How To Get All Keys In Cheese Escape Map Roblox

How To Get All Keys In Cheese Escape Map Roblox

Playing with the clues to solve the room’s mysteries may be a thrilling experience. But if you’d instead race about in fear of being chased by a monster while you attempt to solve a problem, Cheese Escape is the game for you. The game aims to work with the other players to unlock a succession of doors by finding nine pieces of cheese hidden around the labyrinth. To escape, you and your partner must work together to unlock the doors, but you are on your own to collect all the cheese. First, discover where to look for each key in Cheese Escape. Then, discuss everything you should know about Cheese Escape Map in detail. 

This guide will show you how to get the Green Key in Cheese Escape.

After you leave the safe zone, stay to the right and take the first left. Go along this until you reach a T-intersection when the route bears left. To reach the corner at the end of the walkway, continue straight ahead until it bends right. Next to a ladder, you’ll discover some cheese and the Green Key (the green one on the map).

A Guide to Locating the Missing Red Key

After retrieving the Green Key, go up the ladder and along the upper-level route to leave the building (blue down arrow on map). As you reach the bottom of the ladder, go straight ahead until you reach a door. To access the adjoining room, please enter the code 3842 into the keypad. Continue along the corridor until you reach the end, where you’ll discover some cheese and the Red Key (the red two on the map).

Obtaining the Blue Key and Where to Find It

Follow the way straight out of the safe zone, and then take the third right turn before the path bends left. Follow the main road as it makes two left turns; the red door will be on your right at the finish. Pull the red key to unlock it, then take the board out. Return the board of Cheese Escape Map via the Green Door and two more portals beyond where you found the Red Key (grabbing the cheese between the two). You’ll see that the floor has been broken away at this spot. After repairing the floor using the board, you may cross to the other side and pick up the Blue Key.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the ‘Green’ Button

The Blue Door is on the left after you have climbed back up the ladder where you found the Green Key. Use the Blue Key to unlock it, pass through with the cheese in hand, and activate the Green switch. As mentioned earlier, it unlocks the previously inaccessible last slice of cheese behind the door labeled “Purple” on the map.

Cheats for the maze-solving game Cheese Escape

The blue down arrow on the map indicates the way out, so if you’re upstairs, follow it to get out. Instead of going via the Green Door, use the two side passages on the right (there’s cheese in the tiny chamber in between). If you’ve been keeping track, you need nine pieces of cheese to open this door (marked four on the map). You may leave via the entrance designated as part of the Secure zone (orange arrow).

The above-listed portion explains everything you should know about Cheese Escape Map

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