Why do baseball players chew gum

Why do baseball players chew gum

Have you ever wondered why do baseball players chew gum? Lots of them do it, and there are reasons behind this. Want to know the history? Keep reading:

History of the baseball chew gum

Back in the old days of baseball, players chewed tobacco to spit out saliva and get rid of dust in their mouths. However, in 1977, Rob Nelson made Big League Chew gum as a non-tobacco option. It started in 1980 and has sold a whopping 800 million pouches.

Why do big baseball players chew gum? Well, in 2016, the MLB said no to chewing tobacco because it is not so healthy. Gum became the new thing. The rule is for everyone: fans, workers, and players, and some stadiums do not allow tobacco at all.

People on the internet might think it is just a weird habit, but players have their reasons. It is like a part of their culture, and some believe in good luck. So, why the gum-chewing? Let us dive into the reasons. Let;s know the traditional reason of why do baseball players chew gum:

Traditional reasons

Why do all baseball players love chewing gum? It has been linked to baseball for a long time. Players probably picked it up from the ones before them, mostly because baseball is super popular in America.

Stay sharp and focused

In baseball, you need to concentrate and make quick decisions while playing. Chewing gum helps athletes stay awake by boosting blood flow and brain activity. This helps them stay focused and make better decisions on the field.

Chewing gum also makes the heart beat better and keeps blood pressure in check. This helps players and coaches think well and make good choices, especially when things get stressful.

Stops mouth from drying and gets rid of dust taste

Ever wonder why baseball players chew gum during games? Baseball fields can be dry and dusty, and players end up with dust in their mouths. They shout instructions, making their mouths dry because they do not drink water a lot. 

Chewing gum helps avoid feeling tired and having a dry mouth, which makes them lose more water. Gum also keeps saliva flowing, so their mouths stay wet.

Calms down nerves and stress

Have you ever noticed baseball players chewing a lot of gum? Sometimes, you see pink spots on the field during games. Players and coaches want to handle their stress while playing so they can stay focused and make good choices. 

Chewing boosts blood flow to the brain and makes adrenal glands release cortisol, a hormone that fights stress.

Bubble fun

Like many gum fans, players love blowing bubbles, and sometimes they have a contest for the biggest one. Some popular gum brands for baseball players are:


  • Bubblicious
  • Bubble Yum
  • Quench Gum
  • Dubble Bubble Original Bubble Gum
  • Hubba Bubba

Apart from bubble gum, players also munch on sunflower seeds. It helps clean out dirt and keeps them hydrated. Peanuts and pistachios are other choices, too.

Superstitious reasons

Some players think chewing gum brings good luck, so they do it for superstitious reasons. Take Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees, for instance. He chews two pieces of Dubble Bubble before his first time up to bat and pops in a fresh one for the next. Other players believe gum brings them luck, too.

Keeping track of outs

To remember how many outs there are, some players chew gum. They spit out their old gum and get a new piece for each out. They count the pieces to know the outs in the game.

Why baseball players chew gum and spit?

Apart from chewing, you often see baseball players spitting. Before they said no to tobacco, players would spit out sunflower seeds. Some spit out of habit, while others do it to feel better when their mouths get dry. Also, the gum they chew gathers dirt, so they spit it out. Some experts say spitting helps players stay relaxed and calm.

Why baseball players chew gum might not be easy to figure out. However, it is tied to mental, physical, and superstitious stuff and seems like it is here to stay. Even if some people do not like gum-chewing, players and coaches get good things from it.

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People May Ask

Why do baseball players chew gum and spit?

Players did it to get more spit on the dusty field and then used it to moisten their gloves. However, in the 1960s, people found out how risky chewing tobacco is, so some players picked up different habits.

Why do players chew gum while playing?

Chewing gum makes your mouth produce saliva, which has enzymes to break down food. Since saliva is mostly water, it stops your mouth from getting dry and keeps it wet. This helps players control their water levels during a game.

Can baseball players chew gum in games?

In MLB games, players can chew gum in the dugout, but smoking and using tobacco are big no-nos.

Why is chewing tobacco popular in baseball?

Some thought chewing tobacco helped with focus and performance and was less harmful than smoking. However, that idea was wrong, and tobacco is not a good choice.


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