IRON HANDS WEAKNESS :  Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Iron Hands has consistently been among the most often used PvE and PvP options.

You’re not the sole individual who experienced trouble defeating Iron Hands. It’s one of the greatest Paradox Pokemon for 6-star raids, after all.

Iron Hands , like other Paradox Pokemon, does, however, have some weakness.

The Iron Hands weaknesses are discussed in this guide, along with the best Pokemon in both Violet and Scarlet to use against it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Iron Hands Weakness

The Paradox Pokemon Iron Hands vulnerability can only be found in Pokemon Violet. The Pokemon is a Fighting/Electric variety with the Quark Driveability.

Iron Hands is only vulnerable to three types due to its type combination, making it among the most effective Paradox Pokemon overall.

Following are a complete list of all the moves to which Iron Hands responded.


  • Weak to (2x): Fairy, Psychic, and Ground.
  • Fire, Grass, Normal, Water, Ice, dragon, poison, flying, Fighting and Ghost, and damage is increased by (1x).
  • 0.5 times more resistant to electric, steel, bug, dark and rock. 


Therefore, focus on Pokemon with Ground, fairy-types and Psychic attacks if you want the best Iron Hands counters.

Try to refrain from utilizing any Pokemon of the Fairy kind, though. Fairy types can be defeated quite quickly by Iron Hands because it is susceptible to their attack on Iron Head.

Additionally, Iron Hands possesses 108 Protection but just 68 Special Protection in its base stats. To get the best counters, you should concentrate on Pokemon with excellent Special Attack stats.

Finally, Iron Hands concentrates on its Assault stat to deliver harm, which means you should choose a Pokemon with a rather high Defense stat.

Iron Hands’ best counter in both scarlet and violet Pokemon

While there are many ways to deal with Iron Hands weakness, these suggestions are all fantastic Pokemon for having in the group.

Great Tusk

Great Tusk, a Paradox Pokemon found only in Pokemon Scarlet, is of the Ground/Fighting type and can easily dispatch Iron Hands.

It has potent Ground STAB attacks, a high starting Defense stat, and sensitivity to Electric-type attacks.

The one negative is the fact that the majority of Iron Hands you’ll encounter have Ice Punch, as Great Tusk is weaker (2x) against moves of the Ice-type.

However, Great Tusk will be able to resist this move thanks to its strong Defense and lack of STAB.


One of the game’s strongest Dragon kinds is the Dragon/Ground type Pokemon Garchomp.

It is able to avoid the majority of Iron Hands strikes thanks to a strong Defense stat & sensitivity towards Electric-type attacks.

Nevertheless, if the opponent Iron Hands possesses an Ice Punch, you’re in trouble because it is incredibly vulnerable (4x) to Ice-type moves.


Espeon, a Pokemon of the psychic type, is beloved by players of all Pokemon generations.

Its absurdly high Special Attack stat, which enables it to successfully one-shot Iron Hands using a Psychic-type move, is Espeon’s strongest quality.

Despite having a low Defense, it must have been capable of surviving everything since its kind isn’t vulnerable to all of Iron Hands’ techniques.


In conclusion, these are just a few of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s top Iron Hands weakness defenses.

Generally speaking, you want Pokemon that are resistant to the Fighting and Electric-type attacks used by Iron Hands and have high Defense and Unique Attack numbers.

Check out our ranking of the top Ghost-type Pokemon in the arcade game if you’re looking for more fantastic additions to your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What power does Iron Hands have?

Ans. It is reported to be able to throw massive, moving objects at high speeds and have fists which move independently of its body.

Q2) Will Iron Hands change?

Ans. There is no evolution in Iron Hands.

Q3) What makes Iron Hands so powerful?

Ans. The Iron Hands employ their bionics to overwhelm their opponents in close quarters, and they can also use their specialized bolt rifles and power weapons to terrible effect. The Iron Hands also use specialised tools, including their recognizable Ironclad Dreadnoughts.



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