Best Places To Steal In Escape From Tarkov’s Reserve

Best Places To Steal In Escape From Tarkov’s Reserve

Reserve Map Tarkov – The Escape from Tarkov map of the reserve is now at a peculiar location. It used to be a high-paying dangerous map. After a series of reductions, the map’s treasure is now precarious since rival maps like Streets of Tarkov and Lighthouse provide greater financial rewards.

However, with players’ attention diverted to more recent maps, the reserve is now more open, which creates opportunities for those who are particularly well-versed on the map or who just like its aesthetics and gameplay. Let’s discuss everything you should know about reserve map tarkov in detail.

Regardless, the reserve map tarkov is a fun terrain to play in. Escape from Tarkov and an excellent place to make money and find uncommon stuff. This guide will teach you where to get the most valuable stuff, how to go across the area most efficiently, and what to do overall.

In Escape from Tarkov, here are some general hints for looting the Reserve area.

If you’ve read any of our earlier guides, such as those detailing the most incredible spots on escape from reserve map tarkov, you know that they’re ordered from best to worst in terms of treasure. The map reserve, the most dynamic in the game, will be played in a new format.

As an alternative to standard ordering, we will provide a list of the top places with brief descriptions of each. Reserve’s open spawns make the opening five minutes of a raid the most difficult, as with all Tarkov maps.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Reserve terrain, players in reserve map tarkov often seek shelter in the closest structure.

Scav Reserve Boss Glukhar may spawn in anywhere from two to six different spots simultaneously, making him very random. The bounty for his head and that of his guards is high. Farming the raiders that spawn as the raid progresses is a dangerous but potentially lucrative tactic.

The reserve’s fringes offer easy loot, yet few people go there. More specifically, the warehouses are to the north, while the indicated chamber is towards the northwest.

An Optimal Method for Using Reserve Maps

Investing heavily in a Red Rebel is an excellent plan. If you didn’t already know, you could use the Red Rebel paracord to extract from Cliff Descent in the Dome without armor. In Escape from Tarkov, you may wear your armored rigs without fear of punishment.

There are several reasons why this tactic is so successful. Because of the ever-changing nature of the reserve, it may be tough to anticipate the locations of your foes. The map has no conventional pacing, even though certain places are more than others since the primary extraction site is below ground.

If you remain on the ground floor, you should be OK with most people entering the underground bunkers. If you want a higher chance of survival and more loot, staying away from D2, one of the most infamous sites for extract campers, is a brilliant idea.

The Dome has valuable items, but we’ll get to them and other locations shortly. The high cost of the Red Rebel is a significant drawback to this plan of action.

The reserve may be purchased on the secondary market for about 2.5 million roubles and is very worthwhile due to its flexibility and diversity.

Location of the Knight Building in the Escape from Tarkov Research Facility Map

Duelling with either the Black or White Knight is a popular pastime. Tank battery spawns, weapon boxes, toolboxes, PC blocks, weapon modifications, coats, and more may be found throughout the game.

You may expect to find many objects on the reserve map tarkov, from money to quest items to hideaway furnishings. Some of that riches are locked away with complicated keys like the RB-MP11; we advise cracking this one first.

If you have them, the other MP keys won’t cause any problems, and bringing them into the raid is a good idea. You should know that the returns on these investments are slower than you would hope for.

As a side note, the top of the Knight Building provides a strategic vantage point over the battlefield; however, staying up there for too long leaves you vulnerable to sniper fire.

Locations of Most Valuable Items in Escape from Tarkov’s Woods Map

The King’s Dominion

Tarkovsky Palace in the Wilderness Reserve

Even though this structure has seen better days, it is nevertheless a helpful asset. If you are fortunate enough to look through this spot on the reserve map tarkov, you will find rare military treasures, electrical components, and tank batteries. You may become rich by looting this deserted building.

However, with the Nerf, unusual stuff only sometimes spawns, mainly if someone has visited before you; thus, you will likely find nothing. The hangar used to be a great spot to rob, but it is no longer worthwhile due to how disputed it often is today.

However, the air traffic control centre is where the bulk of the booty is located; the gym includes a few sports bags and a few provisionals. If you are confident in your abilities, we advise against robbing this structure.

Areas Behind Locked Doors Next to Depot’s Hermetic Door

If you have the keys, it’s one of the most incredible spots to go early in the day. What You’ll Need


Any of those keys would be helpful, but even without them, this is a great place to go since it contains so many crates of proper medical, technical, and temporary supplies, as well as the spawning of valuable electronics, temporary supplies, and construction materials.

