Explained: All The Nitty Witty About Chess Boxing

Explained: All The Nitty Witty About Chess Boxing

We all have played or at least heard about the mind-wobbling game of chess. But, have you heard about chess boxing? Maybe you have. 


Chess boxing is a game that is a mix of the popular mind game chess and our all-time favorite, boxing. It’s a type of game that has been in operation since 1992 and is a kind of sport that requires both brawn and brain. 


The game of chess boxing is an amazing kind of sport as it requires a player to implement mind and skills with physical strength at the same time. The article will explain all about this fantastic game, including its rules and scoring method. 



Chess and boxing have been two popular sports among the folks for centuries. The idea of chess boxing first originated in the mind of a french artist who thought of mixing these two sports. 


Later for the first time in 1992, the chess boxing sport was invented by Enki Bilal, who was a French artist. The artist thought up this idea of the sports for his comic book name ‘Froid Equateur.’ 


However, it took nearly a decade for the sports to appear in the real world and its first match to be conducted. In 2003 its first official match of chess boxing was held in Berlin. 


Today the sports of chess boxing have become very popular, and its players can be found worldwide. 


Objective Of The Game

Chess boxing is like any other sport where you need to defeat your opponent. One thing which is different in this game is that you can beat your opponent in any of the two disciples – chess or boxing games. 


A player has the option to beat the opponent in alternate rounds of boxing games or chess. Thus, matches in chess boxing can be won in the disciple, whether the chess comes to checkmate or boxing comes to either points or stoppage. 


The good thing about this game is that you have the option of defeating and scoring through any of the disciples. It helps in the development of physical as well as mental strength and skill of the players. 


Player And Chess Boxing Equipment

The players in this game go head to head with each other, beginning with a five-minute chess round. After the first round of chess, players go for the boxing match in the ring. The boxing match in this game lasts for three minutes. Later they return to the chess table after the boxing match. 


The chess boxing matches consist of 11 rounds in total. Out of the 111 rounds, six are for chess, and five are for boxing. There is an interval of one minute between each round giving time to players to cool off.


For boxing matches, each player has a pair of gloves, which they need to remove when going for a chess round. The players are also given headphones to avoid any disturbances or advice from the audiences. 


The chess side of chess boxing is played on a 12-minute clock. Thus it is a type of ‘speed chess.’ The speed round in chess helps the player to keep up with the game and not go stale after a boxing round.


The game officials also have an option to force the player for a move in the chess round. This is done only in cases where the officials feel that a player is stalling in the chess game. Such powers are not given to the official s in the boxing game rounds. 


Common Pieces Of Equipment

  • Boxing gloves
  • Chessboard
  • Chess clocks
  • Boxing equipment like head protection gear. 
  • Headphones


These are some of the chess and boxing equipment you will need for the chess boxing gameplay.


Chess Boxing Scoring

The win and scoring in the boxing rounds are per the normal point rules of boxing. Unless the game of chess has seen a conclusion, the game will go on to counting the points of boxing games. However, it is very rare in chess boxing sports to see the conclusion of the chess game. 


In an event where the boxing games are a draw, then the win goes to the players who are playing the black pieces of the chess. In this way, boxing scoring is generally what decides the points. 


Winning The Game

To win a round in chess boxing, either you have to gain a checkmate, or you receive a withdrawal in the chess game. Whereas in the boxing rounds, you can win on the points or knock out your opponents in the boxing games. 


If a chess match is a draw, you can win on the boxing round points in this game. 


Rules Of Chess Boxing

  • Players in this sport must not waste time playing the chess rounds. If an official or the referee feels that a player is wasting time deliberately, then they can levy a penalty of 10 seconds on the player. Once the penalty is levied, the player has to make a move within 10 seconds. 
  • For a better chance and winning and for plating, a player must have knowledge of both chess and boxing games.
  • To compete in chess, boxing players must have a rating of 1800 or more in chess. 
  • Players in this game can win through any of the game disciples, boxing, or chess. 
  • Before announcing the winner of the game, six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing need to be completed. This is done unless the contesting in the game is stopped with a previous round winner. 
  • Players in chess boxing must also follow all the ethical and boxing rules, which are compulsory in normal games of chess and boxing. Failing to comply with these rules may also lead to a penalty or even disqualification. However, disqualification is rare in this game. 


Final Words

You must have heard about hybrid sports, don’t you? Well, chess boxing is also a kind of hybrid sport which is very popular among the folks of various countries. 


Since its invention, this game has been very popular in countries like England, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, France, and Japan. In recent years it is also gaining fame as fun and skill needing game in the USA. 


What are your thoughts on hybrid sports, especially chess boxing? Please do let us know in the comment box. 


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