Advice From The Top 25 Woodland Sons

Advice From The Top 25 Woodland Sons

Sons of the Forest guide – like its predecessor, is a survival game with challenging gameplay mechanics. Wild animals and mutants, in addition to the effects of the weather, will pose a significant threat to new players. If you want to know about the sons of the forest guide, then you have come to the right place.

However, if you follow the advice in this guide, you won’t have any trouble venturing across the sons of the forest guide in search of the resources you’ll need to stay alive.

First Base: Gameplay Strategies

Put your initial base construction near a river or other water supply. Any supply of drinkable water is welcome. A tent, constructed using the game’s “quick build” feature, is a suitable first shelter. For the first couple of days, that should be sufficient.

Because there is no auto-save function in the game, having a haven is also crucial for keeping your progress in the sons of the forest guide. So, if you’re starting a new game of Sons of the Forest on your own, one of the best things you can do is construct a tent. However, in a multiplayer setting, everyone must sleep in their bed and clean up after themselves.

Injury Caused by a fall

Any jump from a great height or off a cliff will deal significant damage and may even be fatal, as fall damage is implemented in the game. As a result, you should exercise caution when walking near cliffs. This is one of the best practices in the sons of the forest guide. 


There are significant suitcases on the map, which contain valuable loot. They could have valuable loot that can be used to create new tools. Tape, arrows, medicine, and much more might be among them. Always keep an eye out for them as you explore the landscape. There are a lot of them around the mountain where the helicopter crashed. There are many steps in the sons of the forest guide. 

Stay out of the fight.

One of the most essential advice in sons of the forest guide is to avoid fights whenever possible. The first few days should be spent primarily on information gathering and map exploring. Cannibals are plentiful at first, but they won’t bother you. On day one, it’s best to ignore and avoid them. You can fight the cannibals however you like once you have enough supplies and weapons.

Items for Human Consumption

Food can be found in abundance among the sons of the forest guide. However, keep in mind that not all of them are beneficial to your health. A question mark will appear next to any food item you encounter for the first time. Only by eating it will you find out what it is. On subsequent viewings, however, it will be color-coded as “red” or “green.” The colour red indicates that the item is unhealthy, while green indicates that it can be eaten without risk.

Red Masked Man

The Red Mask is a one-of-a-kind and crucial piece of equipment in Sons of the Forest, as it indicates to the cannibals that you are on their side. You’ll need a 3D printer and some time to make this item, but once you do, you can safely explore any cave or cannibal camp without worrying about getting into a fight.

Experienced Initial Death

As Cannibals

It’s to be expected that a player still learning the game’s ropes will perish in the early going. But have no fear; your first death at the hands of the cannibals will occur within their camp. They will probably throw you in jail and tie you up with ropes.

You must use your knife to sever the ropes holding you in place to escape them. After that, you should take everything you can from the camp and escape. If you initiate combat with them, you will only get attacked by the early-game AI mobs.

Atop Caves

However, things change if you meet your end in a cave. A sack will enclose you in a cave; you’ll have to use your knife to slash it open to escape. Searching the area for valuables and returning to cover afterwards is possible.

Quick Inventory / Packing

One of the best pieces of the sons of the forest guide is to use Quick Pack to arrange your inventory for rapid item swapping. You’ll be able to quickly make repairs or equip new gear, allowing you to handle urgent situations


You won’t have to unfold your worktable to use the Quick Pack. Instead, you’ll need to keep the inventory button/key bound pressed to access the Quick Pack and put them on. You get to decide what goes in here to maximize its usefulness.


The concept of crafting can be confusing to players just starting. It would help if you first looked for a few glaring clues to understand your crafting mat. There will be black lines over everything that you can’t make. Furthermore, all items you can make with your current resources will have their colours from natural materials.

She has a much more comprehensive range of abilities than Kelvin. Her talents include assisting with:

Calling attention to potential threats.

She will use the weapon you give her to help you kill your enemies.

She will tag along as you investigate various areas of the map. You can equip her with a GPS tracker and other valuable tools by providing them to her.


The game’s seasons and weather are integral components. The game’s seasons vary in length, with summer and winter being the exceptions due to their extreme length. Natural alterations, such as frozen water sources and snow, reveal the passage of the seasons.

Robot Companions

As soon as the game begins, it is best to prioritize gathering all the items you need. The next step is to use the map’s markers to find your friends. These friends can significantly assist when searching for materials and making various items.


You’ll be able to talk to Kelvin right from the get-go. He’s near where the helicopter went down, so you can give him a hand if you want to. Due to his inability to hear, Kelvin must rely on the written instructions in the notebook.

Furthermore, his assignments depend on context and circumstance and are not always accessible. For instance, he will only respond to fishing-related commands if he is close to a fishing hole. Here are some of the things he can do for you:

Collect resources like food (like berries), sticks, arrows, and other tools.

Construct or finish dwellings, coverings, and fires.

Come along with you wherever you go.

Relax, and find a safe place to stay for a while.

Find your enemies and let you know where they are.


Virginia is the second non-playable character (NPC) you can recruit as a friend in the game, and she has six appendages total. It’s a bit more challenging to get her, though. Once she completely trusts you, only then will she become your companion. Make it work by maintaining a calm atmosphere and staying out of her way. She will make her way to you slowly.

