Starfield: Where is Neon in Starfield?

Starfield: Where is Neon in Starfield?

where is neon in starfieldIn the world of space, where stars twinkle like dreams, there lies a mysterious city called Neon. Imagine a place where neon lights dance across the night sky, casting an otherworldly glow on the streets below. Welcome to Starfield, where adventure awaits among the cosmic wonders. This post will guide in knowing where is neon in Starfield and related concepts:

How to find Neon?

Neon is not your ordinary city. It is perched on the oceanic planet of Volii Alpha, part of the Volii system. Picture a metropolis rising from the waves, its architecture blending futuristic elegance with a touch of retro charm. As you step onto its shores, you will feel the pulse of energy, the heartbeat of a place where science and imagination collide.

Where is neon in Starfield?

Let us know where it is neon in starfield and explore Neon’s bustling streets. Here is a map to help you:

  1. Jemison Mercantile: Your one-stop shop for all things Neon. From quirky gadgets to rare artefacts, Jemison has it all.
  2.  Jane’s Goods: A treasure trove of curiosities. You might find ancient scrolls or alien trinkets here.
  3.  Sieghart’s Outfitters: Need a spacesuit upgrade? Sieghart’s got you covered.
  4.  New Homestead Store: For those seeking a slice of home in the cosmos.
  5.  Clint’s Collectibles: Collectors, rejoice! Clint specializes in relics from forgotten civilizations.
  6.  Gagarin General Store: Stock up on essentials before your interstellar journey.
  7.  Porrima II: A cozy café where starship pilots swap tales over steaming cups of Nebula Brew.

Quests and Mysteries

Neon is not just about shopping and strolling. Hidden quests await intrepid explorers:

  1. The Lost Star Crystal: Rumor has it that a rare crystal lies deep within Neon’s underwater caverns. Seek it out, but beware, the caverns hold secrets darker than the abyss.
  2.  The Ghost of Volii Alpha: Locals whisper about a spectral figure haunting the abandoned lighthouse. Uncover the truth behind this eerie legend.
  3.  The Neon Cipher: Decode cryptic messages scattered throughout the city. They lead to untold riches or cosmic revelations, your choice.

Neon Nights

As day turns to night, Neon transforms. Neon signs flicker to life, casting neon rainbows on wet pavements. The air hums with music from hidden clubs, where alien jazz meets synth beats. Grab a hovercab and ride through the luminous streets it is like surfing on stardust.


Neon is more than a city; it is a state of mind. Whether you are a starship captain, a curious traveller, or a dreamer seeking the extraordinary, Neon welcomes you. So set your coordinates, engage the hyperdrive, and let the neon guide your way.

Some FAQs

What is Neon in Starfield?

Neon is a captivating city located on the oceanic planet Volii Alpha within the Volii system. It is known for its futuristic architecture, neon-lit streets, and underwater caverns. The city is bathed in an otherworldly glow, making it a hub of adventure and intrigue.

Where is neon in starfield?

To reach Neon, you will need to set your starship’s coordinates for Volii Alpha. You will witness the city rising from the waves as you descend through the atmosphere. Follow the neon signs and explore its bustling streets.

What factions are associated with Neon?

Neon is under the influence of Ryujin Industries, a powerful corporation. Their presence shapes the city’s culture, trade, and secrets. Keep an eye out for their logos and facilities as you navigate Neon.



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