What is X Resolver?

What is X Resolver?

X RESOLVER : The PlayStation resolver also refers to the Xbox resolver or X Resolver. An official website called X resolver was created especially to convert gamer names, domain names, and usernames into an IP format, which puts gamers’ safety at risk.

Xbox online players’ Gamertags & IP addresses are logged; even though the fact that IP addresses are not private and can be easily tracked by specialized programs, you can conceal them through the use of blacklisting and other types of techniques.   

The username and IP address of Xbox users are included in the data gathered by the Xbox resolver in X resolver. X resolver serves a similar purpose for PlayStation gamers. If you are here to learn more about X Resolver, then continue reading!

What is the use of X Resolver?

It is quite simple to manual and operate with easy instructions. If you have any problem, you can solve it by some simple technique:

  • Go to the website “https: xresolver.com/”
  • Select Xbox Resolver and PS4 XResolver by tapping on them.
  • To turn your Xbox gamer tag into an IP address, type it.
  • Alternatively, enter your “IP address” to transform it into the Xbox gamer tag.
  • Then select “Resolve.”

The PlayStation gamer tag is resolved to IP addresses using the same technique by PS4 XResolver, and vice versa.


Gamertag and username are protected from resolution by the X Resolver blacklist link. Gamer tags and IP addresses are removed from the database when someone blacklists from the service; IP addresses can not be traced. 

By using this technique, hackers are prevented from attacking Microsoft’s systems and Sony. While blacklisting an IP address, people have to follow a few steps.

  • Enter your Gamertag into the device after visiting the X Resolver website.
  • An IP address can be obtained from the Gamertag.
  • Go to OctoSniff and copy the IP address.
  • Only after spending 500 points can you blacklist yourself.
  • The message box will display a key after purchasing.
  • Take note of the XResolver Blacklist IP connection.
  • To add the key to the redemption section, click Redeem the License button and then hit.
  • Use the points.
  • To discover the blacklist option, search miscellaneous and scroll down.
  • Choose a blacklist username and enter your IP address there.
  • Return to the website, type your username, and display the verified blacklisted IP.

The X resolver blacklist link allows you to do this to secure the IP address. 

Best alternatives for X resolver

X Resolver may influence your online personality. A few substitutes will provide you with safe, stress-free gaming while protecting you from hackers. The following are some of the alternatives. 

Console sniffer

The monitoring toll console sniffer functions as an IP puller without requiring a jailbreak. It works well with multiplayer video games and Windows. It discovers the plate’s IP address and other information and is compatible with VPNs. Sniffer software for consoles can be downloaded for 20 dollars.  


Octosniff supports several Xbox and PlayStation models. The username is decoded after the packet is filtered out. It makes it possible for PlayStation games to link the IP address and username. Both price and use are straightforward.

Xbox booster

With the help of the Xbox booter, you may access strong layer 4 and layer 7 while pulling IP addresses and attacking people offline. It provides in-depth tutorials or similar applications.

PS4 booter

While playing games on the PS4, the PS4 booter lets you kick offline. A gamer’s public IP address receives a denial of service attack. To avoid being kicked offline, it is preferable to utilize a high-quality VPN.


Gamertags can be found using the database of XboxReplay, a free online service. You can also find Xbox pictures and videos that are posted online. After locating the needed Gamertag, the website will give IP knowledge, location, and ISP data.

Learning about other players via such links and websites for Xbox and PlayStation 4 users that utilize XResolver is entertaining. However, because your information is public and you risk getting into trouble, this is a dangerous situation.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “X RESOLVER”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Why is there an XResolver?

Ans. It is not against the law to have these tools. This will require a lengthy reply, but let me try: Simply put, X-Resolver is a list of IP addresses that other players have supplied to them, collected via packet sniffers.

Q2) How does xResolver work?

Ans. XResolver is a database service that keeps track of the IP addresses and gamertags of users who play on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Although legally, because it is publicly available, the information on the website might be highly problematic for players who frequently play online.

Q3) What is the top Xbox IP finder?

You may acquire the IP address from Xbox with the popular network protocol analyzer, Wireshark. You can use this Xbox IP puller to discover your IP address if you are in the same party or playing the same game.


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