Do you want to avoid King’s Cup being the default game at all social gatherings? Fortunately, King’s Cup isn’t the only group drinking game available. Grab a seat on the bus, please.

If you don’t want to be the unfortunate player who has to ride the bus drinking game after the game, you’ll need a mix of luck and logic while playing the drinking game Ride the Bus. While the rise of the bus rules may seem complicated at first glance, players may observe and take up the game as it unfolds.

A dealer, a passenger (we’ll get to that in a second), a deck of cards, and a few drinks are all you need to play ride the bus drinking game. The bare minimum is two individuals, but the more, the better! Have you got your bus ticket? The guidelines for the alcoholic beverage consumption contest are listed below.


The deck of cards is shuffled, and one person is designated as the dealer. This is the individual who knows the game the best and can help the others learn the rise the bus rules as they go. Everyone should have a drink and sit in a circle or around the table for this game.

Get on the Bus: How to Play!

The unlucky participant who must ride the bus drinking game will be determined after four rounds. And then, that individual has to take the bus, where they risk becoming inebriated.

Opening Clash

The dealer always goes left to right, and the first question is, “Red or Black?”

The dealer will then give each player their starting hand of cards. If the player is right, they get to pass out drinks. If they’re wrong, they must wash it with a beverage. This process will continue until all participants have gotten one card, given out, or consumed a drink.

The second round introduces a new “Higher or Lower?” question for the group to answer.

Players must predict whether the following card will be greater or lower in value than their first. Aces are the highest, and twos are the lowest possible cards. The solution will be evident to some, while others must speculate. If the player is right, they get to pass out drinks. They have to drink if they need to be corrected. Have you seen a similar card? That’s terrible luck; you must down a beverage as a punishment.

Round Three

‘In between or outside?’ is the question posed in the third and final round. to determine whether the following card’s value is within or beyond the range established by the player’s first two hands. It’s reasonable to assume that a player holding a King and a Jack would guess “outside,” as the only possible “inside” cards are also Kings. If they guess correctly, the participant gets to bring a beverage to a random person. If you need clarification, buy me a beer! Your luck will alter if you draw two of a kind. If you play it safe and claim outside, you’ll always win until you get three of a kind. Then I need another drink.

The Last Chance

The last round consists of players guessing whether the dealer’s card is a spade, club, heart, or diamond. If a person’s estimate is correct, that player receives five drinks to share with the other participants. One drink for every wrong answer.

The moment has come for each player to gather their four dealt cards. The dealer then builds a pyramid of cards from the bottom up, starting with five. Each horizontal row of the pyramid represents a different drink value. The bottom row of five cards represents two drinks.

The value of the second set of four cards is four beverages. The value of the third three-card row is eight drinks. The value of the fourth pair of cards adds up to 16 drinks. Finally, all the players have decided that the value of the fifth row of a single card is one shot of liquor. Yum!

However, the values of your rows are subject to the group’s discretion. One card is turned over from the bottom row of five at a time. If a player has a matching card, they may put it on the pyramid and give the beverages from that row to anybody they choose. It’s OK for more than one person to lay down the same card if they have it. If I hold a Jack and the first card in the bottom row is a Jack, I may give two drinks to anybody I want.

Repeat this process at each pyramid level until as many as possible cards have been eliminated. The game’s object is for players to distribute beverages to one other and take risks in the hopes of matching cards higher in the deck. One potential downside is that the player at the top of the pyramid with the most cards will have to make the ultimate sacrifice and take the bus to the bottom.

Bus Travel

The person at the top of the pyramid with the fewest cards must take the bus as the game’s loser. If more than one person has the same amount of cards, the highest card wins the tie. If two or more players have identical high cards, the person with the next highest card must board the bus.

To win, whoever gets to take the bus must now answer all the questions at the beginning of the game! Questions like “Red or Black?” “Higher or Lower?” “In between or Outside?” and “Suit?” are all examples. Is it simple enough? Actually, no. Because if the player makes a mistake at any time, the game resets at the first question.

Play continues until all the cards are utilised or the player successfully answers four questions in a row. It’s very uncommon for one player to become wasted in such a situation, which may be entertaining. 

In addition, the player’s goal in the last round is to correctly predict whether their final card will be a spade, club, heart, or diamond. If they are correct, they make the other four persons drink. If they are incorrect, they will have to down one drink.

 Each player gets 5 drinks and may either share or make someone else drink them all. The dealer starts by forming a facedown pyramid, and each player takes all four cards. The pyramid’s foundation comprises five cards (four, three, two, one, etc.).

The alcohol content of each row is progressively increased, with the top row providing more drinks than the lowest rows. The first row represents two shots; the second is one drink, the third is two drinks, and so on. This may be decided beforehand by all of the participants in the pyramid.

The following is a possible arrangement for the pyramid drink values.

Five cards will be in the fifth and bottom row, and it might be worth one drink. Give the people in the fourth row two sips of your beverage. Three beers may be worth the totals in the third row. The middle row may be worth 3 drinks, the second middle row can be worth 4, and the bottom row for 5.

The cards are turned over individually, starting with the bottom row. Those holding cards of similar value put them on the pyramid, and the player who receives them receives the designated number of drinks for that row. There is potential for many simultaneous card lays.


After everyone has had a few drinks and the final card of the pyramid has been flipped, the person with the most cards in their hand is the loser and must take the bus home. (The player whose card ranks higher is the loser in the event of a tie.

In the event of a tie, participants will pick cards to determine who will be on the bus. On the bus, participants must answer the following four questions in order:

Black or Red

More or Less

Amongst or beyond the Suit

If they respond incorrectly to a question, play will reset to the first question about getting beverages.

The game is over if the deck is used up or if they answer four questions in a row correctly. Each question must be answered for the player to win; otherwise, they continue to lose. Ensure you and your buddies have a safe ride home after playing any drinking activities.

Can I Ride the Bus Now?

The drinking game Ride the Bus is a beautiful opener for any party of any size. Please remember to use caution while imbibing. The point of ride the bus drinking game is not to have people become drunk and ill. It could be time to call it a night if the player on the bus looks like they’ve had a few too many. Wait to play until they’re too drunk to dance!


The number of players in a game of Ride the Bus.

Fun for 4-8 people, “Ride the Bus” is a boozy game of musical chairs.

Is it possible to play Ride the Bus without consuming alcohol?

It’s easily adaptable for use as a sober party game. You may achieve this by playing the ride the bus drinking game as a betting game and contributing an ante to the pot instead of buying beverages.


There are no other cards to use as a match in the first round of Ride the Bus. If you want a chance to match, you’ll have to wait until the second round, when you draw your next card. If you get the same card as the first round in the second round of Ride the Bus, you must drink yourself as punishment. The third time’s a charm in the ride the bus drinking game. If you get a card that matches the previous two rounds, or even a third identical card, you must take one drink for each matching pair.


What are the rules for riding the bus?

Ten cards are dealt face down by the dealer. The dealer turns over each card one at a time. If it’s a number card, the dealer moves on to the next one. If the player on the bus is dealt a face card or an ace, they must take a drink for every point on the card.

What does ride the bus mean in a drinking game?

Take a “ride” on the “bus” by trying to predict the suit and amount of playing cards. After identifying the bus passenger, the dealer places a card face down in front of them. The player must determine whether or not this card is red. If they are, they retain the card and go to the next level, higher or lower. They drink when they’re incorrect.


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