Except for winter, the game’s seasons have no discernible impact on your progress through the game. Among our helpful suggestions for Sons of the Forest, this is the one that needs the most attention. The environment and your character’s actions may change depending on the season. In the winter, for instance, your character will feel cold and may perish without access to sufficient heat. During the colder months, the player is responsible for:

To keep himself warm, he wore clothing and used acceptable heat sources.

Frozen conditions make it imperative that you devise a strategy for acquiring water despite this fact.

You may need to adjust your hunting methods for the colder months.

Get as much wood as you can for your fires to burn longer.

Preserve canned and packaged goods as a winter reserve.

In addition, winter typically lasts for five days, with the first five days falling between days 10 and 15. You can get through the winter by staying in bed.

Seasons Apart

The game’s other seasons are gentler and have their own advantages.

In the summer and spring, when the rivers are thawing, and fish growth is prolific, fish can be an essential food source.

Your protagonist will dress casually; no seasonal adjustments or special precautions will be needed.

There will be plenty of water to go around.

More animals and fruits will appear, providing a sufficient food supply.

Things to Remember

The 3D printer is the most crucial piece of equipment you need immediately. Advice on how to make the most of Sons of the Forest’s 3D Printer is comprised of:

You can make things like a sledge, a water flask, a red mask, and protective tech armour with a 3D printer.

The location of a 3D printer can be found by following the Green pin. Someday, you’ll unearth it in a forgotten bunker or cave. Resin is an uncommon crafting material used by 3D printers. So, put it to good use. There are a thousand millilitres of resin in the printer and a few more on the shelves nearby.


The can opener is in the mountainous area near where the helicopter crashed.

Different Stuff

There are also some supplementary materials present that are required for the acquisition of other materials or the creation of new ones. They already have comprehensive manuals available to them.







Advice for Exploration


At the game’s outset, you will be given a map as the most fundamental piece of gear. It will cover the entirety of the sons of the forest guide world and feature icons denoting the locations of critical items and other landmarks. One of the most important things you can do in Sons of the Forest is to learn how to use the map to your advantage. Use the mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in or out of the map. Because cave entrances are so small, the large map can only show them if you zoom in very far.

Shelters for Storing Resources

On opposite sides of the mountain are two frozen caves where you won’t find any enemies. Please don’t overlook the caves; they may hold valuable resources.

Packing Cases

In addition to the suitcases, several types of wooden crates are strewn about the environment. Crates should be opened immediately because they may contain essential resources that cannot be found elsewhere.

Advice on the Art of Crafting


When the game begins, the player receives instructions. Everything you need to know to construct in-game buildings is included. To open the manual, just hit the B key on your keyboard.

If you hold it in your right hand, you can access the quick-build mode; if you hold it in your left, you can access the pre-built mode. The buttons at the page’s footer allow you to quickly cycle through several layout options, while the navigation panel on the right lets you quickly jump to a specific part of the page.

Making a Bunch of Stuff

Put everything you’ll need to make several items on your crafting mat. After that point, you can keep clicking the item to craft it until it runs out of materials. You can make as many arrows as you have stones, sticks, and feathers by throwing everything at once.


In the forest, fires can quickly spread. Therefore, be cautious about where you put it. You can use this to your benefit, but it can also work against you in the son of the forest cross. The fire could spread to your base and destroy your belongings if it is located nearby. Furthermore, you can start a fire to burn all the mutants and cannibals in a particular area.


There are very few opportunities to create healing items. These are some excellent places to find healing supplies:

Caves, cannibal camps, and bunkers are good places to look for healing supplies but beware of the hostile mutants and cannibals that call these places home. The healing plant Aloe Vera is scarce but essential in a son of the forest cross. Keep an eye out for it in areas close to sources of water. Two Aloe Vera plants are in a small pond near the helicopter landing site just below the mainstream.

In Sons of the Forest, healing is a challenging endeavour. However, there is a trick that can simplify things. If you’re in the thick of battle and realize you need medical attention, you can put the fight on hold while you get better. To get better, use the medications in the first aid kit. Once the health bars are back to full, start the clock and continue the battle. However, this strategy is only applicable when playing solo.


Are the Sons of the Forest enjoyable?

While still in Early Access, Sons of the Forest has garnered much praise for its promising storyline, updated visuals, and gameplay tweaks that expand upon the original’s success.

Why do they call themselves “sons of the forest”?

Steam’s Sons of the Forest. You were dispatched to a cannibal-infested wasteland on an isolated island in search of a missing billionaire. Create, construct, and fight for your survival in this terrifying new open-world survival horror simulator, alone or with friends.

Can one safely explore the forest by themselves?

The forest supports up to eight players in a shared lobby, but it can also be played solo as a test of player mettle. Despite the mutants and cannibals trying to devour the player, playing solo can be a lonely experience.

Concluding Remarks

We’ve compiled 25 survival strategies for Sons of the Forest. These will ensure your survival and help you overcome the game’s obstacles. These things add to the game’s appeal, even though they can be challenging to complete. The above-listed portion describes the sons of the forest guide in detail.


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