List Of The Best DNF Duel Characters

List Of The Best DNF Duel Characters

DNF DUEL CHARACTERS  –What position does your preferred DNF Duel characters hold? Learn more as we rank each of the sixteen!


Dnf duel release date is after several dnf duel beta males as well as several months of suspense, letting us to see the new actors and adjustments which have been added ever since. In this game, a lot might happen at any given time, making every encounter thrilling and different.

Nothing compares to DNF Duel’s exhilarating, in-the-moment action. 


Everything seems important since the game focuses on making each character feel powerful. Each battle and Dnf duel characters needs to be treated with respect because one mistake move, missing an attack, misreading the scenario, etc., will probably result in you getting destroyed by such a ten to twenty-hit combination.


On July 2, 2022, Seth Parmer updated: After the “dnf duel release date,” we also decided to update this list to include DNF Duel characters. Since the conclusion of the previous beta, a lot has changed, and more characters have been introduced, which has caused certain characters to rise or fall in the rankings. Did your preferred make the top ten? In this article, you will read about “dnf duel characters”.

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List Of DNF Duel Characters

  1. Grappler

If this were a different fighting game, Brawler would be a top fighter and regarded as “extremely powerful” by those who come under his wrath. Sadly, as this is dnf duel beta, every player in the gameplay feels somewhat broken, making it difficult for the Mixed martial artist to perform at the highest level.


In The Duel, closing the distance on your competitor is difficult, and the Grappler excels when engaging in close combat. While there are ways to avoid being hit by projectiles or strikes, needing to do so to have a chance of putting together a rapid combo can be taxing, especially if your opponent won’t let you force your path in without a battle.



Striker will start a run of continuous combo attacks on you if he hits you once, so you might as well put down your pad or stick, get a drink of water, and take a stroll instead. If that’s the situation, you might be beginning to wonder why she is so lesser on this list. The reason is that, like Grappler, she must repeatedly be here in her opposition player to make any progress.


Striker is a fun character and can be intimidating to opponents who haven’t developed a firm playstyle plan for her. She struggles in several areas, which makes her pressing against someone with just a little range seem disconnected. When you have nothing to counter with, as in the cases of Striker and Grappler, things will rapidly turn into an uphill battle because most opponents have extended alternatives, even outside of zoners.


3.Lost Warrior

The sole unlocked player in the game is Lost Warrior, and the work it takes to get them is quite well worth it because he is also a very strong and skilled combatant. He has powerful special attacks that cause a lot of damage, and if he attaches sufficient levels of his debuff to his opponent, he may even be able to freeze them in place for an extended length of time. What prevents him from being among the top five, then?



Kunoichi, a ninja who wields hand seal ninjutsu a la, a character from Naruto, is unquestionably among the coolest and finest in DNF Duel characters. She can call forth a sizable flaming toad, fire tornadoes, fireballs, and much more. Kunoichi is also a pleasure to perform and can be very intimidating to cope with. Still, compared to other characters, she has serious flaws that make many matchups feel unfair.


Kunoichi’s primary attack necessitates approaching close to your opponent, just like Striker and Grappler do. She is one of the strongest “close-range” attackers in the game because, unlike them, her incredible ninjutsu enables her to put pressure from a safe distance before dashing up on the opposition. Unfortunately, this won’t get her too far up the list because that’s a completely new kind of madness.

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Let’s start with Hitman as we wade through into the deep end of the pool of the “how does this a fictional character” segment. A mercenary with a katana and a mini-uzi who can put unimaginable pressure on his adversary. Interestingly, Hitman is mostly a close-range fighter while owning an SMG. Still, he has so many alternatives for handling every circumstance that he does not really suffer from it as some of the other characters already stated.


In most matchups, Hitman has amazing potential, but he can struggle against real zoners or opponents who can close the distance swiftly and mercilessly. He is still a great option if you prefer rush-down warriors specializing in close-quarters combat. It can occasionally be challenging to close in on your target. Still, once you do, there are so many routes you can follow that can prepare you for deadly combinations that it’s difficult not to rank him above the other characters mentioned.


6.Dragon Knight

Talking of characters with a lot of potentials, the Dragon Knight has enough, but she feels a little too secure in a few key areas, preventing her from being mentioned as one of the best of the best. She can suffer versus competitors who dominate at a distance or can bridge the gap with quick and destructive attacks. Still, her charming dragon companion, Astra, enables her to apply some pressure or extend combinations in inventive and fascinating ways.


Even so, Dragon Knight does not appear as a “bad” character when all is said and done. She only needs a level of concentration that can be difficult to pinpoint because her playstyle depends heavily on summoning Astra. Incorporating this into regular attack strings can be difficult without complicating things in multiple ways. She would actually be among the top five, and she’s in the beta if the remaining characters weren’t so crazy, but nevertheless…



Some of the greatest characters to be revealed during The Duel was Enchantress, who displayed her mastery of puppetry and the diversity of methods she could use to annihilate opponents from a distance. Enchantress’ biggest flaw, to put it simply, is that she is among the most difficult characters to learn and deal with. She might not “woooooow” you like many other game protagonists, although she can carry her own with combat.



