9 Best Need For Speed Game For PC Xbox And PlayStation

9 Best Need For Speed Game For PC Xbox And PlayStation

Need for Speed (NFS) has been present ever since 1994, introducing itself as one of the most emblematic and important racing video game lists of all time. In this article, you will see some of the best need for speed games, which have mutated in several ways since the beginning. However, it always remained true to its core, giving an arcade experience with a diverse focus on the police chases, customization, and many more.


This article looks at the best entries in the franchise which are available today. Several past entries are dismally not available on new platforms. It is unsure whether some of them will be included in Xbox Ones behind compatible games in the future. Moreover, the catalog was missing and separated some old treasures such as NFS: Most Wanted (2005) and NFS: Underground 2. There is still an awe-inspiring selection that is forced to appeal to everyone.


Need For Speed No Limits


If you are wondering whether or not you could take NFS with you on the go, well, the answer is, at present, there are no NFS ports for Switch. However, whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can give this game a try. No limit’s scale is surprisingly huge considering the game’s format, and there are several cars and events to unlock, which keep them feeling fresh. 


So be ready to face the pay to win nature around the microtransaction, particularly against other gamers online. However, you can still make the most out of the lunch breaks to gradually grow through regardless.


Need For Speed Undercover


Electronic Arts (EA) black-box released one of the unique  Need For Speed game (NFS) in 2008. It was the first game to introduce an open-world context to the series. However, it is also intertwined with a massive focus on the story. 


As you play the game as an undercover cop who gradually goes through a rank of the international crime syndicate. This game is very cheesy and far from the charm of the Fast and Furious movie, but it is more than worth the time for scratching which cop pursuing cravings.


Need For Speed Payback


In 2017, EA Ghost Gamers presented NFS Payback, displaying an amazing mix of ideas that were pushed back by some lightly slow features. In this game, you will get a huge map to roam around using the vast choice of vehicles, collecting medals, and performing stunts in the way. 


Moreover, the cars is bound to categories that represent race types, from off-road to drag, and performance upgrades are all bound to slot machines and collectible cards with RNG elements. But, NFS Payback still presents the best racing game, which is highly focused on giving an arcade feel to constant attention to the progression.


Need For Speed (2015)


The set reboot created by Ghost Gamers came close to accomplishing the atmosphere everyone loves from NFS: Underground 2. This game was met with general review essentially because of the basic requirements to always be online, even if you were just playing the main, live action-based story. 


However, car customization is truly shining, and it was the first Need for Speed game to display the graphical potential of Electronic Arts’ Frostbite. The game is straightforward and short enough to create a small package that does not overstay its welcome. Also, this game can spark some further longevity in the backlog thanks to the multiplayer.


Need For Speed: Shift


This game was developed by slightly mad studios, NFS Shift as the name refers to the change of direction compared to other NFS games. While it is not quite the full simulation racing game, it is by far the closest. This game has a huge focus on giving the in-depth HUD, with the possibility of giving you complete customization over the cars. If you want to take a break from arcade mode, then you play other modes in this game.


NFS Shift 2: Unleashed


This game changes towards the far more realistic driving connected over more than 100 licensed cars to drive and extensive customization. Driving in the first person can be considered an important feature, increasing each impact that the car gets, and creating the HUD seems real. There is also a huge focus on the career in-game as you participate in the hunt, endurance races, engage in the world, and customizing retro cars as you see fit.


Need For Speed Rivals


Criterion Software developed this game in 2013. The tricky entry in the series focuses on erasing the line between single and multiplayer by making a seamless online world. In the game, you are constantly on the edge of the seats due to one of the most destructive and smart AI police. 


The police use all kinds of tools to take you down. As a racer, you will be on your own in the field; however, as a cop, you will band in teams to make great pursuit in the racing games.


Need For Speed Heat


Ghost Games developed the Need for Speed Heat, and it was released in late 2019. It is one of the latest games in the series and certainly one that respects NFS’s set roots. The biggest highlight is the possibility of night and day races that have their own conditions and rules. 


Driving in the sunlight will let you stand with racers with toe to toe in official tournaments. It will allow you to compete in the illegal encounters at the time of night, with the police chase, which can be really brutal fast. There is also customization for both the cars and the avatar and a huge open-world map to travel.


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit


This game was developed by Criterion Games, and it is known for the Burnout series. NFS Hot Pursuit looks away from car customization and live-action cutscene. In this game, you have a set of races and overworld which appears over time. The aim is to give fast-paced races either as a cop or as a racer, performing challenges and bounties; also, you can compare yourself with other players where they stand. If you are only grabbing the fast car and driving on the highway at top speed, then this entry is just for you. Also, it is the best Need for Speed game you can play.


Final Words


Some of the best Need for Speed game franchise’s legacy exists on a shaky foot, even for the most dedicated fans. Need for Speed Carbon released in 2006, and other successive NFS titles have fought to live up to the earlier games appeal. Recent games like Most Wanted and Rivals left fans looking back and wanting more. 

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