WrestleMania 2023: Biggest WWE Annual Event Returns to Hollywood with Exciting Matches!

WrestleMania 2023: Biggest WWE Annual Event Returns to Hollywood with Exciting Matches!

WrestleMania 2023  – For a long time, WWE fans resisted the notion of Roman Reigns being the face of the promotion. Many felt that WWE had forced him into that position instead of letting him organically rise to the top, as has happened with many of wrestling’s biggest stars in the past. The 2015 Royal Rumble, which Reigns won amidst chants of “We want refunds,” was a particularly infamous example of WWE’s seeming desperation to push him as the next big thing, even though the fans didn’t want it.

However, in August 2020, things changed for Reigns. He had chosen to sit out Wrestlemania 2023 earlier that year due to being immunocompromised from previous battles with leukemia. He remained on the sidelines for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When he made a surprise return at SummerSlam, he had transformed his already impressive physique and undergone a major character change.

After the main event between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, Reigns appeared and utterly destroyed both men, signaling a new era for the superstar. He aligned himself with Paul Heyman and turned heel, a move that many fans had been calling for, as they had rejected the idea of him as a babyface. This set the stage for a triple threat match at Payback, which Reigns won by only joining the match at the last moment and using underhanded tactics to defeat his opponents.

This victory marked the start of a historic title reign for Reigns and showed that he had evolved into something far greater than what he had been before. Despite the initial resistance from fans, Reigns had finally proven himself as a top star in WWE.

Carrying the Thunderdome era In Wrestlemania 2023

Reigns made a highly anticipated comeback with a new persona that generated a lot of excitement. This was precisely what WWE needed during the pandemic as they launched the Thunderdome, which utilized LED boards to simulate a virtual crowd experience and added artificial noise to compensate for the lack of live audiences.

The Thunderdome allowed Reigns to develop his character in ways that would not have been possible in front of live audiences. He adopted a slower, more methodical style in the ring while using a lot of in-match dialogue, which allowed him to work on his mic skills.

Reigns’ first feud after becoming champion was with Jey Uso, which was a huge success. This program solidified Reigns’ new heel persona and elevated Uso to main event status. This rivalry also gave rise to The Bloodline, established after Reigns defeated Jey in an intense I Quit match inside Hell in a Cell. In the end, Reigns made his cousin acknowledge him as “The Tribal Chief” and the new leader of the legendary Anoaʻi family.

A dominant run to the undisputed title

After successfully recruiting The Usos to his side, Reigns continued to dominate his opponents and defend his universal championship title. He engaged in fierce rivalries with popular wrestlers like Kevin Owens, Edge, and Daniel Bryan, which ended Bryan’s WWE career. One year after his initial victory, Reigns faced off against John Cena at SummerSlam and emerged victorious, cementing his status as a champion.

Despite his success, Reigns faced challenges maintaining consistent positive momentum over such a long championship reign. Some fans grew weary of The Usos’ constant interference, which often seemed to tip the scales in Reigns’ favor unfairly. In a notable match against Finn Balor at Extreme Rules in 2021, Balor appeared in his powerful “Demon” persona only to lose due to a controversial top rope malfunction. This storyline ultimately went nowhere, and both wrestlers moved on to new programs.

As Reigns continued to swat away challenger after challenger, his ultimate test was a unification match against WWE champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 in April 2022. Reigns emerged victorious after just over 12 minutes, officially becoming the undisputed WWE universal champion after a reign of more than 580 days.

The Bloodline drama escalates.

After Reigns became the undisputed champion, he appeared less frequently on television due to a new contract. Since WrestleMania 38, he has defended his titles on TV or pay-per-view only six times and has teamed up with other Bloodline members in four other matches.

Despite this, The Bloodline remained the most prominent storyline on WWE television, and Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn joined the group. Zayn had pitched himself as an “honorary uce” and gained the group’s trust, except for Jey Uso, who only came around after Zayn was put “on trial”. Sikoa joined the group after debuting to save Reigns against Drew McIntyre, and The Bloodline’s numbers game won out over McIntyre’s popularity with the crowd.

However, Zayn eventually betrayed Reigns by hitting him with a steel chair at the Royal Rumble, and the two had a singles match at Elimination Chamber, which Reigns won. Jey Uso also turned on Zayn after the loss, solidifying that all members of The Bloodline were loyal to Reigns above all else.

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Some Questions

When and where is Wrestlemania 2023?

The WWE Wrestlemania 2023  will be available for live streaming on the Sony Television Network and Sony Liv app. The final event spans two nights, and the Wrestlemania 2023 location is SoFi stadium in Los Angeles on April 1 (Sunday) and April 2 (Monday).

When do Wrestlemania 2023 tickets go on sale?

You can purchase WWE Wrestlemania 2023 tickets for April 1st, but they might also be available for other dates. Apart from WrestleMania 2023, Vivid Seats offers tickets to other wrestling events at SoFi Stadium.

Who is fighting in Wrestlemania 2023?

The highly anticipated annual event of WWE is set to make a comeback in Hollywood for Wrestlemania 2023. The Wrestlemania 2023 location is SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, it will be a headline match between undisputed WWE universal champion Roman Reigns and the Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes. This two-day event is scheduled for Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2.

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