How to Get the R2ModMan Mod Manager and Where to Get It

How to Get the R2ModMan Mod Manager and Where to Get It

r2modmanRisk of Rain 2 is the roguelike sequel to the action-packed 2013 original. Your mission is to return to the planet’s surface and learn what became of the missing courier ship. Since it is a roguelike, the game may be played several times, and there is also a robust community of modders. This article will teach you how to get the Risk of Rain 2 download link and use the r2modman mod manager.

Where can I get the Risk of Rain 2 Mod Manager (r2modman)?

In addition to r2modman, games like Dyson Sphere Programme, Valheim, GTFO, Outward, ROUNDS, and r2modman Mod Manager are supported. The official website hosts the r2modman Mod Manager download. If you have Thunderstore Mod Manager, you may use it to install it; however, many gamers avoid that app due to the advertising they display. Just hit the Download User Guide button.

Once you’ve downloaded file, unpack its contents into a new directory. The file inside should be named r2modman Setup.exe, with the version numbers appended to the beginning of the filename. Start it up and follow the prompts to set up the mod manager.

Launch r2modman now. To find Risk of Rain 2, use the search bar that appears after clicking the blue box. Once you choose the game that should show below, you’ll be asked on which system you have Risk of Rain 2.

The risk of Rain 2’s mod pack is being downloaded by r2modman at this time. To begin modding, you must create a “profile,” a new game installation. This helps investigate faulty add-ons, but you shouldn’t have any issues with the default profile.

After logging in, choose the Online menu item on the left to see a complete add-ons catalog for Risk of Rain 2. You may download the ones you want, and they’ll set themselves up for you. To begin playing with the mods, choose “Start modded” from the menu on the upper left. 


Our tutorial on using the r2modman Mod Manager for Risk of Rain 2 is complete. Leave a comment if you have any more questions or want assistance with the installation.


Can the possibility of the risk of rain be modified in any way?

Most Risk of Rain 2 modifications can be found on the website Thunderstore; thus, using r2ModMan, a mod manager that can download modules straight from that site, is strongly advised.

What is r2ModMan?

A straightforward mod manager for Dyson Sphere Programme, Valheim, GTFO, and Risk of Rain 2.

What about Risk of Rain 2 without the downloadable content?

Remember that just the session host requires the DLC for everyone in the lobby to access its features. Those who don’t pay for the DLC will be unable to access the new survivors or preserve their progress in the DLC.


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