Warrior, among the few sheer edge-guard in DNF Duel beta, kicks off the top ten with a bang. He uses his dual rifles and pistols to keep constant pressure on his adversary from such a safe distance. In dnf duel beta, zoners are a unique type of chaos. Your opponent can be easily juggled while you merely stand still at the other end of the stage because their regular or heavy attacks almost always throw particles at the opponent, cover a great deal of ground, and link together into additional projectiles.


Ranger is not by any means the finest zoner in the game, even though he can be tough to deal with. Although the tools he has available are good, they are extremely “by the rules” in regards of what a zoner should be in a match like dnf duel beta. Yet as you will discover in a moment, he is only the beginning of the craziness.

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Let’s focus on Vanguard, one of the finest neutral players in the game, who exploits his spear to establish himself as one of the characters with the best-ranged assaults. Vanguard is not a zoner, but he can catch opponents off guard with exceedingly lengthy pokes and jabs that, if successful, will result in absurd combinations.


Moreover, Vanguard has armored weapons that make it difficult for the other player to move in and attack because he will simply consume the assault, receive no harm, and cause them to glow instead. He’s not the finest player in DNF Duel Beta is overall, but he’s a pretty darn good one and simple to understand.



Our female priest Inquisitor will come after her and chastise you for any transgression she may have committed. She really is a strong personality with just one ability, the ability to conjure a huge blazing wheel with the biggest games that can be played you might have ever seen to stop you in your tracks. If you were unlucky enough to get caught inside the spokes of hell, this action will either lock you into such a guarded state for several seconds or will do massive damage to you.

Investigator has access to various actions besides her death wheel, which she may use to keep pressure and carry out combos swiftly and effectively. She successfully achieves her objective: lock down her opponent, keep them thinking, and punish them as soon as they miss the mark or make a mistake. In DNF Duel, she might not make for the most interesting player to watch or watch, but she is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most effective.

In additional to her death disc, Investigators have a wide range of other actions, which she may employ to maintain pressure and execute combos quickly and efficiently. She succeeds in her goal of pinning down her opponent, keeping them on the defensive, and punishing them as fast as they fall short or make a mistake. She may not be the most entertaining player to watch and play in DNF Duel, but she is unquestionably one of the best and most powerful.


The sole and sole Ghostblade, a relatively different adventure added to the last beta and left incredibly positive first impressions for those who tried him out, just missed the boats for the five top characters. It should come as no surprise that Ghostblade is still very strong in the game’s final version, and now that everyone can use him in training mode to discover new combo pathways and broaden his toolkit, he’s even stronger.


Barbarian, a rush down warrior with several tactics under his sleeve that put himself in a category of his own, brutally slashes his path to the top five. The most important element of the Berserker’s playstyle and one of his distinguishing characteristics is his capacity to reach a Frenzied state, which provides him access to new abilities and attack strings. One of them is a Blood Twister, which causes his opponent to move closer to him so he can start combinations.

In addition, Berserker will get a second greatsword while in his Fevered state, allowing for more intense combo paths and damage and enhancing his already formidable strength. Berserker is a joy to play and a pain to deal with at any skill level.


Troubleshooter enters the top five with style, alcohol, and deeply annoying attacks. He is armed with a greatsword and a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. Troubleshooters can fire missiles and an exploding rope net at an opposing player to grip them down or put them in an awkward position. He also has an incredible selection of almost all of his actions.

In addition, nearly every move Troubleshooter makes his victim into the air, making it simple for him to follow this up with combinations. Yet, there’s still more! He can also drink from his flask to replenish his grey health, increasing his ability to inflict more harm. He can also stretch his attack strings and create more obscene combos by using the game’s “Convert” feature. Troubleshooter is the best because he excels in every area he must.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “dnf duel characters”. I hope the language in this post is clear regarding dnf duel release date and dnf duel beta.


Q1) who are the playable characters in dnf duel?

Ans- Berserker, Inquisitor, Grappler, Striker, Ranger, Hitman, Dragon Knight, Vanguard, Kunoichi, Crusader, Ghostblade, Launcher, Troubleshooter, Swift Master, Enchantress, and Lost Warrior are among the 16 playable in DNF Duel characters.

Q2) how many characters are in dungeon and fighter?

Ans- One character can be unlocked by finishing the game’s Story Mode, and 16 characters launch depending on the numerous unique classes of Dungeon Fighter Online.

Q3) what voices kunoichi in dnf duel?

Ans- Rangers Orochi’s Kunoichi has a Japanese voice provided by Yuko Nagashima and an English translation by GK Bowes.

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