Study Guide for the Carian Elden Ring

Study Guide for the Carian Elden Ring

Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring is a tiny, optional dungeon best suited for spell casters and risk-takers. You may reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia in East Liurnia of the Lakes. The study hall is tiny and has few adversaries, but the one it does have is one of the game’s most complicated since it constantly spams magic strikes. Many people ask about significant aspects related to carian study hall. 

This guide will cover the regular and inverted strategies for defeating Preceptor Miriam of carian study hall. The way through the library and up to the top of Liurnia’s Divine Tower will also be mapped out for you.

Tactics for Conquering Preceptor Miriam

The fact that you can’t call on other players or Spirit Ashes makes the study hall a particularly challenging experience. You only take the wooden elevator to the upper floors when you get inside. When you reach the second floor, you should proceed with caution. There are three Golden Runes to your right. Keep an eye on the ceiling, for there are Fingercreepers up there ready to pounce on you. Once you reach the top of the stairs, the boss battle will begin immediately to your left.

Try to force your way into Preceptor Miriam’s office. Either you may rush unthinkingly at her and knock her out of her spells, or you can slowly eliminate the weaker foes one by one. You may utilize the railing around her spawn point to shield yourself from her spells while fending off the ghosts. When it happens, you may charge towards her and start throwing punches. When her health is low enough, she’ll teleport centrally away.

You can rush her again while evading missiles and ignoring the ghosts or take out the lesser adversaries individually to ensure they don’t pose a problem later. Preceptor Miriam shouldn’t have to worry about being rushed since these ghosts move slowly and do melee damage. Once again, you may use as many melee attacks as you want until she teleports to the top floor. The ghosts above may strike from a distance, distracting you from the monster unless you deal with them first. You may utilize the handrails on the lower level to shield yourself from Miriam’s thrown objects.

Once again, she’ll teleport out of there. The carian study hall elden ring Staff is buried here for the taking. If you want to settle things with Preceptor Miriam, you may take the wooden elevator to the third level to the left. In this second phase, melee strikes are countered by ranged ones. When you enter the library, she will do all she can to avoid eye contact. The railings are convenient for use as a barrier. Ranged combat is preferable here since she may quickly teleport out of harm’s path if you attempt to rush her.

The carian study hall elden ring is round and surrounded by railings, making it easier to avoid being surrounded by ghosts and difficult to harm due to Preceptor Miriam’s distance. After you’ve defeated her, utilize the nearby ladder to ascend to the ceiling. There will undoubtedly be rats in the loft. After you reach the top of the first ladder, another one will be directly to your right. The Cerulean Seed 

Talisman may be found by following this path.

If you’re playing the original version of Carian study hall, beating Preceptor Miriam will net you the Magical Downpour spell.

How to Find Your Way Around the Inverted Carian Library?

The Carian study hall Elden ring Inverted Statue is required to flip the classroom upside down. After returning the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni, you will be rewarded with this item. Use the desk to place the statue in the Grace Study Hall Entrance Site. Removing the statue may restore The study room to its former state. If you change your mind and want to go back to investigate anything, you can always switch it back.

The location of the wooden lift will change when it is inverted. Instead, it would help if you lowered yourself down while hugging the left wall. Three little Fingercreepers will be waiting for you just inside the window opening. You should be ready to cope with these people since they may quickly stagger and trap you within that narrow space. Before entering, you may try to fight them from a distance or lure them outside. You should address them first since they might cause issues if you don’t.

When leaving via the window, keep to the wall’s left side. Currently, there are two Preceptor Miriams for you to take on. For now, let’s focus on directions to the far end of the library and the tower. 

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How to Win an Upside-Down Fight against Preceptor Miriam in the Elden Ring?

Using ranged attacks against Preceptor Miriam’s second iteration would be best. She’ll be just across from you as you look out the window where you and the little Fingercreepers came out. This is an ideal range for doing ranged damage while remaining unharmed. Simply getting back up will prevent you from being struck. After that, you may return to the cliff face and launch a magical or archery assault. She’ll teleport out once her life is in danger’s later stages. She suddenly appears behind the archway at which she is standing.

Repeat steps 1–4 to reach her second location. Drop down while hugging the left wall. Once you’ve done that, you may walk or leap atop this arch. Two tiny Fingercreepers and a phantom knight lurk in this area, so tread carefully. While fighting these lesser foes, Miriam will attempt to strike you from here; to avoid her attacks, travel closer to the other border of the arena.

Once these lesser foes have been eliminated, you can turn right to finish her off with melee attacks or continue damage from the archway. You may approach her from behind and do direct harm by going down the slope on the right. It would be best to beat Preceptor Miriam in the Inverted Carian study hall to get the Lucidity sorcery.



What is the procedure for entering the Carian Library?

If you return with the sword, Ranni will reward you with the Carian study hall Inverted Statue. Now that the whole Carian Study Hall is accessible return the Hourglass to the pedestal and explore to your heart’s delight. 

What is the secret of the Carian Study Hall?

A hidden passage in the Carian study hall leads to Liurnia’s Divine Tower. The Carian Inverted Statue is a reward for completing Ranni’s storyline. A scenario will begin after you set this statue on the base in front of the Celestial Globe in the foyer of the study.

How can I get the steps in the Carian Library down?

Then, you should go carefully around the beams. The inverted staircase you saw previously should now be in sight. There is a panel here that you may walk over. Because of this, the whole stairwell will descend like a lift.

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Because Rennala’s Great Rune is utilized for rebirth rather than a personal boost, the Liurnia of the Lakes shard bearer does not use the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Instead, Ranni the Witch’s storyline makes use of the tower. Yet another miniboss stands between you and the tower. To be a noble of the Godskin race. Here is where you may equip your horse, allowing you to avoid the Godskin while riding away. After you’ve conquered the boss, the Godskin Noble armor set is yours. The Stargazer Heirloom Talisman and the Cursemark of Death, both necessary for Ranni’s quest, may be found at the tower’s peak.

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