Tank batteries, repair kits for weapons and armor, and gasoline may spawn here; however, if it’s an early wipe and you encounter Scav Boss Glukhar, you should go.

Four pawn buildings, one white and three black, are in the distance, and a player is armed with a weapon.

On Tarkov’s Reserve, these structures are likewise a standard first-build option. Remember that this is a common passageway for individuals heading down to harvest resources or engage in underground combat.

First, do not go looting near the helicopters; doing so is very dangerous since you are out in the open and may be fired from any direction. Stay away from here unless you’re playing a Scav and don’t care about loot.

There is a wide variety of weapons, ammunition, food, sports equipment, and tools among the White Pawn and Black Pawn’s stolen goods. Exploring the tops of buildings is something other than we advise doing because of the dangers lurking there.

Buildings are branded with a pawn shop emblem in black.

There is a designated area in the bowels of Black Pawn that may sometimes produce scarce items like are weapons.

The Black Bishop is analogous to the chess pawns in the reserve to escape from tarkov. The difference is that the whole structure is infested with military technology. The RB-AK room is the only one that doesn’t need a key to access it. We do not advise using RB-AM since it is not worthwhile.

Bishop White

On reserve, you’ll find the White Bishop, a medical spawn facility. There is a wide variety of pre-and-in-wipe medical supplies available. There are spawns for weapon mods on the roof, and within this structure, however, most of the loot is medicinal.

The RB-SMP and RB-KSM are helpful keys here since their respective chambers often provide valuable medical treasure. These two keys are also essential for the quest of “Disease History.”

Dome Reserve Location in Escape from Tarkov 6 Dome Marker in tarkov’s Nature Preserve

Since the Dome is near the “Cliff Descent” extract, we discussed it. Here, you’ll have the extract handy since it’s so close. Even without these keys, the gear you find in the Dome is decent, but if you’re playing escape from tarkov, you’ll want them.


Since it is perched atop the highest point in the reserve and offers a bird’s-eye view over the area, the Dome is often used as a sniping location. One risks being sniped if they remain still and can be seen from the Dome.


Several spawns in the RB-ST region include ammunition, gasoline, military loot, medicines, and provisions. It’s worth checking out if you’re in the neighbourhood, and it pairs well with a trip to the neighbouring Knight Buildings.

the K-structures

Due to the lack of exciting activities, this location fails to impress. Electronics, tools, and weaponry benefit the most from it. A container of technological necessities, gasoline, and several weapon upgrades are nearby. After the first five minutes of a raid, it becomes an excellent spot to loot.

The Reserve Map of Escape from tarkov’s Underground Area

Escape from Tarkov’s Reserve map has a hidden tunnel underneath it.

Regarding treasure, this area is the most extensive and most varied reserve map tarkov. Since there is so much ground to cover, we will split this into two sections.

D2 and Surrounding Areas

Below the Dome, in the bunker next to D2, you may find an abundance of military technology, electronics, intelligence spawns and toolboxes. Unfortunately, All of them are pretty uncommon but definitely worth looking into if you’re in the area for extraction.

We’ve already emphasised how difficult it may be to extract from this area; if you’re forced to stay or want to plunder, be aware that individuals may be lying waiting for you or hiding behind doors.

Pestily’s video tutorial for the reserve is highly recommended; he discusses safety considerations for extracting below the earth. To get D2, you’ll need to turn on the electricity, too. The control lever is positioned in the centre of the primary room.

The Primary Bunker Chamber

It’s easy to get lost in the tarkov reserve map massive main bunker area. Therefore, it requires work and time to perfect. There’s a lot of room for flanking here, so it’s in your best interest to gradually familiarise yourself with the region.

Everything you want or need regarding treasure can be found here, from supply crates and information spawns to sports bags and petrol to electronics and weapon chests stocked with upgrades and ammo. Furthermore, several opportunities exist to bring out invaders outfitted with superior weapons and armour.

Since there is a lot of loot here and it’s close to an extraction point, it’s also a highly disputed zone.

Advice for Completing Escape from Tarkov’s Reserve Map from Start to Finish

Our tarkov reserve map loot guide is now complete. As a result of the loot nerfs, there is no longer a single optimal spot, and players must now traverse the map in search of better pickings. This map is vibrant and well-designed, setting it apart from others.


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