pokémon Fire Type Resistances

Let’s learn about Fire Type Resistances now that we are familiar with the inherent Fire Type Pokemon Weakness. This lists all Pokemon attacks that Fire Types can deftly fend off using their defensive prowess.

Bug Type

The powerful Fire Type Beasts can only take extremely little damage from Bug Type moves. Even the most potent Bug Type strikes can only deal Fire Type Pokemon half of the intended damage.

Steel Type

One of the most vital elemental powers in the Pokemon franchise may be the Steel Type moves. However, Steel Type techniques can only deal half the intended damage because they can’t get past Fire Type creatures’ built-in defence.

Fire Type

The fact that Fire Types have particular resistance to other types may initially appear unimportant, yet it is crucial to know this. Therefore, if you want to improve your odds of winning, there is no use in sending Fire Types up against each other.

Best Electric Type Pokemon

 Since the first games in the Pokemon franchise, fans have been particularly interested in electric-type Pokemon. The most excellent fan favourite, Pikachu, is undoubtedly to blame. There are solid and resilient Pokemon weakness charts within the Electric Type Category, similar to this pocket monster.

Due to their adaptability and versatility on the battlefield, Pokemon of the Electric Type are among the more common Pokemon types. Except for their inherent weakness to Dragon, Grass, Electric, and Ground kinds, Electric Type Pokemon will easily overcome every other type of foe. Because of this, the Electric Type is one of the most powerful Pokemon Types ever

Pokemon with the Best Electric Type

One of the best Pokemon types to use in a battle is the electric kind. Every Pokemon trainer needs at least one powerful Electric Type creature. Particularly when facing Water & Flying Types, these magnificent Pokemon guarantee a significant advantage. Which Electric Type Pokemon were at the top of the queue? We assumed you would be interested. We searched every corner of the Pokedex database to identify the Best Electric Type Pokemon.

Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns is a Paradox Pokemon type that combines the Rock and Electric types. This solid, green-coloured Pokemon looks eerily like Tyranitar. This Pokemon belongs on this list because of its highly potent attack. Aside from this, Iron Thorns’ defence game isn’t too bad, either. Iron Thorns are slow in combat but make up for it with their enormous size. The most significant moves for this strong Pokemon are Tera Blast, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, Wild Charge, & Sword Dance.


The master of special attacks, Manectric, is next on our list of the best Electric Type Pokemon. This little Lightning Wielder’s near-none vulnerability is one of its best qualities. That is correct! Except for moves of the Ground Type, Manectric is immune to all Pokemon types. Manectric, a Discharge Pokemon, might not have powerful attack or defence stats, but it makes up for these shortcomings with excellent Special Attacks & Speed. This Pokemon’s hallmark movies include Flamethrower, Hidden Ice Power, Volt Switch, and ThunderBolt.


The next Pokemon on the list of the best Electric-type Pokemon is Zapdos, a legendary creature. This Pokemon displays a unique skill set, as would be anticipated of any Legendary Pokemon. Zapdos’s Thunderbolt, Discharge, Air Slash, Hidden Power Ice, & Heat Wave are some of its most special attacks. After assuming its Galarian Form, this airborne beast’s already potent skills become even more potent. Zapdos appears like a Flying Pokemon of the Fighting Type with its Galarian Form.


Another legendary Pokemon using a unique Ground Type vulnerability is Raikou. This Pokemon has impressive electric-type moves at its disposal. Raikou can also send shockwaves through the ground, which makes the entire area quiver. This Thunder Pokemon’s most effective attacks are Thunderbolt, Extrasensory, Voltage Switch, & Hidden Power Ice. In addition, Raikou has strong Special Attack and Special Defence, as well as respectable speed. For battle raids, this Pokemon is the ideal Electric Type option.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “DRAGON TYPE WEAKNESS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable. 



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