Where is New Atlantis Starfield: Know All About it

Where is New Atlantis Starfield: Know All About it

Where is new atlantis starfieldAre you looking for a new adventure in Starfield? Do you want to explore a mysterious and beautiful planet? If so, you might be interested in visiting New Atlantis, one of the most fascinating locations in the game.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about where is New Atlantis Starfield, how to get there, and what to do once you arrive.

New Atlantis location – Starfield

New Atlantis is situated on the planet Jemison within the Alpha Centauri system. It serves as the closest neighbouring system to our own Sol system, providing a convenient reference point for interstellar travellers. The city itself is divided into four distinct districts, each offering unique experiences and opportunities.

Once you have explored and discovered each district, you will have the ability to fast-travel directly to them from the star map, as well as from the Lodge. Whether you seek adventure, commerce, or intrigue, New Atlantis awaits your exploration.

Where is New Atlantis Starfield?

New Atlantis is a planet in the Starfield galaxy in the Aquila system. It is the home of the United Colonies, one of the three major factions in the game. New Atlantis is a diverse and vibrant world with a mix of cultures, biomes, and architectures.

On this planet, you can find tropical forests, snowy mountains, ancient ruins, futuristic cities, and more.

How to get to New Atlantis?

To get to New Atlantis, you need to have a spaceship and a star map. You can buy or upgrade your spaceship at any space station or planet. You can also find or buy a star map from various sources, such as merchants, explorers, or quests.

Once you have both, you can use your spaceship’s navigation system to plot a course to the Aquila system and then to New Atlantis.

What to do on New Atlantis?

There are many things to do on New Atlantis, depending on your preferences and playstyle. You can join the United Colonies faction and help them with their missions and goals. You can also explore the planet’s rich history and culture and learn more about its secrets and mysteries. You can also interact with the locals and make friends or enemies with them.

You can also find and collect resources, items, and artifacts, and use them to craft or trade. You can also fight or avoid the dangers and threats that lurk on the planet, such as wild animals, hostile factions, or alien invaders.


Whatever you choose to do, you will surely have a lot of fun and excitement on New Atlantis. It is one of the most amazing locations in Starfield, and you should not miss it. We hope this article helped you learn more about where is New Atlantis Starfield, and how to enjoy it.

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