All Veluza weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

All Veluza weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Veluza weaknessVeluza is one of the Pokemon new fish in Scarlet and Violet. There are some Veluza weakness in the Pokemon. This is a strange-looking Pokemon with big eyes and the ability to move different body parts. You will find them often when swimming in the Paldea Region. In case these fish see you, they will come after you quickly.

Veluza is hard to avoid when you find one in the wild, so if you are curious to swim in Scarlet and Violet, get ready to battle these Pokemon lots of times. Even though these Pokemon might seem scary, it is not very hard to beat them. If you wanna know the Veluza weakness then you are here on the right spot. Here it is:

What is Veluza weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Veluza is the Pokemon found across the Western Paldean Sea and at Casseroya Lake. If a Veluza sees you in the water, it will run fast at you like an aeroplane. You can stay away from them, but their big size makes it difficult to see them underwater.

Veluza is a Water-type and Psychic. The bad part of fighting her is that wild Veluzas often use Water Pulse attacks, which can confuse your Pokemon. In Veluza Pokemon, they can get confused and accidentally hit themselves. This is called confusion.

Pokemon with the Own Tempo skill cannot be confused. But, not many Pokemon can do it. Veluza often uses Fillet Away to reduce their HP by half. But, this action increases their Special Attack, Attack and Speed by two levels.

Veluza only has a small number of 478, which is not very big. Veluza is good at attacks, so be careful of its physical moves like Aqua Cutter and Psycho Cut. You need to use a Pokemon with good Defense stats to shield from Veluza’s physical attacks. Veluza is weak against Bug, Electric, Dark and Ghost-type moves. But winning is difficult by using Fighting, Steel, Psychic, Fire, Ice and Water attacks.

Veluza’s physical and special defence numbers are very similar, so you can attack it with both normal attacks and powerful ones. The best moves to fight with Veluza are Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt and Night Slash. These will help you win the fight.

Some Questions

What type of fish is Veluza?

Veluza’s name and looks seem to be based on hakes, mainly from the Merlucciidae family. Hake is a big fish in Spanish food, Spain eats more hake than anyone else. They eat almost half of all hakes in Europe alone.

How good is Veluza?

Because this Pokemon does well with physical and special attacks, it is good at fighting. This is thanks to moves like Giga Impact, Hydro Pump, also either Blizzard or Psychic.

What animal is Veluza?

Veluza is a fish-like Pokemon with a gray body, sharp bright magenta fins and red eyes. It has a long blue line down its body from its eyes, and it usually shows teeth in its mouth.

Can Veluza evolve?

This Pokemon does not evolve.

How fast is Veluza?

But, it has a not-so-good base speed stat of 70. To make this easy to understand, it is slower than every Pikachu copy except for Pichu and pawmi.

How do you evolve Pawmo?

If you walk 1000 steps while Pawmo is enjoying life outside, it will change the next time its level goes up. You need to release Pawmo from its ball, then walk for 1000 steps. The next time you reach 1,000 steps and level up, it will change into Pawmot.


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