The Secrets of Hogwarts: Unlocking the Slytherin Locks

The Secrets of Hogwarts: Unlocking the Slytherin Locks

The three Unforgivable Curses and other slytherin lock and Dark Arts knowledge is unlocked throughout Sebastian Sallow’s questline in Hogwarts Legacy. Although this isn’t the first mission in the series, In the Shadow of the Study is the first one that allows you to investigate things on your own. 

But first, you’ll need to brave the dungeon’s depths and figure out how to open a few tricky doors. Read on for details on unlocking every door in In The Shadow of The Study of Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s discuss everything you should know about slytherin lock. 

Hogwarts Study Guide: In the Shadow of the Slytherin Locks – A Method for Opening All Slytherin Locks

Once you have lit the three braziers and unlocked the first door, you will find closed gates and snake sculptures in the underground path. Both will include symbols, but only the second will allow you to use them to solve the puzzles. You’ll need to use Confringo or Incendio to ignite the torches adjacent to the snake statues and bring them to life.

Watch for the two symbols above each door as you search for them; you’ll need to align them with the serpent statues later. You’ll need to use contextual clues many times to match them since some are scratched out and difficult to notice. When you’re ready, use the dials on the snake lock to get a code that matches the one on the door.

For instance, you’d need to locate the infinity sign at the bottom of the dials on the adjoining serpent lock to open the door below. By doing so, you can enter the next section of the dungeon.

The Riddle of the Slytherin Library Door at Hogwarts

The bull’s head emblem on top of the first door is scratched out, and the Z-like symbol on the bottom indicates that it is the exit. Its corresponding lock is located in a neighbouring chamber, accessible by squeezing beneath an iron fence. Moreover, the slytherin lock hogwarts legacy is an exciting part of this. 

The second may be opened by aligning the circle and infinity symbols with the neighbouring snake lock, as illustrated in the image.

At the bottom of the third door is a triangular sign that, when scratched out, looks like the head of a fish. You’ll locate the snake statue if you go through the second symbol door and drop down the ledge.


You may continue your quest and get access to the Scriptorium if you open all three gates. You can purchase Hogwarts Legacy for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch from the game’s official website. The above-listed portion explains everything you should know about slytherin lock. 


Where to Save Your Game on PC?

Hogwarts Legacy save game files are stored in the following location:

Your Username Here: c: Usersyourusername>Your save games are in: AppDataLocalHogwarts LegacySavedSaveGames.

Is there a fee to attend Hogwarts?

First, we learned that, unlike popular perception, Hogwarts does not charge tuition. This only increased our impatience for the owl’s arrival of the acceptance letter.


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