Stray Walkthrough: Complete Guide 

Stray Walkthrough is a story game for PS5 and PS4 where you play as a cute little cat. Made by BlueTwelve Studio and shared by Annapurna Interactive, this is a game where you move in one direction. It is set in the future and populated by robots. You use your cat-like skills to jump around and solve puzzles.

In this guide about stray trophy guides, we will look at everything the game can give us. If you need help while playing Stray Walkthrough, this is the place for you.

Getting Started in Stray Walkthrough

Stray may not be the hardest video game, but if you like to get ready before playing a new one, this part of Game Rant’s complete guide to Stray is perfect for you. In this place, players can find some tips and tricks to help them start well. They will also get answers to questions often asked about the Stray game.

Main Story Stray Walkthrough

The main story of Stray has 12 parts. Most of these parts happen in different places. This full Stray guide helps you play the game in a science-fiction world. Sometimes it can be tough, but this stray walkthrough will help you out. 

In this part of the guide, players will find easy-to-follow steps for finishing the main story and help with some tricky puzzles in the game.

All Collectibles in Stray

In Stray, the main type of things to collect are called Memories. There are 27 in all. Players can also find six badges to get, along with eight music sheets and four cans of energy drinks. Finding all the hidden things in the Stray game can be hard, but playing with these guides should get easier.

Miscellaneous Stray Trophies & Achievements

This part of Game Rant’s Total Stray guide will talk a bit about extra Trophies and Achievements that gamers can get while playing the game. It is important to know that some trophies and achievements in the game are connected with collectables. 

So, players who want to unlock everything might also look at the guides given above.

The Best Stray Mods

Since Stray came out on PC as well as PS4 and PS5, the group that makes changes to games had lots of fun with this indie computer game about a cat in a futuristic world. They made many new things without permission. There is one that changes the main character to Garfield and adds a Siamese cat, along with some other looks based on real pets made by creators. 

In this part of the guide, we will show some great Stray mods. We will also tell you how and where to get them for downloading.

Some FAQs

How much time does it take to finish Stray completely?

Look at the world like a lost dog and play with your surroundings in fun ways. How long is Stray? When paying attention to the main goals, Stray is about 5 hours long. If you like playing games and want to see every part of it, you might spend about 10 hours getting a 100% completion.

When you complete Stray, what occurs?

Once you are done with the Stray game, the final movie part will run and then bring you back to the main screen. From here, the only real choice is to begin playing again. The Platinum Trophy is a very exciting one to receive.

How many parts are in Stray?

Stray has twelve parts split into chapters in this guide. These parts can be played at any time after they are opened, and each one contains Memories to collect. These Memories share the story of life in the Walled City.

What is the secret code in Stray?

Climb on the counter and move towards the sign and picture. Interact with it, and the cat will knock off the picture from the wall to reveal the code underneath 1283. This is the password for the alley safe, so remember it or take a picture (or just save this guide).

Does Stray have another ending?

In Stray, there is only one finish that cannot be changed. Extra tasks like getting all the sheet music, drink cans, and memories won’t give you a special video scene or let you change anything extra. It’s also important to know that the cat doesn’t get killed at the end of the game.


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