Backyard Baseball is an excellent video game where you can make your own baseball player. Join a lively local baseball tournament with power-ups and other features to make the game exciting. There is a lot that you should know about the backyard baseball; have a look:

More about Backyard Baseball

Fun Playground:

Picture a game where players play because they love it, not for big money. No contracts, just play. It’s a game where everyone joins in. Imagine a game like it was when you were a kid, with the innocence and joy of youth. 

That is Backyard Baseball for you. It takes you back to the days when baseball was just a game, and teams were made up on the spot with kids from the neighbourhood.

Real Playtime

Humongous Entertainment went back in time to gather all those baseball memories from childhood and turn them into this game. It has got everything that makes those memories real – from kids teasing the pitcher to a child using an asthma inhaler. 

Remember when you picked teams, choosing players individually until only the not-so-good ones were left? Or when you chose someone’s little brother just because his big brother was a good player? It is all here. They did not miss a thing.

Players can pick fields like the sandlot, the city parking lot, and the rich kid’s backyard. Pitchers throw funky pitches like the “Elevator” and the “Crazy Ball.” Background sounds and teasing from the other team make the atmosphere so real you can almost smell it.

Swinging and Missing:

The game has all the things you need to play. Pitchers decide what kind of pitch to throw and where to throw it. Hitters swing at the ball and can even see where it is good to hit.

Fielding is as easy as clicking where you want to throw the ball, and running is just clicking in the direction you want the runner to go. Everything is here, and it is all simple for kids. 

The speed is slow but not too fast for children. Every batter has their own personality – like the boy who hops to the plate or the girl who says, “I’m really into tennis, anyway” when she misses. I was super impressed with all the details about each character.

How to Play

You only need a keyboard to play. Look at the controller buttons to know which keys to use. For example, if the game says “A,” press the “Z” key on your keyboard. You can also pick keys that you like for the game.

Hit the Save button to get the code and save your Backyard Baseball game on your computer. When you want to continue playing from where you stopped, click the Upload button and choose the save code from your PC.

Some Questions

When did backyard baseball first come out?

It was released in October 1997 for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Later, you could play it on Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Wii, and iOS.

How do you move bases in backyard baseball?

Easy! Hold R and press the button for the runner to steal (right for First, Up for Second Base, and left for Third Base). When the pitcher throws the ball, the runner moves.

Who plays in Backyard Baseball 2010?

In Backyard Baseball ’10, you get to play with or against other pro players who appear as kids in full uniforms. This includes stars from all 30 MLB teams, like Ken Griffey Jr., Ichiro, Vladimir Guerrero, Albert Pujols, Alfonso Soriano, and Ryan Howard.

Which is the oldest Baseball photo?

The oldest baseball photo, called “New Milford,” was taken in August 1869 during the first Gunnery alumni reunion. It is believed to be the earliest photo of a baseball game.

How to get bases by the players

A batter gets one total base for a single, two for a double, three for a triple, and four for a home run. These total bases help determine a player’s slugging percentage, which is total bases divided by at-bats. Players can only increase their total bases through hits.


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