How to Play Pokeno Game? Rules & Gameplay Instructions

How to Play Pokeno Game? Rules & Gameplay Instructions

Pokeno Game – Do you want to make your poker night more fun and exciting but need to know how to begin? With these rules of Pokeno Game, you will get to know how simple it is to play and spice up your poker night.

Pokeno Game is a mix of two popular games, Keno and Poker. In Poker, the best hand wins, while in Keno, you must match certain numbers to win on your player board.

You have three options for how to play: keep score, use poker chips, or even bet real money. It is up to you to decide how you want to enjoy the game.

What do you understand about Pokeno Game?

Pokeno Game is a fun board and card game that mixes two well-known games, Keno, and Poker. It is like Bingo, but rather than calling out and marking numbers, you use cards from a regular 52-card deck to mark off on your board.

What You Will Need to Play Pokeno Game:

To play Pokeno Game, you will need the following items that come in the game box:

  • Big player boards- 12 
  • Po-Ke-No chips-200 
  • Decks of cards (one blue and one red) and an extra Brybelly deck (red) as a bonus-2.

In Pictures Rules Of Pokeno Game

Step 1:

It is a game that 2 to 12 players can play. Every player receives a set of chips and a player board.

Step 2:

Next, the dealer mixes up the cards and reveals the top card to all the players. They announce the card so everyone knows.

Step 3:

Now, all the players look for the card that was announced on their boards. If they get it, they put a chip on top of it to mark it.

Step 4:

If players collect 5 chips in a row, they call “Out!” to finish the round. Then they count their score depending on their “hand” (in this case, 2 Pairs cost 2 points or chips).

Step 5:

Once you complete the number of turns you decide to play, the player with the most chips or score becomes the winner of the game.

Pokeno Game Playing Guide:

Playing Pokeno Game is easy and simple. First, decide if you want to use real money for gambling, use chips, or just keep the score on paper.

You might also want to plan if you play a certain number of rounds, and the person with the most money or the highest score after those rounds will be the winner.

Here are the steps to play the game: 

  • You will need a standard deck of 52 cards, poker chips, and Pokeno Game boards. You can purchase Pokeno Game boards online or at most game stores.
  • The dealer will shuffle the deck of cards and deal one card face-up to each player. The dealer then deals five cards face up in the centre of the table. These are the community cards.
  • The chips are placed in the spaces that match the cards that have been dealt. For example, if the player has 5 hearts on their board, they would place a chip on the space that says “5”.
  • If any player has a card that matches the card that was just turned over, they can place a chip on that space on their board.
  • The dealer continues to turn over cards, and players can continue placing chips on their boards until all the cards have been dealt.
  • The game then starts again with a new dealer.


Pokeno Game 5 Card 

You follow the usual rules in this version, but the round does not end when one person gets 5 in a row. It keeps going until all players get 5 in a row. The player with the highest-valued “hand is the winner.”

Black Jack Pokeno Game:

In this version, the dealer has their own player board and plays opposing the other players. The round finishes when the dealer gets 5 in a row on their board.

Roulette Pokeno Game 

In this version, players (except the dealer) get their player board. Together, all players decide on the amount of money the game’s winner will receive as a prize.

Next, each player puts a chip on their player board on one card. This card will be a part of two rows (one horizontal and one vertical). The aim is to be the 1st player to get 5 chips in one of these rows.

You can only put chips on the two rows you selected on your board; no other rows are allowed.

The dealer will show only 25 cards. If no player gets 5 chips in a row before the dealer’s cards are finished, the dealer wins. Elsewise, the player who first gets 5 in a row wins the game.

Some FAQs

What are the rules for choosing a dealer?

In Pokeno Game, the dealer is chosen randomly at the start of the game. One way to do this is to have each player draw a card from the deck. The player with the highest card is the dealer.

What are the rules for betting chips?

In Pokeno Game, players can bet any amount of chips on each round. The amount of chips you bet is up to you. However, it is important to remember that you can only win the chips that you bet.

What are the rules for winning the game?

There are two ways to win the Pokeno Game:

  • Get four chips in a row in any direction, including diagonally.
  • Get four of a type.

If no player has four chips in a row or four of a kind, the player with the most chips wins the pot.



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