How To Play Who Am I Game: A Complete Guide

How To Play Who Am I Game: A Complete Guide

Do you like quiz games? If yes, then the who am I game is perfect for you as it is a fun-packed game which you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

The who am I game is a perfect blend of guessing and slip games which you will surely love to play. This is also a great way for strangers to mingle while having fun and entertainment. It is also a great game for children, and the good thing is that it doesn’t require anything specific for playing. But do you know how to play it? If not, don’t worry, as we are here to help you. 

In the article, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you, which will help you to learn to guess who am I game. 

How To Play Who Am I Game?

Follow the steps mentioned below for playing the who am I game:

Step 1: What Do You Need For The Guessing Game

The first requirement for playing a game is the team members, and once you have them all together, the next things you need will be:

  • Pen or a marker. Getting a marker or a pen is the first necessity of such quiz games. This is because you will need them for writing the names, which are an essential thing in the game. 
  • Slip or post notes. This is the next thing that you will be needing in this game. The post notes in this game are one person, one-note, which everyone gets in the game. Once the notes are given, the game proceeds to the next step. 
  • The next thing which you will require in the game is something to stick the notes. You can use any type of glue you like or staples or pins. It all depends on you what you prefer. But when selecting, remember that the product you use doesn’t ruin the clothes of people in the game. 

After you have both of these things, you can move on to this game’s next step. 

Step 2 For Who Am I Game

In the second step, you have to do the following:

  • Pick a name for each of the players in the game who are playing. 
  • Once you have selected the name, the next thing to do is write the name on the post note or the slip. 
  • While doing this, you must be careful that none of the other players are able to see the names on the note until the game commences.
  • The names on the notes can be of anything like a celebrity, a book, a cartoon character, or anything else. It all depends on what idea you get at the time. 
  • In case you are playing the game at a party and it has a theme, you can use the names according to the theme. 
  • One thing to keep in mind while writing the names is that the appropriateness of the names should be according to the group you are playing in. 
  • The names you write should also not be much difficult to a level that they become hard to guess. Or they will ruin the fun of this guessing game. So always remember that the names should be simple or moderate, and the fun will go to the next level. 

Step 3

The next step of the game is simple. All you need to do is stick the note on the back of each person. But while doing this, you should be careful that no one of the persons is able to see the name on the note. The person you are sticking the note on should also not be able to see the name on the slip. 

Only the person who wrote the names and made the slip in the game must know who is what in the game. All the others should only guess in this guess who am I game. Another thing is that the person who knows the names can’t tell it to anyone else or drop hints to help someone else. This is essential as it can ruin the fun of the game and will lead to accusations of cheating from other players. 

Step 4

In the next step, do the following;

  • Explain the rules to everyone. 
  • Every player in the game gets 20 questions for themselves. They can use them as yes or no questions for finding out who they are in the game. For example, they can use it like asking, “Am I a cartoon?”
  • One thing to know is that the questions should not be in a way like “Am I a female or male?” or anything like that. 
  • The questions that the players ask must be in the form of yes or no. 
  • In the game, the players need to walk around in the room and ask questions to the people. But they can not ask all the questions to a single person. The point of this rule is that everyone could mingle and hang out. 
  • The winner is the person who guesses the correct answer for who they are in the who am I game. 
  • In the game, no hints can be given. But in case no one is able to guess in this quiz game, then they can drop hints here and here. 

Step 5: Final Step For Who Am I Game

Once you are done with the above steps, you know how to play the game. But you can also put variation in the game by following ways:

  • For a variation in the game, instead of writing the names of the characters and people, you can go for writing the names of the things.
  • For example, you can write the name like chair, table and more. 
  • If everyone in the room loves the game, then you can once again write the new slip or notes and begin the game again. 

These are some steps that you will be needing to follow for playing the entertaining and fun who am I game. In this game, the good thing was that you don’t need anything specific for paying. All you need is some friends, notes and a marker. What’s even interesting is you can play this game with as many people as you want, and there’s no limit on the participants of the game. 

Final Words

The who am I game is one of the most fun and entertaining games which you can play if you want some guessing game. The good thing about this game is that you can play this with anyone, and it is a great way for strangers to mingle together. 

This game also doesn’t require anything specific, like equipment or anything else. So you can easily enjoy it with your friends and family without any problem at a party or get-together. 

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