How To Use the Musical Map To Find the Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Use the Musical Map To Find the Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an expansive, action-packed, and engaging game in the nineteenth century. The Harry Potter books influenced it, so players can go through the same ups and downs as Harry did at Hogwarts and solve the mysteries that have always shrouded the wizarding world. If you also want to know how to use the musical map to find the treasure, this article is for you. 

You may come across several optional tasks that are both tough and confusing. Solved by the bell is the name of one of the optional missions you might take part in. This quest has two parts: finding the item and following the musical map. When completing the Solved by the Bell quest, how do you use the musical map to locate the hidden prize in Hogwarts Legacy? Let’s discuss the procedure for using the musical map to find the treasure. 

Instructions for using a musical treasure map.

Solved by the bell is a side mission that becomes available after the main quest, Tomes and Tribulations, has been finished. When you begin the Solved by the Bell quest, you’ll need to do two things: locate the item and follow the musical map to the hidden loot. The item may be found at the quest location shown on your map quest. The adventure begins in the cave of Henrietta’s Hideaway on Manor Cape. 

Hogwarts: The Legacy: Obtaining Flipendo

Let’s pretend you’ve never been to Manor Cape before and have decided to see Clagmar Castle. If so, the adversaries must be defeated before you can proceed to the Hogwarts legacy map in “Solved by the Bell.” Using the Disillusionment Spell, you might bypass the majority of the defenses. However, it would help if you rang the bells in a specific sequence with your Wand. Solving the challenge might bring attention to oneself. Therefore it’s best to empty the castle first. However, you have to use the musical map to find the treasure.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Musical Map’s Missing Pieces

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Find the wooden platforms, then ring the bells in the specified sequence. Using the illustration we’ve given above, Bell 1 is the lowest and Bell 9 is the highest:

Ring the Bell Bell Rings Twice Bell Rings Five Times The Seven-Tone Chime Bell Rings Six Times Bell Rings Five Times Clock Reaches Nine The Bell Tolls Eight Six


Will there be no cost to play Hogwarts Legacy?

A demo version of Hogwarts: The Legacy may be obtained now. The need for PlayStation Plus is one of many catch, though. The demo is essentially the whole game but only lets you play for 45 minutes.

In what formats will Hogwarts: The Legacy be available? 

As for platforms, you can play Hogwarts Legacy on PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


Here is everything you should know about map quests and the detailed procedure to find treasure. 


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