Best MMA Fighters Of All Time

Best MMA Fighters Of All Time

It takes a lot of time to become one of the best of all time in anything. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of them; your talent and luck push you towards great success. Many fighters are competing with each other to become the greatest. Moreover, MMA fights are considered to be the deadliest and most interesting fights. The best MMA fighters of all time have put this championship to another level. 


Gone are the days when MMA fights were played underground, but today the big championship tournaments organize these fights. The MMA championship board invites the great fighters of MMA, and each year large numbers of fighters take part in these tournaments. However, only a few fighters can be on the tournament list because of tough competition. In terms of competition, this sport is perfect where the best fighters compete genuinely to win. 


There are dozens of mixed martial fighters, including both underground and professional fighters. These fighters practice hard to become the strongest . Moreover, the fighters need to understand MMA rules, build both physical and mental strength to fight in this sport. To know more about this sport and the best MMA fighters of all time, read this full article. 


Top MMA fighters

Conor McGregor

Organization and Weight Category: UFC & Welterweight

Nationality and Spirit: Irish & Striker


Conor McGregor is one of the best MMA fighters of all-time in striking. He won 22 different fights, 19 KOs, two decisions, and one sub. However, he lost only four submission fights in MMA. Conor McGregor is one of the biggest fighter in the history of Mixed Martial Arts (Source).


Rank: McGregor has achieved great success in mixed martial arts, as he is one of the two-weight world champions. In his career, he has topped the two different divisions simultaneously because he defeated Jose Aldo in 2015 and Eddie Alvarez in 2016. His tremendous win over these two fighters continuously helped in topping the list. 


Conor has won the deadliest and dominant Fight against Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds. Alvarez and these Fights were some of his best fights in 2016, and then he didn’t win any other great fights. However, he tried to hunt big fights but did not achieve success in fights anymore. He was earlier known as the “cowboy,” and he could take himself far, but he stopped. 


Jorge Masvidal

Organization & Weight category: UFC & Welterweight

Nationality & Spirit: American & Striker 


Masvidal is one of the best MMA fighters of all time with a stunning, striking rate in his fights. In his fighting career, he won 35 fights, 16 KOs, 17 decisions, and two submissions. He lost 13 fights in the cage, 1 KO, ten decisions, two submissions. 


Rank: Back in 2017, he lost back-to-back fights against Stephen Thompson and Demian Maia. These fights could have affected him so much, but he stood strong with great energy and hit the ring hard. He returned with the wow factor and hat-trick in the showcase fight in 2019. 


Masvidal chunked-up Darren Till in London, out-rushed Nate Diaz, and knocked out Ben Askren with his flying knee in just five seconds. Moreover, he became the baddies fighter in the MMA industry by the end of 2019.


Now he is the biggest competitor against the current champion Kamaru Usman. The next deadly match between these two fighters will be nothing less than a nightmare style match. 


Alexander Volkanovski

Organization and Weight category: UFC & Featherweight

Nationality & Spirit: Australian & Striker


Volkanovski is one of the dangerous and best MMA fighters of all time. In his fighting career, he won 21 MMA matches: 11 KOs, seven decisions, three submissions. He lost only one KO fight in his entire fighting career. 


Rank: Do you know why he is the most dangerous fighter? Volkanovski was an unstoppable fighting machine in his MMA career. He won back-to-back 18 fights in a row.


His recent victories helped him to achieve success and fame in the mixed martial arts career. However, he is also very popular among people all over the world. 


Volkanovski defeated great American wrestler Chad Mendes, finished Max Halloway, and chucked-out the Brazillian Veteran Jose Aldo to win the UFC featherweight championship title. He defeated all these fighters last December. 


Israel Adesanya

Organization and Weight category: UFC & Middleweight 

Nationality & Spirit: Nigerian-born New Zealand & Striker


Adesanya is unbeaten and one of the best MMA fighters of all time. He is still unbeaten in his fighting career. Moreover, Israel won 18 fights, 14 KOs, and four decisions in the mixed martial art fights. 


Rank: Israel Adesanya made his UFC debut in 2018, and before that, he was competing in kickboxing shows. When he started fighting from UFC, he achieved great heights, which resulted in him winning the UFC middleweight championship a year later. Now he is practicing to be on the top of the list. 


