Surf Gear: A Beginners Guide To Surfing Essentials

Surf Gear: A Beginners Guide To Surfing Essentials

Are you a surfing enthusiast? Or are you planning to go on a surfing trip with your friends? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the surf gear is what you need. 

A surf gear should include the basic essentials for surfing like a surfboard. Other than this, surf gear will also help you in performing those nail-biting stunts on the waves. In case you are a beginner, then also surf gear is what you will need for the adventurous activity of surfing. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the things which must be part of your surf gear. We will also explore some of the product options which you can get for yourself. 

Surf Gear

these are some of the surf gear essential which you should have:


A surfboard is one of the most basic necessities for the activity of surfing. However, choosing the right surfboard can be a task in itself. 

There are numerous surfboard options that you can choose for yourself. If you are a beginner in the field of surfing, then going for a soft-top fibreglass surfing board is what you should do. These boards are forgiving and best for rookies. Most of these boards are made of polyethene foam which provides buoyancy that you will appreciate. The buoyancy of these boards helps a great deal when you learn to surf those waves. 

In the start, the be set option is to go for boards between 8 or 9 sizes. The boards of this size help in catching the larger waves easily. In short, they will let you surf like a professional. 

Surf Leash

Do you want to learn those are bailing moves with your surfing board? Well, you must as it is an essential thing, especially for beginners. 

However, learning to do it can sometimes lead to the loss of the board itself. This is where leash surf comes into play. A leash surf helps in keeping the board attached to your body, and this is why it is an essential item in surf gear or else you may lose the board in waves. It will keep the board tethered to the ankle while

You go for duck diving, popping up and paddling. In general, the size of the leash surf should be equal to the size of the surfboard. 

Some things when you should look for in a leash surf before purchasing include: 

  • Size should be equal to board as shorter sizes may make surfing difficult. 
  • The material
  • Selection plays an important role. This goes for types that provide grip while staying tangle-free. 
  • The leash must also be strong enough to handle quick movements and your body weight. This is essential as otherwise, it may break off if you fall off the board while performing any movements. 

These are some of the things which you should look for in the surf leash. 


A wetsuit is what can make or break your surfing experience. This is because it helps in keeping the body temperatures in control. You don’t want to be shivering from cold water while enjoying your surfing. Do you? This is why a wetsuit is an essential part of surf gear. 

The wetsuit types also differ according to the weather in the area where you will surf. These are two common types of wetsuit you can get: 

Cold Wetsuit

The cold water wetsuits are ideal for areas where the water temperature goes below normal. For example, if you are going surfing those Iceland waves, then a cold wetsuit is what you need. In such areas, the thickness of the material in the wetsuit increases to provide you with better protection against temperatures. 

In other areas where the water temperatures are slightly higher, the thickness decreases.

Shortie Wetsuit

The shortie wetsuits are an ideal choice for areas where the temperatures are normal. They are great for areas where the water temperatures vary between 60 to 70 Fahrenheit. 

The shortie wetsuit is a knee size type of wetsuit. These are specifically designed for the summer seasons and hot climate areas. The good thing about the shortie wetsuits is that they allow more freedom of leg movement. 

What To Look For In A Wetsuit?

When purchasing a wetsuit, you should look for some specific things. These are:

  • The material of the wetsuit should be durable and stretchable. However, it should not go loose after some uses in areas like the knees. 
  • The thickness of the wetsuit is another important factor. However, the thickness of the wetsuit depends on you and in which areas you will be surfing. This is because the cold and summer suit thickness will be different. 
  • Insulation properties of the suit are another important factor. This is a vital thing, especially in cold water wetsuits. 
  • Price. The budget you decide for your surf gear will also play a role. But this doesn’t mean you will get a low-quality product. There are many companies which offer good quality at budget prices.

These are some of the things you should consider before buying a wetsuit. One thing which will help

You have to put some effort and do some research into various products. This will help you in getting the right suit for your surf gear.

Sun Protection 

Do you live in a tropical climate region? Well, then you know how important role sun protection plays in surfing. 

However, no matter the climate, region, or age, protecting oneself against the sun is essential. This is why the use of long sleeve sun protection swimwear is vital. The good thing about the long sleeve swimsuits is that they also help you avoid the hassle of wearing an extra bikini layer underneath. They are specifically a good option for women. 

For men, the long sleeve sun protection wear helps them in various other things. They can act as some quick-dry protection against the rash. So including some sun protection swimwear in the surf gear can help a great deal to both men and women. It is an essential thing even if you are not heading to any tropical region anytime soon. 

Season Extenders

Do you want to enjoy surfing year-round? If yes, then including some season extender into your surf gear is essential. 

The season extenders are things like gloves and booties pair. When you invest in such season extender things, they will let you enjoy the surfing no matter the season. You can go surfing on a windy day, a cold day, or a cloudy day. So, include these things along with the hood to have that round the year surfing fun. 

So include these accessories into your surf gear and go for enjoying that surf on windy, cold or even chilly days. 

Surf Wax 

Do you think investing in surfboard wax is a waste of money? Or do you think it is not an important part of the surf gear? Well, then you are in for some regret when you go surfing. 

Surf wax is an essential part of the surf gear as it helps you in maintaining the grip on the surfboard. It is something that helps you in staying atop the board even when you are riding those big mean waves. 

You should consider the following things before you go for a surf wax:

  • The wax you purchase must be in accordance with the water temperatures. This is essential
  • As different types of wax come from different temperatures. Thus a cold climate wax may, instead of making the board slip-free make it slippery.
  • The wax you purchase must also be environmentally friendly. It is something which you can do to play your part in keeping the oceans clean. 
  • The packaging of the wax should be environment friendly and easy to use. It should also be waterproof to protect it from water seeping in. 

These are some of the things which you should consider before purchasing surf wax. The environment-friendly options may sometimes be slightly costlier than others, but they are worth it. 

These are some of the surf gear essentials which you should have for your next surfing trip. The good thing about these essentials is that they are easily available, and budget options are available. 

Final Words

Are you going on a surfing trip? Do you want it to be hassle-free? Well, then investing in surf gear essentials is what you should do. 

There are various things like surf wax and leash, which are an important part of surf gear. These things help in enjoying surfing without any problems so investing in them is a good idea. 

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