UNO Card Rules

UNO Card Rules

Are you getting bored at your home? If yes, then why not try the interesting card game, UNO. It is a simple card game which can be played with family or friends. Multicolor UNO cards make this game more amazing. You must have played many card games, but UNO is slightly different. UNO card rules are also easy to understand. If you are playing this game for the first time, you can play it easily. 


UNO is a multiplayer game in which 2 to 10 players can play at once. All the players have distributed seven cards each, and the maximum period to play this game is 20 mins. It is a popular American card game. This game can be played on various occasions like; picnic, brunch party, birthdays, thanksgiving, etc. UNO requires only a plan deck and a group of exciting people for an amazing game. 


The person with the highest scores, in the end wins the game. You can easily purchase this game at any departmental store now if you are new to this game and want to know about UNO card rules and how to play UNO, then this article will help you to get all the necessary information. Continue reading the article, so you don’t miss any UNO card game rules.


Objects of the UNO Card Game

The first player who shuffles all the UNO cards distributes the cards to other players. Once the player distributes all the cards to others, they pick up one card from the left pout card and keep it in the table’s center. 


Moreover, the player who scores 500 points wins the game. The winner-deciding policy is simple in this game like any other game, but the scoring is quite different for the game. 


UNO cards

In UNO, there are a total of 108 cards in a deck. The special cards are also there in the deck, and the special card will help you score points in the game. So use the special cards carefully if you want the highest score to win. Here is the list of special cards:


Draw 2 Card

This is the  first UNO card in the list of special cards. When you throw this card on the desk, the next person must draw two cards, and they can not throw any card in their chance. 


If the draw 2 card is thrown initially, the next player must draw two cards at the starting. But if they also have the draw 2 card, they can play it. Moreover, this card may only be thrown on a matching color or another draw 2 card. 


Reverse Card

The reverse card reverses the direction of play. Suppose, if you are playing the game from left to right, now play right to left and vice versa.  


For example, if you start the game from the left side and someone throws up this card, the player at the right will play first now. The game will continue from the right now instead of from the left. 


Skip Card

The next player with the turn loses one chance to play if this card is thrown. And their turn is skipped. 


If this UNO card is thrown at the starting of the game, the next player on the left side is skipped.


Wild Card  

This card is also known as the master card in the UNO. With this card, you can change the current card color in the game. When a player throws this card, they may change the color which is being played to any color. The choice is yours, which color card game you want to continue with. 


You can also throw the wild card if you have different playing cards in hand. If this card comes at the beginning of the game, the first player on the left side will choose the color and throws the first card. 


Wild Draw 4 Cards

This card allows you to change the current card color in the game, and the next player has to draw 4 cards from the deck and forfeit their chance. When this card is played, the game’s next player comes in great loss with four different cards. Well, this card is an interruption, but yes, it is fun.


However, you can only use this card when you do not have a similar card to the previously played card. In case this card comes in the beginning, put it back in the card deck and pick the other card to start the game. 


Pro Note: Most of the time, some players throw the wild draw 4 card even if they have the matching number card in their hand. If you can suspect this thing, you can challenge that player to play the wild draw 4 card illegally. 



If you are the first one who finishes all the cards, you score the points based on the number of cards left in other players’ hands. You can use this table to count your score in the game. 

Total Number of Special Cards (0-9)

Total Number of Special Cards (0-9) Face Value 
Draw 2 card 20 Points
Reverse card 20 Points
Skip card 20 Points
Wild card  50 Points
Wild Draw 4 card 50 Points 
Blank card  No Points 


There are blank cards in the UNO cards, but there is no use for this card. It is just for the show. 


The player who scores the early 500 points in the game becomes the winner of the game. However, you have to record all the points after each turn, and according to this calculation, the winner is decided. 


Going Out

Here comes the most interesting part of the game. So when you are playing UNO, and you are left with only one card with you, that time you have to speak UNO. It means you are going to finish your card, and you have only one UNO card. But if you forget to speak UNO with the last card and the other player saw this, they can be caught, and then you have to draw 4 cards as a penalty. 


This is an interesting twist in the game, and one mistake can lead you to have 4 extra cards, so make sure you are active while throwing the second last card and speak UNO in the game. 


Final Words

Card games are the best way to have fun if you are getting bored. These games are interesting and engaging. UNO is one of the best multiplayer card games in which a maximum of 10 players can play at a time. UNO rules are simple, and everyone can easily play this game. As you know UNO game rules, you can call your friends at your place and enjoy this game. Leave a valuable comment if you find this article informative and share your reviews about UNO cards. 



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