Unlocking the Secrets: A Guide on How to Get Exotic Cipher

Unlocking the Secrets: A Guide on How to Get Exotic Cipher

How to get exotic cipher – Are you an avid Guardian seeking to wield the most powerful and coveted weapons and armour in the Destiny 2 universe? Have you ever gazed upon the exotic gear of other Guardians, wondering how they obtained such magnificent treasures? Look no further as we embark on a thrilling journey through the realms of Destiny 2, uncovering the mysteries behind one of its most sought-after commodities: Exotic Ciphers.

This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to obtain these rare and valuable Exotic Ciphers, allowing you to add more incredible weapons and gear to your arsenal. Whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or just beginning your adventure, understanding the methods to get Exotic Cipher will open doors to a new realm of power and versatility. Prepare yourself, for greatness awaits!

How To Get Exotic Cipher?

Obtaining Exotic Ciphers in Destiny 2 requires a mix of dedication, skill, and resourcefulness. These rare and valuable items can be used to acquire some of the game’s most powerful exotic weapons and gear. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get Exotic Cipher:

  1. Season Pass Rewards: One of the easiest ways to get Exotic Ciphers is by leveling up your Season Pass. If you own the current season pass, you will receive an Exotic Cipher as one of the rewards at a specific level. Keep an eye on your progress and claim it once you reach the required level.
  2. Seasonal Challenges: Each season in Destiny 2 comes with a set of seasonal challenges. Completing these challenges will often grant you an Exotic Cipher as a reward. These challenges can range from simple tasks to more difficult feats, but they are a reliable way to earn Exotic Ciphers throughout the season.
  3. Hidden Quests and Triumphs: Destiny 2 frequently introduces secret quests and triumphs that, when completed, reward players with Exotic Ciphers. These quests are often hidden, requiring you to explore the game world, decipher clues, and solve puzzles. Keep an eye on in-game announcements, community discussions, and official patch notes to find hints about these quests.
  4. Raid Triumphs: Some raids and raid challenges offer Exotic Ciphers as rewards upon completion. Assemble a capable fireteam, master the mechanics, and conquer the toughest challenges to claim your prize.
  5. Nightfall: The Ordeal: Certain Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes, particularly those on higher difficulties, can drop Exotic Ciphers upon completion. The higher the difficulty, the greater the chance of obtaining one.
  6. Seasonal Events: Some seasonal events and activities might offer Exotic Ciphers as rewards. Participate in these limited-time events when they are available.
  7. Purchasing from Monument to Lost Light: If you missed any previous season’s Exotic Cipher rewards, you can purchase them from the Monument to Lost Light vendor in the Tower. However, this option may require significant in-game currency and/or resources.
  8. Old Exotic Quests: In some cases, Bungie may introduce older exotic quests into the Monument to Lost Light’s kiosk, allowing you to acquire Exotic Ciphers by completing those quests.

Remember that the availability of Exotic Ciphers and the activities that reward them may change with each season and game update.

What To Spend Exotic Ciphers On?

Exotic Ciphers in Destiny 2 are valuable items that can be used to obtain exotic weapons and armour from various sources. Here’s a list of some of the best ways to spend Exotic Ciphers:

  1. Purchase Exotic Gear from Monument to Lost Light: Exotic Cyphers primarily buy exotic weapons and armour from the Monument to Lost Light vendor in the Tower. This vendor offers a rotating selection of past seasonal exotics, so if you missed out on any during previous seasons, you could use your Exotic Ciphers to acquire them.
  2. Acquire Catalysts: Some exotic weapons in Destiny 2 have catalysts that enhance their performance and unlock additional features. Occasionally, Exotic Ciphers are required to purchase these catalysts from the Monument to Lost Light or other vendors.
  3. Exotic Cipher Quests: In some cases, certain quests or activities may require Exotic Ciphers as part of their completion requirements. These quests may lead to unique and powerful rewards, making it worth spending your Ciphers on them.
  4. Upgrade Materials: On rare occasions, vendors or in-game events might offer upgrade materials or consumables in exchange for Exotic Ciphers. These materials can be useful for enhancing your gear or customizing your Guardian’s appearance.
  5. Vaulted Content: If Bungie reintroduces vaulted content, including raids or dungeons, that previously offered Exotic Ciphers as rewards, you can use your Ciphers to obtain gear from these activities.
  6. Future Expansions and Seasons: As Destiny 2 evolves, new content, expansions, and seasons may introduce exotic gear that can be purchased with Exotic Ciphers. Holding onto your Ciphers until new content is released can be a good strategy to ensure you can acquire the latest exotics.

It’s essential to consider your playstyle and prioritize the exotics that align with your preferred activities and load-outs. Some exotics excel in PvP, while others shine in PvE. Before spending your Exotic Ciphers, research the available options and choose gear that complements your Guardian’s strengths and the content you enjoy the most.


In conclusion, Exotic Ciphers are coveted treasures in the world of Destiny 2, representing a gateway to some of the most powerful and sought-after gear for Guardians. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the various methods on how to get Exotic Cipher, unlocking the secrets behind their acquisition.


What are Exotic Ciphers in Destiny 2?

Exotic Ciphers are rare and valuable items in Destiny 2 that serve as a currency to acquire exotic weapons and armor. Guardians highly seek them as they provide access to powerful gear that can significantly enhance a player’s performance in various activities.

How To Get Exotic Cipher?

There are several ways to obtain Exotic Ciphers in Destiny 2:

  1. Level up your Season Pass and claim the Exotic Cipher as one of the rewards.
  2. Complete seasonal challenges, as they often offer Exotic Ciphers as rewards.
  3. Participate in secret quests and triumphs, granting you Exotic Ciphers upon completion.
  4. Triumph over certain Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes, as they can drop Exotic Ciphers.
  5. Purchase Exotic Ciphers from the Monument to Lost Light vendor in the Tower.

Can I use Exotic Ciphers to buy any exotic weapon or armour I want?

Exotic Ciphers can be used to purchase past seasonal exotics and their catalysts from the Monument to the Lost Light vendor. However, the available selection of exotics may rotate, and not all exotics are always available. Monitor the vendor’s inventory to see what’s currently on offer.

Can I obtain Exotic Ciphers in older content and activities?

In some cases, older content or activities that previously rewarded Exotic Ciphers may be reintroduced in Destiny 2. This could include certain raids, dungeons, or events that offer Exotic Ciphers as rewards. Keep an eye on official announcements and patch notes to stay informed about any changes or additions.

Should I spend my Exotic Ciphers right away or save them for future content?

The decision to spend Exotic Ciphers depends on your current needs and preferences. If there’s a specific exotic weapon or armour that you’ve been wanting, and it’s available at the Monument to Lost Light, go ahead and spend your Ciphers. However, if nothing interests you now, consider saving them for future content updates or new seasonal exotics. Bungie might introduce exciting gear you’d like to acquire using your Exotic Ciphers.


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