He is known as the beastly man when defining his personality. A normal person can not fight as he does. This man’s power and stamina is just another level. He smoothly won the matches and lit-up the division on a clear path to be on top. 


Adesanya can be the light heavyweight championship king if he books himself around with the current champion Jon Jones and wins. He always represented MMA in a great way in his every Fight. 


Douglas Lima

Organization and Weight category: Bellator MMA & Welterweight

Nationality & Spirit: Brazillian jiu-jitsu Black belt & Muay Thai expert


Douglas is one of the best MMA fighters of all time with a unique fighting spirit. With his Thai fighting techniques, he has won 32 fights, 14 KOs, six decisions, and 12 submissions. However, he also lost seven fights, 1 KO, five decisions, one submission in his entire fighting career. 


Rank: If you are a soft-hearted person, do not watch him fight. I repeat, do not! Every new fighter gets afraid to share the cage with Douglas. He can easily break you tight with a leg kick within a second and will kick you badly. The fighters cry in pain until they get a wheelchair to the hospital. 


If you ever wish to see a man with a devil inside it, share the cage with him once. Douglas is a three-time Bellator welterweight champion and one of the most highlighted top MMA fighters these days. Moreover, to become the king of the vacant middleweight, he challenged Gegard Mousasi also. 


Tony Ferguson

Organization and Weight category: UFC & Welterweight 

Nationality & Spirit: American Wrestler & Boxer


Tony is one of the most versatile fighters of MMA. He has won a total of 25 fights: 12 KOs, five decisions, and eight submissions. Along with 3 defeats, he lost some matches also: 2 decisions and one submission in his entire fighting career. 


Rank: This unstoppable beast has won 12 fights in a row against the top tier opponents of mixed martial arts. Moreover, he also produced Fight of the Night type classics. The actions and punches of Tony are unpredictable and unique.


If you are closed in a cage with Tony, he can easily open cuts with blood all over your face until the face gets unrecognizable. 


Demetrious Johnson 

Organization and Weight category: ONE championship & Flyweight 

Nationality & Spirit: American & Wrestler


Johnson is also one of the best MMA fighters who played in MMA fights like a king. In his fighting career, he won 30 fights, 5 KOs, 13 decisions, 12 submissions. However, he also lost three fights; 3 decisions in his fighting journey. 


Rank: Johnson is considered as one of the best athletes and a dominant fighter in MMA since 2010. He started his fighting career from a very young age and also fought in many tournaments. He won a total of 11 title defenses of his UFC flyweight belt like a winning machine. Johnson has defeated many great fighters like; Kyoji Horiguchi, Joseph Benavidez, and the great Henry Cejudo during his winning streak. 


Then a turning point came in his life when Cejudo defeated him in a rematch in 2018. After the Fight, Johnson slipped from the MMA championships and joined the ONE championship. It is a Singapore based MMA firm where he started his winning journey with three winning fights. 


Khabib Nurmagomedov 

Organization and Weigh: UFC & Lightweight

Nationality & Spirit: Russian & Wrestler


Khabib is the top fighter in the list of MMA fighters. He ranks first if we talk about the best MMA fighters of all time. He has 28 wins, 8 KOs, ten decisions, and ten submissions in his fighting career. He is unbeatable and never loses a fight in his MMA fighting career. 


Rank: Khabib is a pound-for-pound No.1 athlete in all MMA. He is nothing less than an unstoppable fighting beast. Khabib is still unbeatable with 28 wins as he smashes out his opponents and doesn’t let them win any of the rounds. 


He has lost only one round in his entire MMA career, arguably in the third round against Conor McGregor. But still, he won the Fight and dropped him in the fourth round, and during the fight, they had a conflict, but that was not too serious. 


Khabib is going to justify his UFC title against Tony Ferguson in the most significant championship of history. If he wins the fight, he will prove that he is the best and one of the top MMA fighters. 


Final Words

MMA fights are the most interesting fights in the world, and people are crazy over these fights. Many street fighters compete in fighting in MMA tournaments. You can surely book the ticket for the next stunning Fight between the great MMA fighters of all time. Moreover, the fun and excitement of these fights are worth watching. Now that you know about the best MMA fighters of all time, go and support your favorite fighter. 


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