Best Ps5 Racing Games To Enjoy A Speed Rush

Best Ps5 Racing Games To Enjoy A Speed Rush

 Are you a fan of Playstation games? Or do you love racing games? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, you will surely love the ps5 racing games, which you can enjoy on the latest PlayStation version. 

There are various racing games which you can enjoy on the ps5. What’s fascinatingly amazing is that the new console’s graphics and visual effects will leave you wanting more. 

Best Racing Games

Below we have listed some of the ebay ps5 racing games which you can enjoy on the new sony console:


The WRC 9 has been around for some time and is one of the best racing games which you can enjoy. This is also one of the best racing games on ps4. However, if you truly want to enjoy this game and feel the adrenaline rush, then you must play this game on the new ps5. 

This is a rally game that will push the players to their ability limits. What’s more amazing about the WRC 9 is that the latest version of this game for ps5 has improved graphics, a quick time for loading, and offers a silky smooth 60fps. This version of the game also offers DualSense support. 

Need For Speed Heat

The need for speed heat is one of the best car games which have been released in recent times. Although this is not specifically a ps5 racing game, it supports the ps4 pro, which makes it also an amazing option for ps5 also. 

This game also offers you two versions of it – day and night. In the day version, you race legally for money, and if you win, then you can take a wade of cash home. The day version will have barriers put in place along with lights. While in the night version, you race illegally for the street credit, and there is an added mix of traffic. Oh, and do we forget to tell that in the night version of these racing games, if you create too much ruckus, the police will be chasing you? 

In the game, you can use the money for the day version to upgrade your car for the night version. 

Ride 4

Love bikes? Or do you like to see those mean machines when they just were past you? Well, if yes, then you will surely love ride 4. It is one of the best racing games which you will surely love. 

The first version of this racing game was released last year on the ps4, Xbox, and other pcs. After its release, it was one of the best racing games on ps4. Now the updated version of this game for the ps5 is coming to the market. What’s amazing about this game is that if you own the current version of the game, you get a free upgrade to the latest version. 

One thing which you can be sure of from this game is that it is one of the best bike racing games you can have out there. The graphic and ride options, along with customization options, will make you fall in love with his game. 


The wreck fest is an absolute racing gem. 

If you ever owned the older version of the PlayStation, you must remember the destruction derby games on the original console. Do you? If yes, then you will surely love this modern-day version of the game, which is an excellent Flatout sequel of the game. 

In this game, in most versions, you need to race your opponents. The only change which you will see in this game is that unlike other racing games where slamming your opponent is frowned upon in this game, it is welcomed. In fact, the best way of enjoying this ps5 racing game is to turn the car damage modeling into a realistic way. It makes her even more fraught and tense with danger. 

The damaging, slamming, and racing in this makes it one of the best ps5 racing games. 

Gran Turismo Sport

The latest version of this game, Gran Turismo 7, may be released on the ps5 this year. But till then, why not spend some fun time exploring the various other racing games from the Turismo Sport?

Honestly, the initial version of this game was not that good as it lacked various things like online multiplayer. They also lacked proper content in their games initially. However, the introduction of the new version along with new cars, features, tracks, and that too for free has made this game a racing gem. 

In Short, if you want some of the best ps5 racing games, then Gran Turismo will not let you down. 

F1 2020

The graphic and visual effects, along with the features, have been the reason why this is one of the best card games out there. 

The latest version of the F1 2020 will be released later this year, specifically for the ps5. It is anticipated to have 60fps, DualSense support, and more on offer. Whatever it is, if you want the best racing games, then the F1’s latest version can be the one that will not let you down. The good thing about the latest version is that with ps5’s next-gen support, the framerate of the new console will be steadier than before. 

One amazing thing about this game is that its career mode is so well designed that it can keep you indulged for hours. In short, this is a must-have if you want the best ps5 racing games. 

Final Words

Racing games have been a craze no matter what your age or where you live. The introduction of the new Ps5 racing games with realistic graphics and visual effects have taken the game even a notch up.

However, the problem with this is that there are various racing games available on the PlayStation. Thus choosing the best becomes tough. To help you with this, we have listed some of the best for you in the article above. 

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