How to Play Ultimate Frisbee: Rule and Object of Ultimate

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee: Rule and Object of Ultimate

Are you a sports lover and want to try a new sport? If yes, then Ultimate frisbee is the perfect sport for you. This game requires full-body strength and activeness. Moreover, this game is considered to be one of the most energetic games worldwide. In most countries, it is also known as the “Ultimate,” which might be less of a catchy name to you. But frisbee is a registered trademark, so people call it Ultimate. 


Ultimate is an interesting game which is most popular amongst the youngsters. This fast-paced game is a mixture of two amazing games; American football or football (soccer) and netball. These games require stamina and great energy to play, and Ultimate is also similar to these sports. 


In the U.S, more than five million people are crazy over this game. Moreover, the leagues are also organized in the U.K. and other European countries. 


You can play this amazing game with your family and friends. If you have kids, this is a suitable game to play outdoors in your backyard area. Moreover, it will build the physical strength of your kids. 


Now you must be thinking about how you can play the Ultimate frisbee game. Well here, this article will help you to get all the necessary information about the game. Continue reading this article carefully to learn the objects and rules of Ultimate. 


Origin of Ultimate Frisbee


There are many controversies regarding the name frisbee and multiple reports about the variations in the name. However, reports show that an agreed version of the name came from the Frisbie Baking Company. College students used the metal pie tins of that company to play in the 1920s. Later on, Walter Morrison invented the plastic version with advanced aero-dynamic in 1948. 


The Ultimate is invented by the students of Columbia High School in 1967. Later in 1979, the Ultimate Association, currently known as USA Ultimate, was developed. Initially, the sport was played in a relaxed way, and it was a fun family sport only. Moreover, with time Ultimate frisbee has involved better athletes and rules in the game. 


Objects of Ultimate Frisbee 


Ultimate’s main objective is to pass around the durable flying disc to your team player who is standing on the other end. While performing this, you can score the goal. Similar to American football and Rugby, the goal end of the Ultimate also lasts to 18m. Moreover, the scoring zones of Ultimate are too similar to Rugby and football. 


The win deciding criteria is quite simple in this game. The team who scores the specific number of goals in the given time will win the game or the team that scores the maximum number of goals in the given period. 


Players and Equipment


The biggest advantage of this Ultimate frisbee is that only a few pieces of equipment are needed. You do not need to make many adjustments to play this sport. All you need is an inexpensive flying disc and a flat open space suitable to play this simple game. 


Ultimate frisbee is an amazing game that is played between two teams of seven players in each. All the players have to coordinate with each other to grab the flying disc from the opponent’s team members. Moreover, you have to mark the ending points to score the game points, and here you go! 


It will be best if you have a 100m long ground to easily adjust the endzones of 18m deep on the ground. If you do not have such a big ground, you can adjust the end marks according to your land sizes. Moreover, for kids, you can make your small backyard area the Ultimate playing ground area. You only need a flying disc for kids, and there are a wide variety of discs designed especially for kids. 



The procedure of scoring points in this game is easy but difficult while playing the game practically. You have to pass over the disc to one of your players standing on the end zone through the air. The other player acts as a mediator to pass the disc to the end zone player. 


This way, you can score points in this game, and there are no other difficult ways to get the points. Simplicity is the best part of the Ultimate frisbee. 


Winning the Game

Generally, the Ultimate sport is played between two teams to score at least 15 or 17 points. 15 is the base score number. Moreover, the teams can decide the number of scoring points according to their preference. 


Most of the time, the game is played in two rounds of 15 minutes each with a half time break of five minutes in both rounds. You have to keep up your energy and spirit till the end of the game. In the end, the team with the maximum number of goals wins the game.


Ultimate Frisbee Rules

The Ultimate sport is an interesting game with simple rules. Once you learn how to play this amazing sport, you will love it. The charm of this game is on another level all over the world. So here are some of the basic ultimate frisbee rules which will help you to play Ultimate frisbee. 


  • The Ultimate frisbee match begins with a “drag,” The one side throws the disc to the other side to score the points. 


  • When players have the disc in their hand, they can not run by holding the disc in hand. Moreover, they have to stop as soon as they get the disc, but they can rotate on one leg to throw the disc. 


  • If you pass the disc and it lands on the floor, it is counted as a point for your opponent team. When the disc lands on the floor, it is against the custody rules, so the other team gets a scoring point. 


  • When players get the disc in their hand, they have to pass on the disc within 10 seconds. The opponent team will get a scoring point if you will not pass the disc in a given time.


  • When the disc reaches the defender, then it counts as a scoring point. 


  • The frisbee game is a non-contact sport in which the defenders have to stand three meters apart from the disc holding player. 


  • The substitute players are not allowed in Ultimate frisbee. Moreover, after a goal gets scored, it is strictly not allowed to add a substitute. If a player gets injured or has some issues, a team can add a substitute player only once. 


Final Words


Ultimate frisbee is a self-precise and highly active sport. You require good strength and spirit to play this amazing game. The Ultimate is popular in America, and you can also attend the league matches of this sport. Moreover, the game is so simple that you can make an area separate to play this game. It is a kids-friendly game, so you can also play it with your kids. As you know, all the necessary facts about the game, so pack your kit and start playing it. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 



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