BEST STARTING STATS FALLOUT 4 – You want to learn more about Fallout 4 & its starting stats, then, aren’t you? So what do you know? You’re in luck since Fallout 4 honestly confuses even seasoned gamers. But don’t worry; we’ll break down the arrangement for you once we thoroughly examine every play style.

We’ll inform you which attributes to prioritize to avoid stumbling and losing valuable points. Elsewhere. So let’s get started, okay?

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What are the Fallout 4 Starting Stats?

The stats in Fallout 4 have a specific acronym, which players will discover throughout the character creation. All of the stats are represented by the term S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Strength is represented by S, Perception by P, Endurance by E, Charm by C, Intelligence by I, Agility by A, and Luck by L.

Even though this information is widely known, learning about Fallout 4’s starting stats is always a novel experience for new gamers. The number of points you can spend on the seven main stats increases as you level up. Consider our good friend’s Fallout 4 max level guide to quickly learn about levelling your character.

How do the Starting Stats in Fallout 4 Affect Your Character’s Build?

In Best Fallout 4 Starting Stats, your beginning stats significantly impact your play style and character’s personality. For example, a character with lower Charisma will struggle in passive plays but can persuade and influence others if their stat is high enough. Let’s examine how each stat functions in Fallout 4.

● As stated earlier, charisma allows players to persuade others. Additionally, you can restrain aggressive foes during chats and receive excellent discounts at stores.

● Even though it’s not everyone’s favourite or top pick, agility is helpful because it enables creeping. Additionally, it provides more attack points for use in battle.

● Another attribute in Best Fallout 4 Starting Stats that is incredibly underused is perception. Weapon precision for the players helps them conserve ammunition. It also provides a slow-motion effect for precise mechanized targeting of enemy limbs.

● Greater stamina and longer sprint durations are made possible by endurance and more excellent defence to withstand attacks.

● Luck enhances the likelihood of critical hits and offers other rewards.

● In Best Fallout 4 Starting Stats, strength gives players considerable attack power, a handy starting stat.

● You level up more quickly due to having more experience, thanks to intelligence. With this stat, your stuff won’t deteriorate as quickly.

Investing in Stats Unlock Perks

In Best Fallout 4 Starting Stats Fallout 4’s character creation, you go to the benefits section after awarding points to the initial stats. The outcome of your point distribution will be seen here.

Over and above the stat boost, perks offer active and passive bonuses. You must exercise caution, though, as you will only have access to the benefits of the statistic you have chosen to invest in.

Each perk has a certain allure. We’ll only list the ones that will surface because there are too many for us to go through individually. Regardless of your build type, the primary ones you should concentrate on are 6.

Idiot-Savant, who relies on luck.

●Three Lead Belly, Aquaboy/Aquagirl, and Life Giver depending on endurance.

●Perception-based Locksmith.Strong back based on strength.

Also, as intelligence works against the good perk Idiot-Savant, you may wish to avoid adding points if you use our setup. You’ll understand why we’re concentrating on the six perks over others, especially if you’re new to Best Fallout 4 Starting Stats. Fallout 4’s starting attributes and related perks will render your play style entertaining and exciting.

For A Fun Start, Invest in These Fallout 4 Stats

Remember that the distribution of points and perks we aim for beyond that is solely for the most enjoyable construct. Neither the strongest nor the stealthiest. Having said that, a good friend has listed the top 6 melee weapons in Fallout 4 if you’re trying to complement your character’s strength build.

Here is our suggested point allocation for Best Fallout 4 Starting Stats.

● Luck (8 points): Idiot Savant should be unlocked first because it grants bonus experience for even the most fundamental tasks. Bonus if you also choose Ricochet, as it’s the most enjoyable Fallout 4 experience.

● Get the Life Giver to perk immediately as it becomes accessible after finishing Fallout 4; it provides health restoration, which is quite helpful. Endurance – 3 points. But also try Lead Belly if you want to eat radioactive food safely. You can swim in radioactive pools with water within the wasteland early on, thanks to Aquaboy/Aquagirl’s advantages.

● 6 points for strength The increased strength is a wonderful side benefit, but our main goal is the Strong Back bonus. You can carry more things with you without always needing to unload them.

● Perception: 5 points, mostly for unlocking Locksmith, which enables sophisticated master lockpicking. Additionally, the improved precision is quite useful.

● There isn’t a need to waste extra charisma points here.

● Increased attack damage will be helpful with the Commando perk, but it is optional. Agility: 2 points.

● 3 points for intelligence; only increase XP here. The Hacker reward is available, but we don’t think it’s all that great.

Taking Everything Back

Now that we’ve covered Fallout 4’s beginning stat distribution and available perks let’s move on. For our readers’ understanding, we will provide everything succinctly.

Luck (8 points) and Strength (6 points) are your primary stats. Idiot Savant, Ricochet, and other luck bonuses can be acquired along the journey. Get Strong Back just if you want strength. There is no use for charisma (0 points), and no benefits are required.

Endurance (3 points), but you’ll also need Aqua-boy/girl, Lead Belly, and the Lifegiver perk. For Luck to work, Intelligence (3 points) must be low; perks are not required. You require Perception (5 points) to use the Locksmith perk. Finally, the growing number of damage perks of Commando is yours if you have two points in Agility.

Last Words on Fallout 4’s Starting Stats

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on Fallout 4 starting stats as much as we did writing it. We are neither wed to our distribution nor is it set in stone. So please share your creative builds & stat distribution ideas for Fallout 4 with us.

We have a list of 8 excellent open-world RPGs similar to Fallout if you’re looking for game recommendations. Please express yourself in the comments section below, as we always welcome reader feedback. Till then, everyone plays responsibly and has fun!


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “BEST STARTING STATS FALLOUT 4”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What are some decent Fallout 4 charismatic starting stats?

Ans. Charisma should be 10 for new players. Having 9 Intelligence, which may be maxed out once the extra point is unlocked, is another requirement for gamers. Having Charisma and Intelligence set to 10 will be pretty effective in the early game because they go hand in hand.

Q2) What unique features should Fallout 4 enhance first?

Ans. Gun Nuts is the best option for someone beginning their first adventure because it boosts Small Gun & Repair competence by five every single update. It’s a fantastic essential perk to invest in and is, beyond a doubt, a mainstay of in-game benefits.


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