Things To Know About War Card Game rules

War card game is a simple card game for two players. This game is perfect for kids and is much like a real war. War card game rules are used on the sites are standard and have many variations, such as the German-32 cards variant Tod und Leben and  Casino War games. This game relies on luck, and the goal of this card game is to be the first player to win all the 52 cards. 

So, let’s start the article with the war card game rules.

War Card Game Rules

  • War card game rules involve two players of three-plus age. The game starts with the division of the deck. Each player will receive 26 cards. Both the players place their cards face-down in front of the player. 


  • Both the player turns up the card simultaneously, and the person who has the higher cards take both cards and put them in face-down condition on the table. 


  • Same cards mean it is war. Now each player puts one card face down and one card faces up, and the person who has higher cards takes all the six cards. 


  • However, the turned-up card is again the same rank, then each player places another card face-down and face-up on the table. This time the player with higher cards takes all the ten cards.


  • War card game rules are quite simple and interesting. This game ends when a player wins all the war cards.


How to play the war card game?


For the war card game, all you need is a deck of cards.

In this card game, Aces are high, and 2s are low, and the tricks are played to rank. 


  • First, all the cards are dealt with two players so that each player receives 26 cards. The faces of your cards are placed in a stack face-down that means you are not allowed to see your cards. 


  • Holding all the 26 cards in one hand and using the other hand to flip the cards face-up on the table. Each player flips the card, and who wins the highest cards names the trick winner. The trick winner receives two cards and places them at the bottom of their stake of face down. 


  • In this game, war means to break a tie. If both the players place the same rank card, then it is called a tie and breaks this tie by placing a new card placed on the table. 


  • The player with the highest rank card wins the tiebreaker. If both the players place the same rank card again, then you both play a jack. You leave your jack face up and put one card on the top of your jack face down, and another card face up on the face-down card. 


  • The player with the highest face-up cards takes all the cards on the table and places them face down at his stack’s bottom. 


  • Remember, if your top card is again tied, then you place another face-down and face-up card. If any player runs out of cards in the middle of the game, the other player wins the game.


How to play war?


First of all, you have to shuffle the deck and deal out all the cards. Remember, each player will receive 26 cards that mean half of the deck.


Tip: Please keep in mind players should not look at their cards. Each player takes their top card and place it face-up on the table. 


As you know, players with the highest cards win the round; however, both players place the same card then there is a tie then apply the rules of war.


The rules of war say:


  • Actions must be taken to determine the winner. Begin with each player placing three cards off the top of the deck face down, and the fourth card placed face up. 


  • The player with the most face-up cards wins this war card game. If your fourth card is also a tie, then repeat the process. 


  • If a player runs out of cards in the middle of the game, then place the last card face up. This card is placed used for war, and the opposition player wins the game.


This war game has a lot of variations. You can play this game with more than two players. In this case, distribute the cards equally. If a player loses his cards, then he/she is out, and the game continues without him. 


Bettelmann and Tod und Leben


In this game, there are 32 cards played with two players. Interestingly, one player plays the game with the red suit, and the other plays with the black suit. Each player gets 16 cards. The player can turn their top cards at the same time, and the higher card wins. At the end of this war game, the player who has the most cards wins the game. 


Final Words

War card games are meant for two or more than two players. This game is a perfect pastime game for kids as well as elders. These games are also available online with various updates, so you can download them on your phone and laptops and play with your kids and friends.  



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