Is Rust Cross-Platform? Let’s Find Out

Is Rust Cross-Platform? Let’s Find Out

Is Rust Cross-Platform – Video game developer Facepunch Studios created the multiplayer survival title Rust, which was first made available in early access in December 2013. In February 2018, for Windows and macOS, the game finally received a complete release following a highly successful early access phase on Steam. Facepunch Studios also made the game available on consoles, debuting for both Xbox and Playstation on May 21st, 2021. 

After a few more successful years, the game was also made available on consoles. Over 12 million copies of the video game Rust have been sold globally, making it one of the most well-liked games ever. But is Rust cross-platform? Let’s find out. 

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of multiplayer survival games. Rust primarily aims to use stolen or acquired resources to survive in the woods. Players must continually fend off aggressive creatures and rival players while managing their thirst, hunger, and health. Many gamers would like to know if they can play with or against their friends on other platforms because this game heavily emphasises PvP warfare. Rust is cross-platform, then.

Unfortunately, console and PC crossplay for Rust is not supported. PC players can only compete with other players that use the same platform. While this is unpleasant for individuals who want to play with their friends, it may be for the best, as players with a mouse or keyboard have a distinct advantage over those using a gamepad.

As mentioned, those that use a keyboard and mouse would be miles ahead of anyone playing with a controller. Building and warfare can both be done much more efficiently on a PC; therefore, it is best if console players and PC players are kept apart to make the game exciting and competitive play for players.

Additionally, with the release of the Rust Console Edition in May 2021, Facepunch Studios has followed a different development roadmap from the one used for the PC version. The game’s optimisation for console play and the ongoing addition of additional features are efforts by the creators to enhance the user experience.

Some fans believe the decision to forbid PC crossplay for Rust was not made with the players’ best interests in mind. Many console players are eager to engage in competitive online combat with their PC pals, even if it means playing against more experienced players. 

Many games, like Dead by Daylight, offer a crossplay toggle on/off option that lets players decide whether or not they want to play with and against other platform users. Although many players believe this might be a good option for Rust in the future, it appears unlikely. 


Yes, Rust supports both cross-play and cross-progression. So the idea of rust cross-platform should be clear. Your game data, items, and progress will transfer if you play on a different device. For instance, your progress will be preserved if you transition from your PS4 to a PS5.

This should have answered the question, “Is Rust Cross platform?” Although console players can participate in crossplay with Rust, many will be disappointed that they cannot do the same with their PC buddies. 

Try Ark: Survival Evolved if you’re searching for an alternative way to play a comparable multiplayer-only survival game with your buddies across several platforms. In contrast to Rust, Ark Survival cross-platform supports all of them and enables console players to play with their PC buddies. 

Alternatively, you may find the ideal Rust settings here if you’re seeking alternative ways to enhance your experience with Rust.



The most popular games allow complete cross-platform compatibility, as seen with some of the other best crossplay games, such as Minecraft cross-platform. Sadly, Rust’s crossplay is quite different in this regard.

Rust is cross-platform, then. Yes, Xbox and PlayStation users can play Rust together. So you can easily play with your buddies with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X if you’re using a Sony console like the PS4 or PS5.

  • WILL RUST WORK ON PC AND CROSS-PLATFORM? Is rust cross-platform? 

Facepunch Studios has not stated as of the time of writing this that they want to include PC play into its Rust crossplay system, and they most likely won’t be doing so anytime soon for various reasons.

  • What is DayZ crossplay? 

DayZ crossplay, which does not even permit crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation, is at least inferior to Rust crossplay, and the creators still need to plan to implement a crossplay feature.



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