The Helltaker Characters Make the Game

If you have been hanging out on social media or playing games on Steam, you might have seen an indie game getting popular. It’s called Helltaker, made by Lukasz Piskorz. The game is gaining attention because of its tricky puzzles and because Helltaker characters are super likeable. Also, the game’s overall vibe is all about creating a positive group of friends.

Helltaker is a simple game with a clear goal. The main Helltaker character wants a group of demon ladies with him. How? By going to Hell, talking to them, and convincing them to come to the surface. If things get tough, mention that you’re good at making pancakes.

To reach them, you solve puzzles. When you find a demon, chat with them. If you give the right answers, they join you. However, be careful – wrong answers can lead to bad things, like getting hurt or dying.

The Helltaker characters drawings grab your attention right away. Piskorz’s designs are simple but really expressive. They show the Helltaker characters’ personalities well, even when not moving. For example, Modeus, the Lustful Demon, looks cute with heart-shaped eyes and a constant blush.

Cerberus, a trio of puppy-like demons, gives off a happy vibe with lively poses and expressive faces. Justice, the Awesome Demon, looks super cool with sunglasses, a confident smile, and a jacket over her suit.

The colours, mostly red and black, give an intense feel, especially when contrasting with a heroine who looks completely different. Altogether, it is a stylish and eye-catching design.

In the game, you get to know each Helltaker characters’ personality more. It is a short game with little talking, but even the short talks say a bunch. For instance, when you first go to Hell, you meet Pandemonica, the Tired Demon.

She is super tired and just working. If you decide to give her coffee, she will like it and join your group. With Modeus, the first talk is short. She says, “You and me. Now.” It shows she gets straight to the point. However, if you pick the right answer, you see her excited and happy side.

Even though the talks are short, they tell a lot about a person’s personality and how they generally act.

You will only hear a little from your new friends if you ask for help with a puzzle. If you do, give Pandemonica a 10 for her efforts after the first one, just for fun.

Even if you do not need help, asking lets you learn more about the game’s mechanics from the Helltaker characters. You also get to hear what they think about the other demons. It is another way of explaining things in a fun and friendly manner.

Note: This part talks about the end of Helltaker, so there are spoilers.

What is really cool about Helltaker is how it changes up the idea of harems at the end. The main Helltaker character is gathering these demon ladies, and it seems like he is flirting with them in the choices, but in the end, it feels more like a friendly comedy. 

When you are chatting with your new pals, it is all really respectful and friendly. You can see everyone getting along, making it one of the more positive harems I have seen. We get to see how they all adjust to each other, and well, everyone turns out just fine.

What really makes Helltaker interesting is its characters. Even though we spent a short time with them, they were all likeable and charming. The drawings of the characters are fantastic, and their personalities are well-rounded, even with not a lot of talking. They are some of the friendliest demons you could meet.

Even if things do not go well in the end, it is not too bad because it can be funny and show another side of their personality. It is a well-made game that’s fun and does not waste your time.

Some Questions

Does Helltaker tell a story?

Beelzebub narrates the plot, following the player character known as “The Helltaker,” on a journey to Hell to build a demon harem.

Who is the sleepy demon in Helltaker?

Cerberus is the third demon encountered in Helltaker. Despite having three bodies, only one soul controls them, and they are known as “The Triple Demon.”

What is Judgement Helltaker characters like?

As The High Prosecutor, Judgement is a demon who punishes those causing trouble in Hell, including the Helltaker. She shows a sadistic and sadomasochistic side, fully dedicated to her job.


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