How NASCAR Splits The Prize Money?

How NASCAR Splits The Prize Money?

Do you want to know how NASCAR makes money? Let us see how NASCAR payouts per race. The money has to be put up for grabs by someone for the winning prize for the race. The actual prize amount for the NASCAR prize comes from various different places. One best source for the prize money is television rights.

Networks like NBC and FOX don’t broadcast the NASCAR races for free. These channels pay a hefty fee to get the rights for broadcasting the races. The network, in return, makes money from the advertisements. Not all but a fair share of the NASCAR money stays with the NASCAR, the large

How NASCAR makes money?
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amount of the broadcasting fees goes to the race promoters, which is the company that owns the racing tack. About 65 percent of the broadcasting fee is spent on track maintenance and security by the company. 

The small part left is what goes for the prize money of the race. Remaining money comes from the sponsors of the race. The winning driver does not get to pocket all the money. NASCAR keeps the contingency dollars in the pocket. This money is put in by the sponsors of the race. The only way the driver can win this money is if he/she uses the sponsor’s products and displays them on the cars. The sponsor company also offers bonuses during the racing season.

 How much do NASCAR drivers make? How NASCAR Splits The Prize Money?

Winning the race is important for every driver driving in the race. But the prize of the NASCAR is handed in such a way that it is possible for the last race finisher to win more than the 7th place racer. 

The largest share of the prize money goes to the winner. But the prize money gets a little confusing after the first place.

The share of the prize money is handed not only based on when the driver finishes the race but also the products that the team uses. The contingency money is divided based on how well is the team performing this season, how well did the team perform last season, and what type of prize money is the team participating for?

NASCAR races distribute the money to the racers in a different way. The team in the winner’s circle are the ones who were in the top 10 lists of the previous season and includes two wild card positions. The winner

NASCAR Prize Money
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 circle team gets the NASCAR bonus money, irrespective of when they finish the race.

There are several reasons why NASCAR distributes the money in a confusing manner. The primary reason is to make the race exciting every weekend the entire season. This is the reason why NASCAR Winner circle programs are essential. This way, the most talented and popular teams, and drivers will participate in every race. The left out payment plans are to help the teams that have just started with the racing and are rewarded for performing well.




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