Fun Card Games That Will Bring The Family Together

Fun Card Games That Will Bring The Family Together

We all love playing fun card games to pass the time during summer vacations for family gatherings. Whether you are looking for games to play during a long car trip or after having dinner with your family, a deck of cards will never fail you. 

Below I have mentioned some fun card games that you can play with your family as well as kids. 

Fun Card Games

check out some easy and fun card games to play with your kids and family.

1. Crazy Eights

This is among fun family card games but can be a little complicated for younger kids. This game’s main objective is to play with all the cards in your hands first. To start this game, first, you need a deck of cards. The dealer will deal eighth cards to each player facing down and keep the remaining the center. The card “8” works as a wild card while the “2” forces the next player to pick up a two; meanwhile, “4” forces the player to miss one chance. 

If you get a queen of spades, the next player will have to choose an eight. This crazy eight game is similar to UNO. To start the game, the player sitting at the left of the dealer will flip a card over a deck of cards in the center. Then the players have to try and play a card matching the suit of cards in the discard pile. If you do not have a matching card suit, then you can play a card having the same face value as any suit. 

If you cannot do either, then you will have to draw a card and skip your turn. If the payer changes the suit of cards by playing a card having the same value, then the player next to you must try to match the suit. 

2. 31

This is one of the most fun family card games to play with kids. However, this game requires one basic addition as the cards will have to be count up to 31. 

To begin the game, every player will receive three cards facing down. After dealing, the players can look at their game and take turns to pick cards from the pile and at the same time have to discard a card. The game’s main aim is to have a total sum of 31 in your hands before other players. The card’s face value to count 1-10 is worth the face value, and the face cards have worth 11, and Aces can be used as 1 or 11. 


3. Chase the Ace

If you are looking for fun card games to play with a deck of cards you have handy at home, then you will love this one. Chase the Ace is played with dec of 52 cards and requires a minimum of 3 people. However, the more people, the more fun it is to play these card games.

To start the game, the dealer will deal one card to each payer. The cards should be facing down all this while; after dealing, the players can have a look at their cards. The aim of this card game is not to have the lowest value card in hand. 

The players will decide if they will pass the card to a player sitting on the left or holding onto it. The ranks range from 1-A, meaning if you have a card with a ten or higher face value, you will hold onto it.  If you have a low-value card, then switch it with a person sitting on your left.

The person sitting on the left of the dealer will start first and can switch his card with the person on his left. They can either discard their card or choose to draw a new one. If any player has an Ace, the player can hold onto it regardless of the other player’s choice. In this card game, you give x number of lives to other players as it is a very fast game. When a player loses all the lives, he loses.  ,

4. Go Fish

One of the most classic and fun family card games to play is Go Fish. This game’s concept is quite simple after dealing with each player five or seven cards (as decided) facing down and keeping the rest of the cards in the middle of the table. The first player will choose one of the cards from their suit, and another player asks them, “Do you have an X”. 

The player will have to respond with a no or yes; if yes, give that player a card asked for, and if your answer is no, respond with a “go fish.” If you get a go fish, pick one card from the pile of cards.  If the pickup card matches the card you required, remove both cards from hand and keep them facing down.

The main aim of the game is to match the cards in your hand. The player who runs out of all the cards is the only winner of the game. If you get the card you asked for from another player, you get one more chance to go. 

5. Snap

One of the easy and fun two-player card games to play with the deck of cards is Snap. Snap requires you to play with 52 cards and requires a minimum of 2 players. 

To start the game, the dealer will have to deal with the complete deck of cards in equal proportion. Now every payer will get a turn to flip over the cards. After two players flip the card over the same rank cards one after the other, the payer will shout “Snap.”

The first player to call out Snap will win two piles of Overturned cards from the player with matched ranks. This cycle will continue until one of the players win all of the deck. 

Final Words:

Playing cards is not difficult. There are many easy games that you can play with your family and kids. These are some of the most fun family card games to play and get you started. You can find various other games as well once you master these.



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