American football: Rules, Positions and everything else About The Dynamic Game

American football: Rules, Positions and everything else About The Dynamic Game

The crown goes to American football when it comes to the biggest sports in North America. The American football rules are something that makes the game different from regular soccer. 


However, like soccer, American football rules are something that not many people know. However, it is a very fun and dynamic game that has a large fan base throughout North America and is played worldwide. The professional leagues, like the famous NFL, attract the best players from all over the world. This participation at a large scale in this game makes it one of the most competitive league games.  


In the article, we will decipher all the aspects of this game, including its rules, positions, and more. 


Objective Of The Game

The main objective of American football is not much different from other team games. In it, teams have to score more goals than the opponent team in an allotted time frame. 


For achieving this, the teams in the game should play according to the American football rules. The team must get the ball moving downward on the pitching phases, eventually getting the ball into the ‘end zone’ for a touchdown. American football players can do this by either running with the ball or by throwing it towards a teammate to accomplish the task. 


According to the American football rules, each team gets four chances for moving forward the ball 10 yards. Once a team accomplishes this task, the down resets, and they again try to move the ball forward for 10 yards. If the teams fail in this task, they have to turn the ball over to the opposing team after four downs limit passes. The opposing team has to do the same. 


Equipment And Players

According to the American football rules, an American football team consists of 45 players. However, at any given time, only 11 American football players remain on the field.


The other remaining American football players remain out of the American football field and act as substitutes. The teams in this game are split into three groups, which are:

  • Attacking: The players in this group are generally faster, seller, and stronger types, which also include a quarterback play. The quarterback is the one who throws the ball towards their teammates and runs while holding the ball. However, other players can do the same. 
  • Defensive: The players in this group are generally powerful and larger ones who are there to stop the players from touching down and running.
  • Special Team Players: These players are responsible for punting and kicking the game side and are a mixture of both faster and larger players. 


These are three groups which you will find in an American football team. Although there are more players according to American football rules, only 11 remain on the field. 


The American football field is normally around 60 yards in breadth and 100 yards in length. There are lines on the American football field after every 10 yards. These lines are there to let the players know how far they have to run before they reach the end zone. 


End Zones

These zones are present on each end of the American football field or pitch. They are 20 yards long in size. There are also posts on every end of the field from where the lickers kick the ball towards the players.


Scoring In American Football

According to the American football rules, a team gains six points when any of their players do a touchdown. The touchdown in this version of the football can be scored in two ways; either a player does it by carrying the ball themselves, or they get a pass from another player. However, the player who gets a pass must be in the end zone. 


Once a team scores a touchdown, they get an opportunity to kick the ball to gain an extra point. The ball, according to the rules, must pass through the middle of the upright posts to be counted as a successful kick. 


An American football field goal can be scored by any player from any part of the field. If a player is able to score a goal, then it results in gaining three points for the team. Other than this, the opposing team also gains two points if they are able to stop the attacking players. This is to be done in the end zone of the defensive team. 


Winning In American Football

The winning in the game is not much different from the football game. In this version of football, the team with the most points is declared a winner. 


However, if a game ties, then according to the American football rules, overtime is given. In this overtime, both the teams play for an additional quarter time. Teams play this overtime until a team scores more goals than the opposing team and are deemed the winner. 


American Football Rules

  • There are four quarters in the game, each lasting for a period of 15 minutes. There is a break of two minutes after each quarter. Other than these breaks, there are also two 15 minutes breaks after the second and third quarters or half time. 
  • Each team, according to the American football rules, gets four downs for ten yards. The players in the game can cover these 10 yards by either kicking or running with the ball. There are no specific American football positions for this touchdown. 
  • After every 10 yards, the down resets, and if the players fail to cover the 10yards after four chances, the ball is passed to the opposition team. 
  • There are no specific American football positions for runners, and there are various players running. This run, at the same time, is like organized chaos is to confuse the opposing team. 
  • The only rule for American football positions is that of attacking and defensive positions. According to these group roles, there is a captain for both defensive and attacking groups who call the players.
  • At the start of the game, there is a coin toss. The team which wins the toss gets the ball first and can choose which end of the field they want to play from. 
  • According to American football rules, the game starts with a kick-off, and a team punts the ball. This punting is down the field, and the other team runs with the ball as far as possible.
  • When the fourth down is going on, the attacking team has options. They can either try to make the remaining yards by running or kicking. The attacking team can go for a field goal or punt. 


Final Words

American football is a dynamic game that is popular all around the world. It is specifically a popular game in North America. 


American football rules are different from that of soccer, and this is what makes it different. The players in this version can run with the ball to score a touchdown, whereas in soccer, touching the ball with the hand is not allowed. 


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